Teardrop Scarabs

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Cerulean Scarab: Restores Flask of Crimson Tears
Crimson Scarab: Restores Flask of Cerulean Tears

Teardrop Scarabs are special creatures in Elden Ring. Similar to Crystal Lizards in the Souls series, Teardrop Scarabs are non-hostile creatures that drop valuable items upon defeat. If the player fails to quickly eliminate them, they will begin to flicker and then disappear from the area.


 These scarabs often roll clumps of valuable ashes of war during their labors, along with crimson and cerulean tears. They are very skittish, and will often flee when spotted.


Strategies for Teardrop Scarab in Elden Ring

Unlike Crystal Lizards, Teardrop Scarabs don't have particularly high resistances, so it's possible to defeat them easily with both magic and physical damage. Players should be careful, however, as the scarabs often run into groups of larger enemies, making them harder to target and making the player the victim of plenty of ambushes. For this reason, ranged attacks are usually best.

  • Red and Blue Scarabs respawn when you rest. They are used to refill both flasks when killed.
  • Scarabs that roll regular balls will often drop various rare items, such as Ashes of War or Somber Smithing Stones. These do not respawn after they die.


Teardrop Scarab Locations and Drops in Elden Ring

Players can encounter the following Teardrop Scarabs:


  1. Church of Dragon Communion (south of island) - Drops Somber Smithing Stone [1]
  2. Limgrave: north-East from the Church of Elleh, behind a broken building with Ruin Fragments, on the way to Gatefront Ruins - Drops "??"
  3. Limgrave: Western beach. East side of the shore, you'll notice multiple glowing prints moving around the pillars. Attack it at the right time just when it's about to approach you to reveal the scarab. - Drops Ash of War: Stamp (Sweep).
  4. Limgrave: in the water in the South East portion of Agheel Lake, North West of the Agheel Lake South Site of Grace. — Drops Ash of War: Unsheathe.
    [Map Link]
  5. Limgrave: Hiding behind a tree in the corner of Siofra River Well
  6. Limgrave:  on the path at the bridge north of Agheel Lake. Drops Ash of War: Determination. [Map Link]
  7. Limgrave: On top of a building's ruins. Drops Somber Smithing Stone (1). [Map link]
  8. Limgrave: Near Third Church of Marika, next to Spiritspring. Drops the Ash of War: Sacred Blade.
    [Map Link]
  9. Limgrave: In the middle of the path leading from the Stormhill Shack site of grace to the Castleward Tunnel site of grace. Drops Ash of War: Wild Strikes 
    [Map Link]


Weeping Peninsula

  1. Along the main road taken from Limgrave in the east. Found on a portion of the road that slopes upwards, past an area with a broken Carriage. Drops Ash of War: Mighty Shot. [Map Link]
  2. In a forested area southeast of the Castle Morne Rampart. Drops the Poison Mist incantation.
    [Map Link]
  3. In a crevasse separating the landmass containing the Minor Erdtree from the eastern side of the peninsula. The scarab is found in the lower section of the crevasse, surrounded by bats and a constant beat of lightning strikes from above. There are stone platforms on either cliffside you can use to descend safely. Drops the Lightning Strike incantation. [Map Link]
  4. Atop a collapsed stone structure overgrown with yellow moss. Found a short distance west of the Tombsward Ruins. Drops the Divine Fortification incantation. [Map Link]


