Ash of War: Sacred Order

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Affinity Sacred
Skill Sacred Order
Effect Grants affinities and skills to an armament.

Ash of War: Sacred Order is an Ash of War and Upgrade Material in Elden RingAsh of War: Sacred Order provides Sacred affinity and the Sacred Order Skill. Ashes of War can be equipped on Weapons and Shields to modify the Skill or an equipment, or to apply affinities that modify scaling values.


This Ash of War grants an armament the Sacred affinity and the following skill:

"Sacred Order: Skill of the Golden Order fundamentalist knights. Perform a salute and grant the armament holy essence. Highly effective against Those Who Live in Death."

Usable on all melee armaments.


Ash of War: Sacred Order Location in Elden Ring

Ash Of War: Sacred Order is dropped by a Teardrop Scarab in Altus Plateau, North-West of the Abandoned Coffin Site Of Grace. Map Link


Ash of War: Sacred Order Elden Ring Guide


Sacred Order Demonstration




Builds using Sacred Order


Lightning Lancer Written Guide 


Elden Ring Ash of War: Sacred Order Notes & Tips

  • Duration: 60 seconds (78s with Old Lord's Talisman). It's canceled when the weapon it's equipped on stops being held.
  • Boosts all damage caused by the player by 10%.
  • Boosts Weapon, Ash of War and Spell (not Consumable) damage by 100% to Undead type enemies and prevents Skeletons from reviving.
  • It's one way to get low Faith investment Holy damage on weapons. Order's Blade Incantation provides a higher increase in Holy damage overall, and other Ashes Of War can provide the same access to Sacred weapon affinity.
  • In practice, it functions kind of like a single target Golden Vow, but the description somehow completely forgets to mention it.


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    • Anonymous

      To all my INT brothers annoyed by death rite birds, azula beastmen etc: Stick this on a Standard Clayman’s Harpoon, put it in your offhand, and cast the buff. Now you can cast away and permakill undead.

      • Anonymous

        "In practice, it functions kind of like a single target Golden Vow, but the description somehow completely forgets to mention it."

        Who wrote this? The only similarity between this and golden vow is that they both boost your damage. Literally everything else about these two skills is not the same.

        Golden vow boots damage and damage negation

        Sacred order boosts damage, provides no boost to damage negation and provides a massive boost to undead enemies.

        • Anonymous

          My opponent was afk in arena: discus of light did 311 dmg with no buff, 311 dmg after Sacred Order buff. No spell damage boost in pvp, unless it’s just the holy damage not getting buffs glitch was never fixed.

          • Anonymous

            Stacks with golden vow, you say?

            Left hand: Shared Order (pick your weapon).

            Right hand: Golden Vow (pick your weapon), + Death's Poker.

            It's that ghostflame ignition, hot and fresh out the kitchen.

            • Anonymous

              I just found out something rather cool. It turns out, that while this skill is active, sorceries cast from the left hand can kill those who live in death, just like they would if you had killed them with whatever weapon you have that's been boosted with this skill.

              • Anonymous

                Just found out the Sacred Order skill continuing after switching weapons was a bug. Sad because I used this for extra holy damage in my off hand so I can keep the buff and still be able to switch back and forth from my seal.

                • Anonymous

                  Not sure why this belongs in weapon buff category, when this works unlike any other weapon buff, and more like an aura buff, almost same as shared order, or last rites, only doesn't buff others. Seems pretty janky, also the visual effect stays on other weapons, and doesn't always align with the weapon properly.

                  • Anonymous

                    The ash of war Sacred Order is bugged. if you apply it to a weapon then switch to another weapon the buff stays on the other weapon. for example, if I apply the AoW to the Erdsteel Dagger then switch to the Black knife. the Black Knife will be glowing like it has the buff. skeletons die first time with it. I've also tried it with the Reduvia. Seems like its also putting the buff on the bullet damage of the black knife and reduvia.

                    • Anonymous

                      Just tested vs a skeleton to confirm that this stacks amazingly with Shared Order. Using a Carian Knight sword +8 (35 str, 20 int), my 2H R1 did 386 normally, 854 with Sacred Order, and 1408 with both Sacred Order and Shared Order, which is a hilarious amount of damage increase, so if you want to do comedic levels of damage to Death Rite Birds...

                      • Anonymous

                        This buff is secretly insane (in terms of value). It's categorized as a Weapon buff (so it stacks with Body and Aura buffs) but it behaves entirely like a Body buff, meaning it affects all your weapons (even if you switch off the one that casted it) including ones that are literally unbuffable. It can make Somber weapons glow gold, although for some reason it only makes your right hand weapon glow gold even though it increases the damage of both your weapons. It stacks with Shared Order, so if you want a super cheap pair of buffs to throw on practically any type of build, carry two daggers with these two ashes on them. They have a good duration and mana cost. Currently using this on a Carian Knight's Sword x Crystal Sword dual sword build.

                        • Anonymous

                          Buffs spell damage 10% All out going damage is buffed 10% actually, against any enemy. You do double melee damage to undead, 10% spell bonus to undead or other. 2.5% in pvp... which still beats a second golden order seal in pvp considering the seals bonus is allegedly bugged in pvp.

                          • Anonymous

                            I cannot find this scarab to save my life. I have scoured the area marked on the interactive map, I have tried looking in both day and night, I have seen a message saying "skill ahead" but there is neither sight nor sound of the bug in question. Am I missing some crucial detail?

