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Stormfoot Catacombs are meant to be a restful place for the deceased, and are protected by the imps and their Watchdog.

Stormfoot Catacombs is a Location in Elden Ring. The Stormfoot Catacombs is found in West Limgrave, due West and north from Church of Elleh.


Stormfoot Catacombs Map for Elden Ring

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Elden Ring NPCs and Merchants in Stormfoot Catacombs

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§"Mushroom" Spirit, near entrance

A proper death means returning to the Erdtree
Have Patience. Until the times comes...and the roots call to you


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Stormfoot Catacombs Creatures, Enemies and Bosses in Elden Ring

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Walkthrough for Stormfoot Catacombs in Elden Ring

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The Stormfoot Catacombs is a dungeon crypt, it is inhabited by Fanged Imps. It is due West and north from Church of Elleh, [Map Coordinates Here]. Upon arriving, open the doors leading to the catacombs and you'll find the Site of Grace for this location below. As always, make sure to discover or rest here to make it your last checkpoint. At the bottom of the steps, you'll find a Commoner ghost sitting in a chair that you can talk to. At the first intersection, you'll see a dead-end ahead and a path that goes further in the crypt on the right. The path ahead is where 2 Fanged Imps will ambush you, one is hiding by the corner on the left, while the other is by the corpse behind the chair in the center. - kill the Fanged Imps and loot the corpse to find x2 Root Resin

stormfoot catacombs room next to locked door limgrave walkthrough elden ring wiki guide

Head down the steps and you'll see another path on the left side, a door that is in the middle of two statues, x1 Grave Glovewort [1] next to a stone coffin and on the left side of the statue is a summoning pool that you can activate. This door is locked at the moment and you will need to find the mechanism that will unlock this. Continue heading down the stairs at the north side of the crypt where you'll see more Fanged Imps that are above, you can kill them with magical ranged attacks from afar while they are unaware of your presence. In this room, you can find items such as x1 Grave Violet and another Grave Glovewort [1].

stormfoot catacombs flamethrower mechanism limgrave walkthrough elden ring wiki guide

Continue forward through the narrow path, but as you reach the other end, walk carefully since you'll see a flamethrower mechanism ahead will begin to project a jet of fire. Wait by the corner and when it stops projecting the flames, quickly sprint straightforward and turn right before it projects the flames again. When it stops, go back and sprint forward. Behind this mechanism, there is a corpse that you can pillage to find x1 Prattling Pate Hello. Before you go back to the next path that has another flamethrower, you can hit the back of the mechanism to deactivate it.

Now for the next, do the same thing, sprint forward, take cover by the corner on the right, and when it stops, sprint towards it and hit the back of the mechanism to disable it. The area where this second flamethrower is, is being guarded by a couple of Fanged Imps that are on the wall, and two by each corner. Kill the enemies, loot the body to find x3 Smoldering Butterfly and grab the Ghost Glovewort [1] - next, go back to the corner where you took cover and climb the ladder.

stormfoot catacombs second level limgrave walkthrough elden ring wiki guide

At the top of the ladder, tread carefully since there is a Fanged Imp hiding by the corner on the left, while another which you can see ahead of you. By the corner where the Fanged Imp was, there's another Grave Glovewort [1] that you can get. Continue forward towards another dead-end room that is being guarded by two Fanged Imps, one ahead, and the other, hiding by the corner on the right, ready to ambush you. Kill both enemies and loot the body resting against a stone coffin on the left to find x1 Wandering Noble Ashes, as well as picking up another Grave Glovewort [1] at the center of this room. Retrace your steps and jump down onto the platform below you, where you'll find another Grave Glovewort [1] and the lever by the grim reaper statue at the center that will unlock the locked door - from here, you may want to rest at the site of grace first before passing through the gold mist door that leads to the boss of this location.

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Beyond the mist lies the Erdtree Burial Watchdog enemy, you can visit our Erdtree Burial Watchdog page to find our guide on how to beat this enemy/boss. Succesfully defeating it rewards the player with x1 Noble Sorcerer Ashes and 1300 Runes. You've completed this area, and you can use the portal mist by the roots to fast travel back to the crypt's entrance.


Elden Ring Stormfoot Catacombs Gallery and Notes

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