Unobtainable Items in Elden Ring are Items found in the game files that were either scrapped before release or are deliberately inaccessible to the player. This page attempts to catalog all of the items that may either see a reappearance in future updates or remain as cut content. Contributions are welcome.


Unobtainable Armor in Elden Ring


Unobtainable Weapons in Elden Ring

  • The Abundance and Decay Twin Blade
  • The Abundance Twinblade


Unobtainable Crafting Materials in Elden Ring


Unobtainable Talismans in Elden Ring


Unobtainable Enemy Armaments in Elden Ring

Enemies can be seen wielding these Weapons and Shields, but they are unavailable to the player:

  • Great Pumpkin Head's Hammer
  • Wormface's Stick
  • Vulgar Militia Chain Sickle
  • Albinauric Small Club
  • Albinauric Wooden Sheild
  • Magic Golem Greatbow
  • Magic Golem Halberd
  • Starcaller's Staff
  • Lion Guardian's Sword
  • Man Serpent Sword (Different from Magma Blade)
  • Nomad Instrument Weapon
  • Servant of Rot's Staff
  • Abductor Virgin Sickle
  • Miner's Flame Lamp
  • Man-Serpent Candlestick Whip (Different from Magma Whip)
  • Fire Giant's Plate
  • Clayman's Dagger
  • Misbegotten's Dagger
  • Night Maiden's Dagger
  • Pumpkinhead's Banner
  • Ghostflame Torchpole


Unobtainable Consumables in Elden Ring

Unobtainable Key Items in Elden Ring


Unobtainable Tools in Elden Ring


Unobtainable Enemy Armor in Elden Ring

Enemies can be seen wearing these pieces of Armor, but they are unavailable to the player:

  • Noble Soldier Greaves
  • Beast Clergyman Cloak
  • Wormface Cloak
  • Farum Azula Wormface Wraps
  • Man-Serpent Sorcerer Egg Helm
  • Man-Serpent Sorcerer Cape
  • Albinauric Leather Armor
  • Grafted Scion Cloak
  • Frenzied Villager Headpiece
  • Frenzied Villager Chestpiece
  • Frenzied Villager Greaves
  • Starcaller Headpiece
  • Starcaller Chestpiece
  • Starcaller Greaves
  • Revenant Crown
  • Revenant Cloak
  • Wraith Caller Crown
  • Wraith Caller Cloak
  • Demi-Human Queen Cloak
  • Demi-Human Queen Crown
  • Fingercreeper Rings
  • Troll Knight Cape
  • Frenzied Troll Cloak
  • Crystallian Cloak
  • Abductor Virgin Mask
  • Stone Miner's Rock Sack
  • Skeletal Bandit's Helm
  • Skeletal Bandit's Greaves
  • Skeletal Mage Cloak
  • Skeletal Mage Headpiece
  • Demi-Human Headpiece
  • Demi-Human Chestpiece
  • Golem Headpiece
  • Golem Chestpiece
  • Golem Greaves
  • Beastmen of Farum Azula Wraps
  • Omen Chest Wraps
  • Melina's Cloak
  • Rykard's Rings
  • Fire Giant Ankle Band
  • Fire Giant Loincloth
  • Albinauric Generation One Sorcerer Cloak
  • Erdtree Burial Watchdog Cape
  • Black Commoner Garb
  • Miriel's Mitre


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