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Cerulean Scarab: Restores Flask of Crimson Tears
Crimson Scarab: Restores Flask of Cerulean Tears

Teardrop Scarab are special creatures in Elden Ring. Similar to crystal lizards in the Souls series, Teardrop Scarabs drop are non-hostile creatures that drop valuable items upon defeat. If the player fails to quickly eliminate them, they will burrow and disappear from the encounter


There are both Crimson and Cerulean Teardrop Scarabs. Defeat them to replenish the flasks that match their type.

You cannot replenish more flasks than your maximum amount allows


Strategies for Teardrop Scarab in Elden Ring

Unlike Crystal Lizards, Teardrop Scarabs don't have particularly high resistances, so it's possible to defeat them easily with both magic and physical damage. Players should be careful, however, as the scarabs often run into groups of larger enemies, making them harder to target and making the player the victim of plenty of ambushes. For this reason, ranged attacks are usually best.

  • Teardrop Scarabs respawn when you rest, but will only drop their special items once.


Teardrop Scarab Locations and Drops in Elden Ring

During the Network Test, players can encounter the following Teardrop Scarabs:

  1. Stormgate - drops Ash of War: Carian Glintsword
  2. Limgrave: Beach under Seasky Ruins grace (South of map) - Drops "Cure Poison"
  3. Limgrave: Bridge heading east - Drops Ash of War: Piercing Fang
  4. Church of Dragon Communion (south of island) - Drops "Feast Upon Flame"
  5. Limgrave: north-East from the Church of Elleh, behind a broken building with Ruin Fragments, on the way to Gatefront Ruins - Drops "??"
  6. Limgrave, Agheel Lake southern portion, surrounded by Giant Crabs - Drops the sorcery "Glintstone Arc"
  7. Limgrave: Western beach. East side of the shore, you'll notice multiple glowing prints moving around the pillars. Attack it at the right time just when it's about to approach you to reveal the scarab. - Drops Ash of War: Determination.


Elden Ring Teardrop Scarab Notes & Tips

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