Duelist is a Humanoid Enemy in Elden Ring. The Duelists either wield a giant axe with an extended chain, or two Battle Hammers attached to chains, which they can swing around with ease.

In the Consecrated Snowfield, there are two Rotten Duelist variants.


Former gladitorial fighters who were exiled from the colloseum. They wield chain axes and hammers, and attack with a frenzied fervor.


Elden Ring Duelist Locations

Where to Find Duelist:


Elden Ring Duelist Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Duelist Helm 3.00% N/A
Gravekeeper Cloak 3.00% N/A
Duelist Greaves 3.00% N/A
Duelist Greataxe 4.00% Only drops from the Duelist Greataxe Variant
Battle Hammer 4.00% Only drops from the Battle Hammer Variant.


Duelist Notes & Tips


Duelist Image Gallery

duellist 1 elden ring wiki guide duellist 2 elden ring wiki guide duellist 3 elden ring wiki guide 
duellist 4 elden ring wiki guide duellist 5 elden ring wiki guide

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    • Anonymous

      What are the chances of one of these dropping all 3 piece of their armour set at once? Thought I was in for a world of hurt when starting to farm them but that was a pleasant surprise.

      • Anonymous

        The axe variant has a badass move where he grabs the chain and twirls the axe around to hit you a mile away. I've only seen him do it if I use a crossbow.

        • Anonymous

          These guys can be annoying to farm bc of their poise and damage but dragon maw absolutely wrecks them and keeps them on the ground.

          • Anonymous

            *squints* huh. y'know i never noticed on my first playthrough but the duelists are like...REALLY dark skinned. like, way darker than everyone else in the game world besides maybe nepheli. that's actually kind of interesting. looking at the rotten duelists it's a bit difficult to use them as a reference as they're more like downright gray, which may be a consequence of being afflicted with rot.

            • Anonymous

              These are very different from the boss version in murkwater catacombs, I was there fairly early on without upgraded weapons or exalted flesh and I was surprised how quickly he died. The two in Leyndell are a proper handful though, I wasn't expecting a walk in the park but I was still surprised how much they tested me.

              • Anonymous

                Okay the, "Congratulations!! Comments are on an approval only. Please wait for moderator approval after you post" message wasn't loading before. Now that I see that I apologize to the unfortunate moderator who has to approve my comments. Be well. Stay safe.

                • Anonymous

                  I submitted a reply twice and I still can't see it. Do they need to be approved or something? I swear I'm losing my mind.

                  • Anonymous

                    I wish the off hand mace was available as a weapon, none of the maces have good range and that one sllliings baby!

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