Wandering Nobles are Humanoid enemies in Elden Ring. Wandering Nobles are among the most widespread and common enemies in the game, and can be seen roaming the roads in groups or working in camps and ruins across the Lands Between. There are several variations of Wandering Noble, each dropping different items and behaving differently towards the player.

A group of Wandering Nobles can be summoned by using the Wandering Noble Spirit Ash. Alternatively, a single Noble Sorcerer can be summoned by using the Noble Sorcerer Spirit Ash.


Abandoning their birthplace after the Shattering, these undead beings are the pitiful product of unending life. They are most commonly found struggling to maintain balance while roaming the fields of The Lands Between. Surely they were in search of something once - but whatever it was has long been forgotten.


Elden Ring Noble Locations

Where to Find Wandering Nobles:

  • Wandering Nobles can be found in nearly every area of the map. They are most commonly found in groups wandering the roadways, either in small groups or with a Troll-pulled Carriage's caravan. They can also often be found crouching down searching through rubble in various camps and ruins across the map.
  • One of the earliest places the player may run into them is a Troll-pulled Carriage's caravan that travels up the road east of Lake Agheel, near the Waypoint Ruins.
  • There are Wandering Nobles excavating the inside of Gelmir Hero's Grave, and are accompanied by about three Pages.
  • There's a group of Wandering Nobles excavating two rows of stone sarcophagi in Caelid, south of the Caelid Highway South Site of Grace.
  • There are Wandering Nobles with a green cloud around their head near the end of the Volcano Manor dungeon.


Elden Ring Noble Drops

There are several types of Wandering Nobles wandering the Lands Between. Each will drop different items, and can be identified by their appearance. Almost all Noble variations drop Rowa Fruit, Herba, Erdleaf Flower, and Ruin Fragment.

Enemy Type Item Drops Notes
Noble Sorcerersorcerer aristocrat

Noble Sorcerers are noblemen who once asked to be given a place at Raya Lucaria  to learn glintstone Sorceries.
Their talents were insufficient, for they are only capable of using the most rudimentary sorcery.

Sorcerer Nobles wear and drop the full Aristocrat Set.

This Noble can be summoned by using the Noble Sorcerer Spirit Ash.

Old Noble
old aristocrat

Old Nobles typically carry a banner and will sound a horn to alarm nearby allies of the player's presence.

Old Nobles wear and drop the full Old Aristocrat Set.

Soldier Noble
soldier aristocrat

Soldier Nobles have their own full set, but the pants are not available as an equippable item.

Common Noble
common aristocrat

Common Nobles can frequently be found without a sword, in which case that particular enemy will not drop said weapon. However, there's still a chance for them to drop the Aristocrat Garb (Altered).

They can be bald, or have slightly long dark brown hair.

Treasurer Noble
noble treasurer final

Treasurer Nobles are non-hostile and will only run and cower from the player, and after creating some distance between themself and the player, they will sprinkle gold dust over themself to turn invisible and crouch, though it only works as long as the player isn't too close, and the Treasurer Noble stays still. They are rare, and only drop certain Golden Runes the first time they are killed.

Other Wandering Nobles
unarmed aristocrat
  • No unique armor or weapon pieces

Notes & Info on other Wandering Noble variants go here.



Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 11 - 743
Glintstone Staff 2.04% N/A
Noble's Estoc 0.50% N/A
Noble's Slender Sword 0.50% N/A
Aristocrat Headband 0.50% N/A
Aristocrat Garb 1.60% N/A
Aristocrat Garb (Altered) 1.50% N/A
Aristocrat Hat 1.50% N/A
Aristocrat Coat 1.50% N/A
Aristocrat Boots 1.50% N/A
Old Aristocrat Cowl 1.50% N/A
Old Aristocrat Gown 1.50% N/A
Old Aristocrat Shoes 1.50% N/A
Rowa Fruit 25.00% N/A
Fire Blossom 25.00% N/A
Golden Sunflower 8.00% N/A
Herba 6.00% N/A
Erdleaf Flower 3.00% N/A
Rimed Crystal Bud 15.00% N/A


Wandering Nobles Notes & Tips

  • Multiple variations of Wandering Noble can carry a torch, but do not drop it as an item.
  • There are Wandering Nobles in Volcano Manor with a small green cloud around their head, which release a short burst of poison when killed.
  • Other Notes & Tips go here.


