Ash of War: Determination

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Affinity Quality
Skill Determination

Ash of War: Determination is an Ash of War and Bolstering Material in Elden RingAsh of War: Determination provides the Quality affinity and allows you to buff yourself to empower your next attack. Ashes of War can be used to modify the Skill of an equipment piece, or to apply affinities that modify scaling values.


This Ash of War grants and armament the Quality affinity and the following Skill:

Skill: Determination
A truly knightly Skill. Hold your armament to your face and pledge your resolve, powering up your next attack.

It can be used on all melee armaments


Ash of War: Determination Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Ash of War: Determination:

  • Dropped by an invisible Teardrop Scarab that looks like a white set of snowy footprints, located on the beaches of Western Limgrave. From where the Giant Land Octopus and Land Octopus enemies are, check the east side of the shore and you'll see some pillars on the beach. You'll notice multiple glowing prints moving around the pillars. Attack it at the right time, just when it's about to approach you to reveal the scarab.
  • It's easy to hit the scarab if you use Dragonfire as it is approaching.


Ash of War: Determination Elden Ring Guide


Elden Ring Ash of War: Determination Notes & Tips

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