Inquisitor Ghiza

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Location Volcano Manor
Drops 6,858 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes
Furlcalling Finger Remedy
Ghiza's Wheel

Inquisitor Ghiza is an Enemy Invader in Elden RingInquisitor Ghiza reveals himself as you approach the end of the room on the upper floor of the Volcano Manor. He is clad in cloth armor and wields a colossal weapon to attack players.


A menacing agent of the Volcano Manor, wielding a colossal weapon of torture.

Elden Ring Inquisitor Ghiza Locations

Where to Find Inquisitor Ghiza:


Elden Ring Inquisitor Ghiza Drops


Inquisitor Ghiza Notes & Tips

  • Inflicts heavy blood loss.
  • Has only melee attacks, very susceptible to ranged combat.
  • Many attacks have long end lag and can be punished with a back stab.
  • Has low poise and can be stunlocked with most non-light weapons.
  • Wears the Bloodsoaked Set.



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    • Anonymous

      When Ghiza invades, it doesn't call him a Recusant or Bloody Finger. Instead, he's an inquisitor(Though that could be part of his name). He's also wearing the Official's Attire, which is "worn by magisterial officials to carry out their grim tasks." Bloody Fingers and Recusant Fingers are the two invasion items available to players, but they come from entirely separate sources, so Leyndell could conceivably have their own invasion method, too. What if Inquisitors have their own way to invade, which Ghiza uses to attack you in Volcano Manor?

      • Anonymous

        This guy is probably a reference to Father Mozgus, both are Inquisitors, this guy uses a wheel, which is Mozgus's favorite torture tool, and their faces look the same (check the Zullie video for his face data).

        • Anonymous

          For anyone that's trying to get his weapon early, I easily beat him with an unupgraded zweihander at SL 35 solely using the R2 thrust. All he does is sprint at you, so just hold R2, wait for him to get close, then release it, hit him, and roll away. He falls for it every time, like Charlie Brown and a football.

          • Anonymous

            You literally join Volcano Manor and welcome him as your comrade, and he proceeds to try to murder you when walking upstairs. Why can't he be chill, like Bernahl?

            • Anonymous

              If you’re a sorcerer, the phalanx spells or night spells work on him pretty well (and on every other melee phantom). Just backpedal, roll through any furniture that gets in your way, and be patient. It may not be epic, but it’s very reliable.

              • Anonymous

                Vyse's war spear ripped this (and most other phantoms for that matter) guy to shreds. Madness procs cut through health like a flaming spear through brain matter.

                • Anonymous

                  The fact that he's an inquisitor, and appears in a place full of blasphemy makes me think he's not part of the Volcano Manor. He's an agent sent by Leyndell to sabotage the Recusants

                  • Anonymous

                    Pretty easy fight, dodge his attacks and you will get a pretty big window to attack him. Or use ranged combat as he doesnt have any ranged weapons.

                    • Anonymous

                      This guy hits like a ton of bricks. Took me a few attempts because he kept on one-shotting me but fortunately, I was able to punish his endlag with my Flamberge. Good thing he doesn't have any flasks tho.

                      • Anonymous

                        I backed up past the threshold right when I killed him and got "inquisitor ghiza has returned to their world". Except I didn't get the reward.

                        Now if I rest at a grace and come back, Ghiza is back. But invincible. My attacks literally phase through him.

                        Glad he's not blocking any story progression, but I had to take my first break from the game because my inner-completionist died.

                        • Anonymous

                          I managed to beat him easily by using the Flame of the Redmanes ashes on a Great Axe. I didn't even use the Axe itself, I just used this pseudo-magic fire until he died.

                          • Anonymous

                            He seems to return to his world if you leave the room. I was playing cautiously and ended up backing out and he just seemed to rage quit out of the game. Resting at a grace and returning, of course, causes him to return. Strange that he is limited to the room.

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