Liurnia of the Lakes

  1. Off the beaten path, over a rocky area. Drops aSomber Smithing Stone (2) [Map Link]
  2. Found in a rocky, cavern-like area near the Minor Erdtree in southwest Liurnia.. Drops Ash of War: Sword Dance.  [Map Link]
  3. Found in the southeast poisonous swamp area of the map, south from the Folly on the Lake site of grace. The scarab is located in the center of an island near an opening in the rocky overpass.
    Drops Ash of War: Vow of the Indomitable
    [Map Link]
  4. In the marshes near the Rose Church southwest of the lake. Drops the Bloodflame Blade incantation.
    [Map Link]
  5. On the island below the broken bridge connecting Raya Lucaria Academy and East Raya Lucaria Gate. Drops Ash of War: Shield Bash. [Map Link]
  6. An invisible scarab is found roaming the shallow body of water southeast of Caria Manor. Look for its glowing footprints and attack as they move towards you. Drops Ash of War: Hoarfrost Stomp. [Map Link]
  7. Found in an area behind the gardens and to the east in Caria Manor. Drops the Carian Piercer sorcery. [Map Link]
  8. Found in the woods, between the trees. Drops Somber Smithing Stone (3). [Map Link]
  9. Three Sisters: In the ruins south of Renna's Rise. Drops Ash of War: Chilling Mist. [Map Link]
  10. Found in the Church of Irith after giving Thops the extra Glintstone Key and letting him leave for the academy. Drops Ash of War: Thops's Barrier.
    [Map Link]
  11. In the Ravine-Veiled Village, found by going as far northeast as possible in Lake of Liurnia (near but not accessible from Grand Lift of Dectus) Drops Ash of War: Barbaric Roar. [Map Link]
  12. Attached to a ceiling under a bridge West of the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace, above some Land Squirts and near a Giant Crab in the Academy Gate Town. Drops Ash of War: Charge Forth. [Map Link]


  1. Found on the road on the way from Rotview Balcony to Caelem Ruins. Drops Incantation Whirl, O Flame! [Map Link]
  2. Found along the Caelid Highway. Drops Ash of War: Lifesteal Fist. [Map Link]
  3. Sellia, Town of Sorcery: Found high above on a very large root in the western end of town. Accessible by jumping across the rooftops. Drops Ash of War: Double Slash [Map Link]
  4. An invisible scarab can be found roaming the northeast section of Aeonia Swamp, directly west of Sellia. Drops the Poison Armament incantation. [Map Link]
  5. Found near the edge of the cliffs northwest of the Isolated Merchant's Shack in Dragonbarrow. Drops Ash of War: Sky Shot. [Map Link]

Altus Plateau

  1. Capital Outskirts: An invisible Teardrop Scarab can be found leaving its glowing footprints inside the short rocky tunnel in the lake directly east of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree site of grace. Drops Ash of War: Prayerful Strike. [Map Link]
  2. Capital Outskirts: A teleporting scarab is found near the large blocked gate with many Wandering Nobles near it. Drops Ash of War: Golden Parry 
    [Map Link]
  3. Capital Outskirts: In the middle of a Leyndell encampment in the northeastern side of Altus Plateau. Just northwest of Hermit Merchant's Shack or Outer Wall Battleground site of grace.
    Drops Ash of War: Lightning Slash [Map Link]
  4. Dropped by a teleporting Scarab inside a broken building in the Lux Ruins, near the Erdtree Gazing Hill site of grace. Drops Ash of War: Shield Crash
    [Map Link]
  5. Northeast of Erdtree-Gazing Hill, flying above a pond with trees. Drops Ash of War: Blood Blade
    [Map Link]
  6. An invisible Teardrop Scarab in the intersection of the road before Altus Highway Junction site of grace. It moves very slowly, and you can see some dust as it rolls. Drops Ash of War: Earthshaker
    [Map Link]
  7. In the northern section of the Woodfolk Ruins, surrounded by many Lesser Wormfaces. Drops  
    Ash of War: Golden Slam [Map Link]
  8. Just south of Sainted Hero's Grave, near a bunch of swords embedded into the ground.
    Drops Ash of War: Lightning Ram [Map Link]
  9. Leyndell, Royal Capital: There's an invisible Teardrop Scarab. Can be found after heading down the stairs and taking the elevator, right after the fight with Godfrey, First Elden Lord.
    Drops Barrier of Gold.  [Map Link]

