Thorn Sorcerer is an Enemy in Elden Ring. They accompany Fire Monks and Fire Prelates, and some can cast Aberrant Sorceries, such as Briars of Sin and Briars of Punishment, along with a flaming thorn whip attack from their staves.


 The guilty, their eyes gouged by thorns, lived in eternal darkness. There, they discovered the blood star.


Elden Ring Thorn Sorcerer Locations

Where to Find Thorn Sorcerer:


Elden Ring Thorn Sorcerer Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 104 - 661
Briars of Sin 100% Specific Thorn Sorcerer (Interactive Map Link)
Staff of the Guilty 2.00% N/A
Smoldering Butterfly 25.00% N/A


Thorn Sorcerer Notes & Tips

  • There are two variants, one of which has a shorter, merely smoldering Staff of the Guilty; the other, a longer Staff of the Guilty, set ablaze. The latter is stronger, and has a flaming thorn slash attack with long reach, as well as the ability to use Briars of Sin and Briars of Punishment. One is found in Liurnia, and drops the Briars of Sin Sorcery once killed for the first time.
  • Larger groups of the more powerful flaming staff variant of Thorn Sorcerers can be found outside Fort Laiedd and among the barricades leading up to the Guardians' Garrison. The flaming staff Thorn Sorcerers are the only ones that drop the Staff of the Guilty, so it is recommended that one farm in on of those two locations.
  • The weaker smoldering staff Thorn Sorcerers only drop Smoldering Butterflies, and can not use the Aberrant Sorceries. They can be found in Liurnia and at the south end of the bridge leading from the initial mountaintop with Zamor Ruins on it, to the rest of the Mountaintops of the Giants.
  • They can screech to alert nearby enemies of the player's presence, like when Foot Soldiers or Old Nobles blow their horn.
  • According to the descriptions of the Aberrant Sorceries (also known as thorn sorceries) they use, Briars of Punishment and Briars of Sin, the guilty, who are exiled criminals, discovered the sorceries. The entries also say that their sorceries are the most reviled by the Academy. The Guilty wear very similar garb to what the Thorned Sorcerers wear, and it is most likely that the Thorned Sorcerers are Guilty that have embraced the Briars of Sin used to punish them.
  • The description for Staff of the Guilty compares thorn sorceries to "hex magic," while the description for the sorceries they use imply the sorceries' power draws from the "blood star."
  • The Staff of the Guilty's red glintstones are made from the blood of those pierced by the Staff. Furthermore, the thorn sorceries require only Faith, no Intelligence. The Staff of the Guilty also scales with Faith.
  • The Shield of the Guilty description states that the eyes of the maiden depicted on the shield were crushed by Briars of Sin before she was reborn in "these lands." This shield inflicts blood loss when it is used to bash an enemy.
  • The description of the Thorned Whip wielded by some Fire Prelates states that the whip is "A device of fearsome religious encouragement, it is fashioned in the image of briars of sin," confirming a relationship of some kind between Thorn Sorcerers and the Fire Monks and Fire Prelates.


Thorn Sorcerer Image Gallery

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    • There WAS one fire monk in Liurnia that dropped this staff. I got it from him not that long ago. Did this change?

      I always kill that guy when I'm farming smoldering butterflies in that area, and I've noticed that he has never dropped another staff, which did seem odd to me, given how easily I seemed to get the first one. I had been encouraging my husband to try to get the staff from him, too. It looks like that must have been changed, and I need to let him know to farm at For Laiedd if he wants it. (It would be a good option for him to consider switching to, since he's leveling faith and not intelligence.)

      • Anonymous

        The wiki is is not entirely correct, regarding the Thorn Sorcerers in Liurnia of the Lakes. You can actually get Staff of the Guilty to drop off the same Thorn Sorcerer who drops Briars of Sin.

        • Anonymous

          So many cool looking armor sets in this game, many of which we can equip...but I really bloody wanted these guys' threads lol

          • Anonymous

            It is possible that they worship the same deity that the likes of Mohg, Lord of Blood worship?
            (Because they shoot bloody briars from their staves)

            • Anonymous

              There are 2 types of this enemy.
              One use a short staff with ember tip, the other have long staff and fiery tip.
              Only the one with long fiery-staff can drop "Staff of the Guilty".

              All images in this page right now are of the short ember-staff wielders.

              You can find the fiery-staff wielder in Fort Laiedd and Guardians' Garrison. In Liurnia of the Lakes only the one that drop Briars of Sin is a fiery-staff wielder.

              • Anonymous

                Just here to say that I got the staf in like 10 tries in Liurnia of the Lake, there is an enemy to the North of Artist's Shack. You should update the guide

                • Anonymous

                  Just a killed a couple around Fort Laiedd for fun, and they drop their staves. It’s rare, but since there’s a lot of them, I think that’s a good farming spot.

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