Stormfoot Catacombs

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Stormfoot Catacombs were meant as a restful place for the deceased, but its now overrun by Goblins. Its deepest secrets are secured by the Guardian of the Burial Tree

Stormfoot Catacombs is a Location in Elden Ring. The Stormfoot Catacombs is found in West Limgrave, due West and north from Church of Elleh.


Stormfoot Catacombs Map for Elden Ring

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Elden Ring NPCs and Merchants in Stormfoot Catacombs

  • No NPCs or merchant in this location


Walkthrough for Stormfoot Catacombs in Elden Ring

The Stormfoot Catacombs sub-location of Elden Ring can be found on the west and north from Church of Elleh, west of Limgrave. You'll find a Site of Grace to rest and activate as a checkpoint down at the steps of the catacombs' entrance. When you reach the first intersection that goes straight towards a deadend and another path leading to the right, go straight first to investigate. Walk up a bit to the entrance and look at the left side, there's a Jade Goblin enemy waiting to ambush you, while another is waiting at the center. Kill both enemies and approach the center to pick up a Tarnished Blossom from the body, now go back and head to the other path leading into the catacombs.

Head down the steps and you'll see another path on the left side, a door that is in the middle of two statues, a body on the right side that's resting against a stone coffin and on the left side of the statue is a summoning pool that you can activate. Pillage the body first to find Fevor's Cookbook [1] and activate the summoning pool. Ignore the door first since it is locked. Next, head towards the path on the left from the summoning pool, and while you're walking down the steps, you'll see two Jade Goblins standing at the top ledge, one in front, and the other on the left, you can attack first with a ranged attack to gain the advantage.

After dealing with the two Jade Goblins, keep going straight towards the narrow path, and when you're near the other end, turn around, walk backwards and look on the left side, there's another Jade Goblin on the wall that will try to ambush you. On the next path, on the right, you'll notice that there is a machine that is projecting a jet of fire like a flamethrower, wait for it, and when it stops for a brief moment, be ready to sprint forward then make a hard right to avoid getting toasted. BUT DON'T RUN ALL THE WAY FORWARD WHEN YOU TURN RIGHT SINCE THERE'S ANOTHER FLAMETHROWING MACHINE. Now there is a missable item here, so before you continue further, wait for the first machine to stop projecting the flames, and then sprint forward, move to the sides if necessary and go behind it where you'll find the Oh, Flame!. You can now stop it by hitting the machine and it will draw back into the ground.

Now go back to the path where the second machine is, same thing, sprint forward and use the corners to avoid the flames, and when you're near it, hit it, so that it deactivates. Behind the second machine, there are two  on the wall, another just by the corner on the left side and on the wall,  next to the body that you can loot, and yet another Jade Goblin sitting by the right side corner. Kill all of the Goblins and pillage the body to find x1 Wandering Noble Ashes. Once you've grabbed it, turn around, retrace your steps a bit, and turn left where you'll see a ladder. Climb to the top and walk up a bit, look to the left, and you'll find another Jade Goblin there waiting to ambush you, as well as another that's just in front of it.

Continue straight towards the narrow path and you'll encounter two more Jade Goblins at the end, one in front, and the other is hiding by the corner of the archway, on the right side. Upon killing both enemies, pillage the body that's in the middle of the room to find x1 Rejection. Now go back, and then walk up a bit to the ledge, look down to the right and you'll find a platform you can drop to. Walk towards the statue of a skeleton wearing a robe to find a lever, pull it, and it will unlock the door that has the two skeleton statues. Before going there, next to the lever, on the left, is a body hanging on the ledge, loot it to find x5 Heavy Meteorite Fragment, be careful, ther's another Goblin by the corner as well, on the left side that will attack you - you've cleared the inner section of the catacombs, all that's left is to check what's behind the door you've just unlocked.

Boss: Bural Tree Wathchdog

Retrace your steps and go back to the section where the locked door was, you'll find it now open and beyond it, is a gold fog-like door, when you're ready, walk through it to fight against the Burial Tree Watchdog boss. For this boss encounter, we had to summon and use one of our Spirits. The Burial Tree Watchdog moves slow, but when it is at a certain distance, it will try to leap multiple times and try to land on top of you, and if you are too close, it swings its heavy sword, and it's range covers a large area if it is swung horizontally.

We used Lone Wolf Ashes here to summon three spirits of the Wolves as a distraction and to keep the boss busy. While the Wolves help in attacking the boss, you can follow up with ranged attacks by using magic or even a bow and arrow. But if you want to beat this boss quickly, equip a sword and a shield, and when you see that the Burial Tree Watchdog has it's back facing you, or is distracted, rush in and land a couple of attacks and just be ready to put up your shield to block its attacks. Defeating the boss drops the Ash of War: Glintsword Arch skill upgrade - there is a portal on the left side of the burial tree that you can use to return to the catacombs' entrance.


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Stormfoot Catacombs Creatures, Enemies and Bosses in Elden Ring

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Elden Ring Stormfoot Catacombs Gallery and Notes

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