Church of Dragon Communion

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The dilapidated remains of a church where many consume the hearts of Dragons in order to perform communion.

Church of Dragon Communion is a Location in Elden Ring. The Church of Dragon Communion is found in Limgrave, and can only be reached by traversing the underground depths of Coastal Cave.

See Cathedral of Dragon Communion for a similar location that unlocks more advanced spells. You must go here if you wish to unlock these spells.


Church of Dragon Communion Map for Elden Ring

The Church of Dragon Communion is found by progressing through Coastal Cave in West Limgrave and exiting from the other side after defeating the boss. [Map Link]

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Elden Ring NPCs and Merchants in Church of Dragon Communion

  • There are no NPCs or merhcants in this location
  • The Dragon Altar can be found here


All Items in Elden Ring's Church of Dragon Communion

Equipment and Magic


Unique, Ashes and Keys

  • No other items here



Church of Dragon Communion Creatures, Enemies and Bosses in Elden Ring

Regular Creatures and Enemies


Field Bosses and Bosses

  • There are no bosses in this area


Walkthrough for Church of Dragon Communion in Elden Ring

You can only access this region by passing through and completing the boss room in Coastal Cave in western Limgrave. There is not much to do at the Church of Dragon's communion, at least until players have faced and defeated Flying Dragon Agheel. Once you have done so, bring the Dragon Heart to this island, and present it at the church's altar at night, to purchase one of three dragon-related Incantations. Dragonclaw, Dragonfire or Dragonmaw.

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You've now cleared the Coastal Cave, before you continue to leave the Coastal Cave, we suggest that you check out the opposite exit from the boss lair and activate the Church of Dragon Communion Site of Grace so you can easily fast travel here later on. At the moment, you won't be able to commune via the altar since you will need an item to use it. However, you can find a Teardrop Scarab here, walk to the cliffside, southwest, and you'll see the scarab. Kill it to acquire x1 Somber Smithing Stone (1) [Map Coordinates Here]. To obtain Smithing Stone (2) loot the remains towards the southeast corner of the isalnd.Apart from that, you can find some HerbaRowa FruitMushroom here and there are Guillemot around that you can kill to acquire some materials such as a Flight Pinion or a Four-Toed Fowl Foot.

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And lastly, if you go around the church, somewhere around the northwest, you'll encounter two Spirit Jellyfish enemies. Kill it, and then use your mount to jump to the top of the ruined walls of the church. At the top, you'll find a corpse that you can loot to find x1 Exalted Flesh. Back on the ground, there's also another corpse by the bushes that you can loot to find x4 Great Dragonfly Head. You've now cleared the area, for now, go ahead and fast travel back to the Coastal Cave site.


Elden Ring Church of Dragon Communion Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      is there any point to this place? it is literally just a worse version of the cathedral, since you can only get 3 of the dragon spells, and the fact that is locked behind a boss while you can just freely walk into the cathedral in caelid means that is technically harder to get into early game (not particularly hard, mind you, but it's still an extra step you don't have in the other one). for what I can see, there is literally no point in going to this place

      • Anonymous

        Nice place to relax. If I just need to chill or mess with my build, I drop by here, Church of Elleh, or Artist's Shack. Seperated from the mainland, no real enemies, good view.

        • Anonymous

          I have started the Dragonbros, we wear either the drake Knight chest piece or malformed dragon chest piece, the rest of your equipment is your choice, add (,Dragonbro) after your name and your in, we coop mostly but never against a Dragon boss type, instead we invade to buy our Dragonbro some time, I missed having covenants in Elden Ring and wanted to make one

          • Anonymous

            After spending 5 hearts (buying 4 incantations) my eyes changed colour. Black sclera, yellow iris and slit pupils

            • Anonymous

              Apparently, this is the page for the church that lies in an island that can accessed from the coastal cave. The real alter is in the cathedral in Caelid

              • Anonymous

                It's a character clipping issue. Just back your character away from the altar a bit and retry. Figured it out in 2 seconds.

                • I believe I've figured out why the Altar in Caelid doesn't work for people sometimes, even at night.

                  The Night/Day cycle has nothing to do with it. Whenever I kill the Banished Knight walking around outside the church, I can no longer use the Altar. My character just stands there in the offering gesture and no menu comes up. However, without resetting my game or anything, if I simply rest at the Site of Grace and leave the Banished Knight alive, I can offer up Dragon Hearts for spells with no problem.

                  I tested this numerous times and I believe the key is to simply leave the Banished Knight alive outside the church. I await VaatiVidya's 30 minute lore explanation as to why this Knight powers the altar.

                  • Anonymous

                    I think I figured out why the Altar in Caelid won't work sometimes.

                    Whenever I kill the Banished Knight guarding the Church, the Altar stops working. However, if I interact with the Altar while the Banished Knight that roams outside the Church remains alive, I can offer up Dragon Hearts for spells just fine.

                    I believe you need to keep the Banished Knight alive in order to use the Altar, for some reason killing him renders the Altar unusable. I'm sure VaatiVidya will have a 20 minute lore breakdown as to why, and I can't wait to watch it.

                    • Anonymous

                      Guys, there are different places where you can go to purchase another dragon magic skills, just watch the page of the spell you need and find the location on the map where you need to go

                      • Anonymous

                        This is weird, I beat a bunch of dragons and got the "A new powers is available at the altar of dragon communion" message twice yet nothing new unlocked.

                        • Anonymous

                          After going to both altars of communication they changed my eyes to dragon eyes, thought that was pretty cool:

                          P.S. not sure if that was the exact reason

                          • Anonymous

                            If you're struggling with getting the altar to actually work simply quit out the game and load back in, all I had to do.

                            • Anonymous

                              If you have the dragonheart and it doesn't work try resting at the grace nearby and trying again. If that doesn't work, pass time til night and try. And if that doesn't work, exit back to menu screen and reload.

                              • Anonymous

                                dragons and incantations seem like the might have a big lore connection(I haven't played the network test so correct me if I'm wrong) most incantations we've seen are dragon/fire related and they seem to be most commonly found at this area which we can assume based off of the title it's an important dragon related spot but like I said I haven't played the network test so I don't have all the info

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