Mt. Gelmir

  1. Found in the narrow channel north of Seethewater River. Drops Ash of War: Barrage. [Map Link
  2. An invisble scarab leaving behind tracks will be seen upon approaching the Volcano Manor’s entrance. 
    Drops Ash of War: Through and Through.
    [Map Link]

Mountaintops of the Giants

  1. Found in the lower level of the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins, south of the Hermit Merchant. Drops a Somber Smithing Stone (8) [Map Link]
  2. Found on top of a small mountain, will vanish if you get too close. Drops a Somber Smithing Stone (8).
    [Map Link]
  3. An invisible scarab leaving behind tracks can be seen east of the Freezing Lake site of grace. Drops Ash of War: Seppuku [Map Link]
  4. A lone scarab hanging on a dead tree near the Guardians’ Garrison. Beware of the nearby enemies. It will drop Ash of War: Prelate’s Charge
    [Map Link]

Crumbling Farum Azula

  1. Found by the cliffs south of the fountain plaza. This area is located in the upper level after ascending the Dragon Temple Lift. Drops the incantationGolden Lightning Fortification. [Map Link]

Siofra River

  1. Found in the Mohgwyn Dynasty area in a small cave, at the eastern edge of the blood lake with four blood Albinaurics that appear after killing the beetle. Drops Ash of War: Blood Tax. [Map Link]



Elden Ring Teardrop Scarab Notes & Tips

  • Immune to Status Effects.
  • Can be poise-broken but not riposted afterwards
  • Does not count as regular enemy, therefore stanima consumption is not disabled.
  • There are few types of scarabs:
    • Flying/Hanging - Floating in the air/hanging on a branch or tree. When hit, falls and acts like a regular Teardrop Scarab. Fall can damage player (very low damage).
    • Invisible - Low-health variation (die to 1 hit), that can be seen thanks to their visible steps, plus they follow one route. Sorcerers can use spells with AoE or sorceries like Glintblade Phalanx, which target invisible enemies. Melee user can utilize either bow or Ashes of War with AoE like Ground Slam.
    • Enlarging - Enlarge after receiving a specific amount of damage. Becomes larger than player and can pose some threat, however their behaviour remains unchanged. 
    • Escaping - When it spots a player, it will teleport a short distance away. Sneaking is an option, but bows are more effective.
    • Explosive - Regular scarab, but their balls explodes after few seconds. Explosion is telegraphed, plus it does not happen if scarab dies due to gravity.
  • Cerulean and Crimson Scarabs roll around a ball that appears to be a bunch of twigs together with a glowing center. Special Scarabs will have regular balls filled with rocks and such.


Elden Ring Teardrop Scarab Image Gallery

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    • Kinda sad that there doesn't seem to be any other Teardrop Scarab that is affected by any status effects except the one at the Frenzied Flame village. The one there had an orange glow, likely due to the Frenzied Flame burning inside of it. It'd be cool to see Scarabs that were, say, burning or freezing or something like that. I wonder what a bleeding Scarab or a death blight one would look like.

      • Anonymous

        What a laughably dumb mechanic. Just as stupid as the Crystal Lizards. They're either trivial to kill or attempt to lead you into an obvious trap which is completely unchanged from when they appeared in Dark Souls. They seriously couldn't think of a better way to place these items in the game world?

        • Anonymous

          Flame of the Redmanes ash of war drop from invisible scarab north east of Fort Gael North grace in Caelid.

          • Anonymous

            Is their colour system set in stone with no variation at all? red fill the crimson flasks, blue the cerulean flasks with the silver and shiny black scarabs drop an AoW? There is a red one hanging from a tree over a massive drop that I can't kill before it lets go of the branch and dies from the fall. But I never get flask refills or anything else from it, but I can stop obsessing if it only fills a flask.