                            • Anonymous

                              Seems like a worse sacred blade, but its real strength is that it can buff the holy damage of both weapons while dual wielding.

                              Sacred order off hand + sacred blade main hand lets you double buff the main hand. Make sure you've got both sacred infused for big numbers. Can slap on golden vow too for even more silliness.

                              • Anonymous

                                if you're doing split physical and holy damage, consider sacred blade instead if 10% AR is less than 85 straight.

                                • Anonymous

                                  This AoW seems really good, even for high faith. If you want to infuse your weapons with flame art, therefore making orders blade unavailable, this will add free holy damage. Stack with FGmS and boom.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Secretly strong as hell. Boosts all weapon damage by 10%, regardless of type. Applies to offhand weapon if equiped. Stacks with Golden Vow, unlike Shared Order and Last Rites.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Even though Sacred Order looks like a standard holy weapon buff, it works more like a clunkier, holy version of Flame Grant Me Strength and buffs up all holy damage dealt for its duration.

                                      Flame Grant me Strength buffs both physical and fire damage by 20% (15% pvp) while this only does holy at a measly 10%. On top of that, Flame Grant Me Strength can benefit from Old Lord's Talisman. I think that this either needs a buff to its duration or its strength to make it a viable alternative. Buffing both would be nice, but probably op.

                                      60 seconds instead of 30 seconds would differentiate this skill as a weaker, but more convenient Flame Grant Me Strength. Faith builds that want to stack another damage buff with Golden Vow would get to decide between fire damage for higher burst, or holy damage for consistency.

                                      Doubling the bonus to 20%(15% pvp) to match Flame Grant Me Strength would be a simpler buff that would still be great.

                                      • I wish it had a longer duration. Most of the incantation weapon buffs last for 90 second. I wish the AoW buffs had at least half of this duration since they are not really a spell and therefore shorter and less effective. Half the duration would be nice, so you don't have to reapply the AoW like every 15 seconds.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Thought i would throw in my two cents. This buff is better than people realize. Use this right before a fight and it stacks with Golden Vow (Golden Vow is a character bound attack buff, character buffs like that don't stack) Sacred order is a weapon buff which stacks with Golden Vow's character buff. Shared order is a character attack buff which overwrites and is overwritten by Golden Vow, does not stack. Also Sacred Blade can get you into trouble, it's a narrow line attack with a long wind up in order to get that buff. You're better off using sacred order and golden vow pre-fight to get max possible gains prior to your first strikes in melee range.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Use Sacred Blade. This buff, Sacred Order, is immensely inferior.

                                            Sacred Blade Ash may be glitched proving far more damage than it should.

                                            Tested at SL1 with two Lordsworn Longsword +0 on a Death Rite bird in Liurnia near academy.
                                            Sacred Order: 161 damage with 232 AR (almost identical holy).
                                            Sacred Blade Ash: 258 AR but was dealing 340 damage.

                                            Clearly, despite the short buff duration Sacred Blade vastly exceeds the performance of Sacred Order, in this case by more than 200%. It also uses far less FP.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              the location is blatantly wrong. it's in the Altus Plateau to the north-west of the Abandoned Coffin site of grace.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Shared Order is strictly better than Sacred Order unless you need to absolutely destroy skeletons. Sacred Order lasts ~30 seconds, Shared Order lasts ~45 seconds. The damage buff both give is the same, the casting speed is the same, the FP cost is practically the same (Shared Order costs 1 more FP...) and Shared Order also extends to allies.

                                                Also, Sacred Order only buffs your WEAPON. Swapping your weapon out will completely remove the buff. Shared Order buffs your CHARACTER. You deal additional holy damage with any weapon, even if you swap your weapon out.

                                                • Sacred Order gives your weapon Holy damage, while Shared Order gives that damage to you AND allies. Sacred Order lasts ~30 seconds and costs 18FP, Shared Order lasts ~45 seconds and costs 20FP.
                                                  Both of these buffs scale with Faith, giving +30 damage at 40 Faith and +31 at 45 Faith (tested with Two Fingers Heirloom)

                                                  From my testing against the soldier next to the Gatefront grace and the Skeleton next to the Black Knife Catacombs grace, it looks like it gives the same amount of damage against normal enemies, but different damage against undead enemies.
                                                  For reference I am using a Sacred Uchigatana+8 (16 Dex, 45 Faith, no damage boosters) and using the guard counter maneuver. I also compared these buffs to the 20 second buff from Sacred Blade.
                                                  Against the soldier, I dealt 341 with Shared Order and the same 341 with Sacred Order. Without either buff, I only dealt 310 damage. Sacred Blade adds 80 damage, so it dealt 390 damage.
                                                  Against the skeleton, I dealt 630 damage with Shared Order, but 840 with Sacred Order. In both cases, the skeleton completely died. Without either buff, I only deal 382 damage and the skeleton revives every time I kill it. With Sacred blade I dealt 985 damage (the additional 603 damage is about 7.5 times the 80 damage that the buff should give).
                                                  Compared to Sacred blade, these both deal less damage at 45 faith, but last significantly longer.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    This actually drops from the Night Cavalry next to the Altus Highway Junction site of grace. It is also called "Shared Order" NOT "Sacred Order."

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