Land Squirt is a Wildlife Creature in Elden Ring. Land Squirts are hostile beings that release a poisonous gas as a defense mechanism. The mere presence near one of these creatures is enough for them to feel threatened, thus spraying their poison. Land Squirts do not move, as they are fixated to the ground. They are small versions of the Giant Land Squirt

The spirit of three (3) Land Squirts can be summoned for aid in battle by using Land Squirt Ashes.


 The firm, fleshy tubes of the creatures remain rooted to the spot, spraying poisonous liquid over their surroundings.


Land Squirt Location in Elden Ring

Where to Find Land Squirt:


Land Squirt Drops in Elden Ring


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 13 - 215
Golden Runes 2.00% Golden Rune [3], Golden Rune [5]Golden Rune [7] or Golden Rune [9] depending on the area.
Poisonbloom 8.00% N/A
Strip of White Flesh 4.00% N/A


Elden Ring Land Squirt Notes & Tips

  • They emit clouds of poison but you can easily melee them from the opposite side. Just don't get surrounded by them.
  • They explode when poisoned, spreading poison around them. It can cause a chain reaction if there are other Land Squirts nearby.


Elden Ring Land Squirt Image Gallery

 land squirt 1 elden ring wiki guide land squirt 2 elden ring wiki guide land squirt 3 elden ring wiki guide 
land squirt 4 elden ring wiki guide


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    • Anonymous

      Hardest enemy in the entire series, seriously these things are so bullshit, the need to be nerfed they make Malenia look like a walk in the park.

      • Anonymous

        They look like that really gross krabby patty from that one Spongebob episode where they poison a health inspector.

        • Anonymous

          fun fact: i’m pretty sure these guys are based on the real-life “sea pineapple”! They’re these grubby little meat blobs that live in cold, shallow water, and feed off of nearby microorganisms. Contrary to land squirts, sea pineapples aren’t poisonous, and are sometimes actually eaten raw as sashimi in Japan. Also, the sea pineapple belongs to a class of organisms known as Ascidiacea, who are colloquially referred to as “sea squirts”, so it’s very likely that land squirts are a direct reference to this creature!

          Fromsoft always awes me with the breadth of their inspirations, as a character designer i look up to them something fierce.

          • Anonymous

            There are jars in Dark souls 2's Gutter which look 99% like these enemies except without feet (sorry degenerates).

            • Anonymous

              Don't know if it is a bug or what, but when you kill them with poison, they still leave loot on the ground that is invisible.
              The prompt to pick it up appear though and you can collect it!

              • Anonymous

                Normally very boring to fight, but poising crowds of these guys to create a chain of explosions is just as satisfying to me as creating chains of lightning explosions with silver tears

                • Anonymous

                  "Land Squirts do not move, as they are fixated to the ground."

                  What? The smaller ones literally crawl towards you... Who wrote this? lol

                  • Anonymous

                    Poison pods appear to be capable of becoming poisoned. Afterward they convulse while spewing poison and explode releasing a larger than normal poison cloud. If near each other this can cause a chain reaction of them all dying. Useful for clearing out areas where there is a large group of them together. Figured this out after experimenting when I saw giant poison pods that were near each other dying for no reason. Not sure why they seem to be able to poison one another but I haven't ever observed the small ones poisoning each other except if they explode.

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