            • Anonymous

              Not that it's the best way to kill em or anything, but it's almost as satisfying to finish one of these with a knock up like charged Crucible Horns, as it is to do the same to invaders. Love seeing em fly up in the air and landing into a death animation

              • Anonymous

                Why did they have to make them teleport away? Most of them are in places that are likely to bait you into instant death anyway, toxic as hell to survive the insane gank you get into only to have to do it again because the stupid scarab managed to teleport away from right next to you while you were getting chain staggered by the gank squad. Not fun to deny us the satisfaction of finishing it off after cleaning up the place.

                • Anonymous

                  I once chased one of these into the middle of a gang of enemies and got cleaved in half by a Night's Cavalry trying to catch it, I legit have the brain of a pigeon when i see one of these.

                  • Anonymous

                    Ash of War: Charge Forth is missing from the Teardrop Scarabs of Liurnia of the Lakes.

                    • Anonymous

                      What is with the line of floating scarabs around Smarag in Liunria? I've killed them and the three by the cave multiple times, but got nothing for it. Not even Cerulean tears.

                      • Anonymous

                        I know it mentions AoE as an easier way to kill the invisible scarabs, but I don't know how effective or easy it would be, but when I got the surge o flame incantation and tried it out on the invisible scarab located between fort gael north grace and gael tunnel in caelid, I could see for myself how effective it was for killing them, without having to do a load of trial and error trying to get the timing of when to hit it. using surge o flame takes out any need to time your hit just right, all that needs to be done is start casting it when you see the footprints coming towards you and just keep casting continuous stream of fire until the scarab gets close enough and you hit, works like a charm every time.

                        • Anonymous

                          There are at least two more invisible ones; one in Caelid, just northeast of Fort Gael North - drops Ash of War: Flame of the Redmanes.

                          The other is running around on the cliffs outside the entrance to Volcano Manor - drops Ash of War: Through and Through.

                          • Anonymous

                            This list is missing quite a few. I just started hunting for the rest of the ash scarabs so I can't say all of which are missing however

                            • Anonymous

                              Theres also one at mt. gelmir. When you leave the mansion, where the frenzied giant is at and go ahead, there is one that is invisible!

                              • Anonymous

                                At least one of the exploding ones drops a Somber Smithing stone if you kill it, They seem to be orange, and I've counted at least two or three on my third playthrough.

                                • Anonymous

                                  If you don't have any decent ranged weapons you can sneak up on them from behind on the ball side. Helps with the teleporting ones

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Did anyone notice that scarabs have eyes on their backs, the same eyes that Gideon have? Maybe Gideon is using scarabs for surveillance purposes, further explanation on https://www.reddit.com/r/Eldenring/comments/u4t8l9/new_theory_about_gideon_ofnir_and_how_he_knows/. Wake Up, Scarabs are watching us.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      What's the deal with the giant scarab on the shores in Caelid? It's massive. I've killed it a couple of times and it drops nothing.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        If you're using any kind of lance or polearm(halberd, scythe), using the spectral lance ash of war is the easiest way to deal with teleporting scarabs, it one shots them rather easily.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Fort Gael Noth Site of Grace, invisible scarab leaving glowing footprints. Drops Ash of War: Flame of the Redmanes

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Seems to be quite a few that are not listed. I wonder if they are just having a hard time keeping it updated regularly

                                            • Anonymous

                                              There's one of the teleporting ones on the steps leading to the capital doors, drops Golden Parry ash of war

                                              • Anonymous

                                                If one burrows away, you can exit to menu, then load the save back and it'll be back.
                                                That way, you can clear out the enemies around it first.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Why do some Scarabs not drop anything? do they need to be killed in a specific way?
                                                  For me it was the golden scarab on top of the Frenzied Flame Village on the ledge

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    A strategy for invisible scarabs: grab any phalanx spell and get in their way, they target based on proximity, even to invisible enemies

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Killed one by the Divine Tower in Liurnia, just east of the pool with the boat dude. It didn't drop anything - was this a glitch or is that one there just to troll you?

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        There's another one near to the runebear scratching the tree in East Limgrave. Drops Ash of war: Groundslam. Idk why it's not on the list

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