Wandering Nobles Gallery

 wandering noble 1 enemy elden ring wiki wandering noble 2 enemy elden ring wiki wandering noble 3 enemy elden ring wiki 
wandering noble 10 enemy elden ring wiki wandering noble 9 enemy elden ring wiki wandering noble 7 enemy elden ring wiki 
wandering noble 8 enemy elden ring wiki wandering noble 6 enemy elden ring wiki wandering noble 4 enemy elden ring wiki 
wandering noble 5 enemy elden ring wiki common noble 1 elden ring wiki guide wandering noble 17 elden ring wiki guide 
wandering noble 16 elden ring wiki guide wandering noble 15 elden ring wiki guide wandering noble 14 elden ring wiki guide er wandering noble 


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    • Anonymous

      I just finished getting two of everything from their drops. Minus the glintstone staves, because I didn't see the point in having more than one of those.

      Those Noble's Estocs (Of which I have six now) will make for good trade fodder, though.

      I made around three hundred thousand runes in the process, so there's also that. Oh, and I am of the humble belief that grinding the two groups around the 'Church Of Vows' is probably the best way to farm for everything.

      • Anonymous

        The most dangerous man alive he is most notable for his little shoes and his silly hat and with the help of a horn he could possibly make the sound of a cow

        • Anonymous

          The soldier noble has a noble estoc and hat while the common noble has a noble slender sword. As I have seen and fought with and against them quite often, I have seen the soldier noble has a bit more of a fighting style when attacking vs the one with the slender sword.

          • Anonymous

            if you kill a few of them the rest in the immediate area will cower in fear, provided their back wasn't turned. Not sure if this applies to all types but definitely the unarmed ones.

            • Anonymous

              I just leave these dudes alone, they drop barely anything, and the ones without weapons don't even try to fight you, they just cower and run, i only attack enemies that attack me unprovoked, so i don't see any reason to kill these dudes unless you want their outfits/weapons.

              • Anonymous

                There is a noble a little north-west of the windmill village grace in the first windmill pasture with a bowler hat like helmet, this is the only one I've ever seen wearing it

                • Anonymous

                  There are also aristocrat boots, which I believe are dropped by the soldiers. I'm not 100% sure because I got them while looting a lot of corpses overlapping.

                  • Anonymous

                    Why are drop rates of anything besides Rowa Fruit, Herba, and Erdleaf flowers on these guys so absurdly low? I have been farming with 274 item discovery for 3 hours and still have not gotten a singe sword or headband.

                    • Anonymous

                      I've noticed there's the ones with the hats with the feather in it, but there's also another hat variant I've seen on them with no feather, does anyone know if that drops?

                      • They decided that it was a good idea to make all of their gear super low rate since they put 600 of these guys all around the world. It was not a very bright decision... They are just your basic hollow enemies man why?

                        • Anonymous

                          I've farmed the small group of Atlus Plateau nobles on the other side of the bridge from the Bridge of Inquity grace and those dropped Golden Sunflowers. Not sure if it's only the one with the hat that dropped it though

                          • Anonymous

                            These hollow-looking bastards are the only way for a non-Prisoner, non-Astrologer to get a sorcery stick in Limgrave.

                            • Anonymous

                              The drop rate for the slender sword must be absurdly low. I’ve been farming the nobles escorting the carriage by Ahgeel lake for an hour and found nothing

                              • Anonymous

                                Not gonna lie, when I got to the consecrated snowfield and got hit for like 200+ fire damage from one of these guys holding a torch in front of himself, I was rather surprised as much as annoyed.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I love 1 shot these guys. They're such cowards. When there's 1 or 2 left, they just run away and cry. That's when I put away my weapon and punch their stupid faces to death

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Wiki should include that some of these enemies drop something "special". Found one of them in Limgrave, behind the Agheel Lake South grace. Hes standing alone staring into the distance, near the edge of a small cliff. Another one ive found near Caelid Highway South grace, around those multiple stone coffins nearby the grace.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Anyone else love to deliberately wait for the guys with banners to toot so you can smack them in the middle of it? That **** will never get old.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Anyone else love to deliberately wait for the guys with banners to toot so you can smack them in the middle of it? That **** will never get old.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Anyone else love to deliberately wait for the guys with banners to toot so you can smack them in the middle of it? That **** will never get old.

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