Unsightly Catacombs

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A burial grounds crawling with Misbegotten creatures found deep beneath the Perfumer's Ruins. Despite its decrepit state, the catacombs give off a trace of fragrant aromas juxtaposed by the scent of the ancient dead.

Unsightly Catacombs is a Location in Elden Ring. The Unsightly Catacombs is found in Altus Plateau. Players can reach this location by first traveling to the Perfumer's Ruins by heading west from the Abandoned Coffin site of grace. The entrance to the catacombs is found below the ruins, with the door attached to the cliff face in the southwest.


Unsightly Catacombs Map

The Unsightly Catacombs' entrance is found underneath the Perfumer's Ruins, in the southwest side. [Elden Ring Map Link]

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  • There are no NPCs or Merchants at this location.


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  • There are no equipment items in this location.


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Unsightly Catacombs Walkthrough

The Unsightly Catacombs is a small dungeon found beneath the Perfumer's Ruins in Altus Plateau. The entrance is located in the southwest of the cliff face below the ruins and is barred by an Imp Statue Seal, requiring 2 Stonesword Key to gain entry. These Catacombs are a good source of Grave Glovewort upgrade materials for strengthening your Spirit Ashes (provided you have progressed Roderika's questline).

A few steps from the entrance, you will find a Site of Grace to rest and modify your equipment. Be warned, this is the only Site of Grace for this dungeon and there is a fairly difficult boss fight at the end of the catacombs, with plenty of agile Misbegotten enemies along the way that can easily catch you with their very wide, very quick swings. Small pockets and corridors are lit but it is recommended you equip a Torch for the darker zones.

Head down the steps ahead of the Site of Grace to enter the first set of corridors of the dungeon. There is a Misbegotten laying here that you can ambush with ranged attacks before it can act. Straight ahead is a Summoning Pool just before the turn, should you wish to summon for help. The next hall contains two of the wingless, but larger Misbegotten carrying halberds and patrolling the left and right corridors. If you wait, you can sneak up behind them to perform a critical attack and get a decent amount of damage in. Do not be fooled by their large size and lumbering walk animation. These creatures are incredibly agile and like to perform wide swings and attacks with lots of travel. They can also very quickly roll towards you to close the distance. There is nothing special on this floor so you can head down the steps in the middle after either dispatching the Misbegotten or sneaking past them.

Down the next level, be careful of the Misbegotten hiding in the right corner. There is a Grave Violet near where it was sitting. Look for the path leading east. There is a Misbegotten and Winged Misbegotten at the end of this path. Go to where they were to pick up the Grave Glovewort [5] by the wall then look for the corridor heading south to find the stairs to the next level down. A Grave Glovewort [4] can be found in your path as well as a Winged Misbegotten at the end of the corridor. Note that this corridor leads to yet another lower level with a locked door at the end. That is your goal, but first look to the right of the last glovewort for a pit you can jump down to. If you are a ranged or magic user, you can safely target the misbegotten enemies from up here before jumping down. Otherwise, take them out carefully as you land below. There is a total of 4 Misbegotten in this pit that are lying down. When you get down, check the southern wall for a corpse containing the Winged Misbegotten Ashes so you can summon one of these agile warriors for yourself. A Ghost Glovewort [5] lies in the corner as well.

Look for the lit corridor and pick up the Grave Glovewort [4] along the way. At the bend is a set of steps leading up one level. There is a statue at the center here with a lever in front of it, used to unlock the door leading to the boss. Check the corridors around the statue for a Rune Arc and the Prattling Pate "Apologies" reusable item. If you look at the center of this level, you can jump down the middle to reach the pit connecting to the formerly locked door but before you do, look out for the Ogre now roaming the area. Consider using ranged attacks and spells to safely take it out from up here before jumping down.

When ready, proceed through the locked door and the fog gate behind it to challenge this dungeon's Boss Encounter: Perfumer Tricia. This fight is particularly difficult due to the fact that Tricia is accompanied by an extremely aggressive Misbegotten Warrior who has his own boss health bar. It is highly recommended that you bring along a strong and tanky Spirit Ash summon of at least +5 in order to distract the Misbegotten while you take Tricia out. See the Perfumer Tricia page for details on the fight. Defeating the boss duo awards you with Perfumer Tricia Ashes.


Elden Ring Unsightly Catacombs Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      Waste of time and stone sword keys. Only worthwhile thing here is the prattling page. Bossfight is easy and annoying.

      • Anonymous

        When I got there in my first playthrough it felt weird getting that duo boss fight. Not hard of anything, just a strange pairing. Then I read the description on the ashes and "what I've done" by Linkin park started playing in my head

        • Anonymous

          The "my apologies" is appropriate since you wasted your time here other than maybe if you wanted the spirit upgrades.

          • Anonymous

            I went in here with Spinning weapon on a Guardians Cold Sword Spear and shredded the Warrior in seconds then i smacked tricia with adulas Moonblade and 2 shot her. MOONBLADE BIOOTCH

            • Anonymous

              So I cast my shield army +4 dudes by accident and they did a fantastic job of gang bashing the perfumer while I whacked on the misbegotten. Once dead, the perfumer fell in seconds.

