Skeletal Bandit

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Location Dungeons and graveyards of the Lands Between

Skeletal Bandits are Humanoid Enemies in Elden Ring. Skeletal Bandits are bare-boned creatures skilled in ambushing their preys in groups, often alongside Skeletal MilitiamenSkeleton Mages, and several other Skeletons. These light-armored pirates often act as lifeless corpses in order to surprise-attack their targets, but will mostly attack from beneath the ground. Just like all other Skeletons, Skeletal Bandits will not die upon defeat, making them able to re-take their previous shape and keep on fighting. In order to avoid this, players should also attack their remains even after these creatures are defeated.

The spirit of a Skeletal Bandit can be summoned for aid in battle by using Skeletal Bandit Ashes.


The remains of former bandits that will continue to rise again until properly finished off.
After the night of the plot, Deathroot appeared in the Lands Between, and Those Who Live in Death soon followed.


Skeletal Bandit Location in Elden Ring

Where to Find Skeletal Bandits:


Skeletal Bandit Drops in Elden Ring


Drop Rate


Runes 100%

runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 35 - 682

Bandit's Curved Sword 2.00% N/A
Bandit's Curved Sword (x2) 1.00% N/A 
Human Bone Shard 5.00% N/A 


Elden Ring Skeletal Bandit Notes & Tips

  • All Skeletons share their resurrection mechanic. Once defeated, the glowing slime they leave behind must be hit to avoid them reforming and attacking again.
    • A weapon empowered by Ash of War: Sacred Blade will kill skeletons without resurrection.
    • You can also just poke most Skeletons with a torch to kill them once the "slime" is exposed.
  • Holy Water Pot can, on most occasions, kill a Skeletal Bandit in a single throw.  This will also prevent them from resurrecting.


Elden Ring Skeletal Bandit Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      killed 142 of them with 170 discovery and didn't get a SINGLE BONE SHARD
      there must be something wrong with my game...
      sorry, i'm giving up.

      • Anonymous

        These dudes can also be found in the GY at the northern tip of Liurnia, near the church Thops hangs out in.

        • Anonymous

          If you didn’t know these skeletons actually have a mist attack threat they can spray out to do damage. I just saw this happen today near the merchant that sells Holy Greatarrows. Don’t know if the summon can do it as well

          • Anonymous

            Drop rates may be a bit wonky. 116 discovery, had 17 Bone Shard drop in 148 tries total. On the verge of giving up, 147 gave me the first Sword, 148 the second. From what I read so far, is there a system that massively increases subsequent drop chances for the same item, once you got it the first time?

            • Anonymous

              After 63 kills with 45 Arcane I wasn’t sure if these weapons could drop. But suddenly kill 64 and 67 got me my 2 Bandit’s Curved Swords. Don’t give up Tarnished!

              • Anonymous

                christ, sometimes rng wrecks you. with 186 discovery I feel like I did 50 cycles of the sage water cave trio and got so many bone shards before I got a single sword drop. I was only looking for 1 sword (first one all game, to pair with scavengers). the real kicker? when one finally dropped another one I didn't care about dropped in the same cycle, two 1x drops if that wasn't clear.

                oh well, 20 minutes extra boredom is a small price to pay to cheese Malenia for randos stuck on her online.

                • Anonymous

                  Sad that they don't drop their helm. It would look so ridiculous on your character. I'd wear it constantly.

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