              • Anonymous

                Took me until my 4th playtrought to find this cave Lmao. Legit thought it was new content added by the latest patch.

                Since I was on NG+ it wasn't a hard fight with my endgame gear but I can see how cancerous it might be on a NG character.

                • Anonymous

                  The comments show this isn't a popular or well liked gank fight. But if you have it, with enough in FTH to make it hurt, the right talismans and flame shrouding cracked tear, the 'unendurable frenzy' incantation destroyed the misbegotten AND Tricia in less than two minutes.
                  Summon adds to buy some time and to keep the warrior's focus off you until you can start to cast it. As soon as the first frenzy flames hit the warrior, it will be stun-locked, unable to move out of the AoE or attack you. Tricia wont hang back throwing the aromatics in this scenario, she will come at you blindly and get caught in the frenzy flame's AoE just like the Misbegotten.
                  Another very good way to deal with these misbegotten warriors / leonine / crusader is 'stone of gurranq' you need enough FP to continually cast it but it stops them dead in their tracks, they can't poise through it and will take a load of damage. It also prevents them getting into melee range.

                  • Anonymous

                    I know not everyone will bother with the beast clergyman's NPC quest for enough deathroot to get it as the reward, but for the sixth he gives the Stone of Gurranq. It only costs 10 FP to cast, it's a surprisingly good incantation. It can pin that misbegotten warrior down if cast repeatedly, with your spirit summons also attacking him he won't last long. Highly recommend this incantation.

                    • Anonymous

                      The misbegotten is the bigger problem of the two. Drop a strong summons, wait for both bosses to focus on it,then hit them with a full charge of rotten breath. Tricia was all but dead after one shot of it (just the physical damage). The bigger problem can be the surprise omen jumping down prior to the boss room. Walk in to big rooms carefully, look up (use the camera lock on to see him). I pulled him with an arrow up the steps where he couldn't get behind me, made the fight much easier.

                      • Anonymous

                        Costs 2 stonesword keys, bossfight is AIDS, and there is nothing in this dungeon worth getting. Don't bother/10

                        • Anonymous

                          +6 Radahn Soldier ashes practically solo'd this fight for me, all I had to do was hit the Perfumer once with a charged spear attack

                          • Anonymous

                            Initial volley of rock sling beats up both adversaries, slows misbegotten, and interrupts perfumer’s casting.

                            • Anonymous

                              Took me a while to get this one figured out @ level 55 (non-optimized quality/dex character) on this run where I'm not using summons or spirits. I used bubble-tear and the poise boost in my physic and equipped the poise and turtle talismans along with Radhan's (mostly) set and +10 curved swords with bleed and/or cold on them. Immediately go for Tricia and bleed her out with a dual curved sword L1 combo and an extra it or two. The bubble-tear and ~ 65-70 poise should help you tank a hit from Misbegotten while killing her. Once she's down, dodge and get behind a pillar to create enough space to double chug your flask. A +10 brass shield temporarily swapped to can buy a bit of time before you get situated. Crazy lion dude is easy to punish after dodging all 3-4 hits of his combos and dies in 2-3 bleed combos. Cheers!

                              • Anonymous

                                Used two keys to get in here, expecting something more than a Rune Arc and two ashes I won't ever use. Pretty disappointing.

                                • Anonymous

                                  the cypher pata are godsend for ripping apart tricia in this one, provided you got someone to distract the misbegotten for about 15 seconds.

                                  • if you are a magic user, use opaline bubbletear right before entering. this will help you get one hit before you do anything , as soon as you enter summon oleg, engavall or someone who can take a beating. focus on the perfumer, tying to avoid the misbegotten, i used winged scythe, it was difficult to target her with lightning spear. don't worry oleg can tank misbegotten for a while, once perfumer is dead go after misbegotten. he is not as tough as he looks against physical damage

                                    • Anonymous

                                      with Cat's Talisman to remove fall damage, you can just jump off from the site of grace straight down to the boss wall, making retries a bit less annoying.

                                      as for the boss itself, I used Marionette Soldiers, focused down the perfumer and then just took my time with the Warrior.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I used +4 Marionette Soldier ashes. They caught both of the bosses attention, then I took em out using rock sling.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          If you have the opple bubble flask, u can tank one hit as mage and quickly summon, focus on the perfumer as he dies in 2 hits. Rest becomes easy

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Honestly one of the worst bosses in the game, nearly as bs as Miriam. Almost no reward here, skip this place.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Suggest not summoning as the hyper-aggresive warrior will kill you right from the start. The perfumer goes down _very_ quickly, so cut her down and then deal with that dude on crack. He's very fast, but not all that durable.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Use the turtle shield you got and use barricade shield skill. Most of the misbegotten's attacks would just bounce off, leaving it open for a guard counter. Pretty easy compared to the duo with crucible knight.

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