Grand Cloister

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The Grand Cloister at the Lake of Rot.

Grand Cloister is a Location in Elden Ring. The Grand Cloister is found in Lake of Rot. You can reach it by going down the stairs by the waterfall in the southern section of the Lake of Rot. (Map Link)


Grand Cloister Map

The Grand Cloister is found in the southern section of the Lake of Rot. [Elden Ring Map Link]

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All NPCs and Merchants in Grand Cloister

  • No NPCs in this location
  • No merchants in this location


All Items in Elden Ring's Grand Cloister

Elden Ring Grand Cloister Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

Regular Creatures and Enemies


Field Bosses and Bosses


Grand Cloister Walkthrough

See Lake of Rot walkthrough.


Elden Ring Grand Cloister Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      Curiously, The Academy or Raya Lucaria and Grand Cloister are pretty much located almost directly on top of each other, at least if the ingame map can be considered accurate. Grand Cloister is a bit more to the south but still in the same general area. The boss, Astel, Naturalborn of the Void is located there and Reya Lucaria is also a center of sorcery learning and the cosmos is known to have been studied there. This can't be a coincidence but deliberately planned in the game..

      • Anonymous

        This place has some bad vibe about it. I was deeply frightened when I entered the room with the chest. Like something terrible is gonna eat me there and bury me underground forever.

        • Anonymous

          I don't cheese bosses unless the boss itself is a cheese designed to make me pull my hair out. So for the dragonkin soldier in a lake of scarlet rot I didn't give a fair fight a second thought. I had the mushroom set, immunising horn and mottled necklace +1 and flame cleanse me equipped to deal with the rot, without those I wouldn't have been as quick to try it.

          I used the black bow +7 with serpent arrows, equipped arrow's sting and arrow's reach talismans. Following natural progression through the lake you will raise a set of pillars where an alabaster lord spawns. There is a ladder that gets you down to a rock outcrop and a scarab with a smithing stone, put a blue marker on the map there on the lowest point of the outcrop so you'll know exactly where to run with reduced visibility when the boss fight starts and be able to jump up out of the lake before it catches up to you. There are some stone platforms in the lake where you can see the dragonkin soldier, you'll need to find one that's not too close but close enough to hit with your bow. You'll know you have found your range when you see it twitch when the arrows hit it through the magnified manual aim. When the poison from the serpent arrows proc the boss fight starts and you'll see its health bar, but you're far enough away from it be able to sprint to the blue line on the compass casting flame cleanse me when you need to as you go. When you get on the rock outcrop and are out of the lake you can easily kill the dragonkin from there without taking a hit, it wont come that far but it will start to walk away but comes back when the next arrows hit and it is a very easy kill compared to fighting it in the lake of rot itself.

          • Anonymous

            I feel stupid but my ulcerated tree spirit won’t spawn I can just walk up and get into the coffin though there is a summon available like there’s a boss there’s no boss game glitched maybe ?

            • I had read the ulcerated tree spirit here was a *****, what I did was cleared ALL the kindred of rot down there, went and triggered him, ran away around the corner far enough until he stopped chasing me and sniped him with arrows at his movement limit. Basically I was shooting him with +9 pulley bow and both arrow rings and Lloyds sword ring with fletched bone arrows from around the area where the main group of prawns are standing by the stairs into that dark room, PAST the ones patrolling. Running up to make it charge me when it would get close to going back around the corner and then backing away so it would back away and shoot it a few times. Didn't take very long. This is my goto cheese strategy for repeated open world sub boss enemies. The one under stormveil was enough fun for me thank you, Same goes for Erdtree avatars.
              I found from detailed testing that adding HP and status effects to big flopping copy pasted enemies actually does not raise my Personal Fun Factor. Astel was nice though.

              • Anonymous

                Minor reminder, you CAN put a player summons down here, even though there isn't technically a summoning pool effigy nearby. Just that the effigies are there supposedly so you know where to summon someone, not that you can ONLY summon a player there. So you might want to edit the page to reflect that.

                I've been leaving a summoning sign there lately due to a lot of people having problems with Astel. Doesn't hurt that assisting gives a hell of a lot of runes.

                • Anonymous

                  Anything with for is just terrible. I couldn't beat that tree for nothing. Finally just made it come out and ran for my life. Let my summons Tiche (summons is too OP) handle the job.

                  • Anonymous

                    Beat the ulcerated tree today. Baited it a little back to use summon and fight on ground instead of rot. Just need the bolus or spell to get rid of Scarlet rot once when baiting it. I would also suggest killing all those bugs before starting the fight. There's a total of 4 to be killed.

                    Although u don't really NEED to kill this since I had maxed flask without the golden seed from this 1.

                    • Anonymous

                      This area is glitched out for me I think. The site of grace wont show up on the map and I can’t summon spirit ashes.

                      • Anonymous

                        I used two cold harpoons with bloodhound step and volcano pots to reset the frostbite proc and that pretty much destroyed the tree spirit

                        • Anonymous

                          There's a super tough boss at waterfall doesn't even have a name though can one shot with a swallow animation. Between that, the rot, and these millipede *******s, **** this place.

                          • Anonymous

                            Why can't use spirit ashes for the ulcerated tree spirit? There is a rememberence monument, but doesn't work.

                            • Anonymous

                              I was standing just before the waterfall alt-tabbed out of the game for a few minutes and came back and the ulcerated tree spirit died on it's own! Only thing I did was get summoned to help another tarnished kill it a couple of minutes before. :)

                              • Anonymous

                                Not sure what triggered it, but I was summoned to another world from this area and returned. When I triggered the tree spirit, I ran away. He dropped down, didn't aggro, and somehow triggered the scarlet rot and died from it. No idea what made it happen, but it happened twice (I was summoned before he fully died the first time).

                                • Anonymous

                                  As a mage I'm partial to cheese. Strat that worked for me was:
                                  1. Clear the entire room of bugs, including upto those guarding the chest.
                                  2. Go aggro the boss but don't stay. As soon as you feel the rumbling run away back to dry ground. For me the boss stayed where it spawned. if not follow point 4 below.
                                  3. Re-aggro the boss by slowly walking up to it on the dry ground. Just past the beginning of the cut out area seemed to be the spot.
                                  4. Run away! (screaming like a little baby!!) Trick here is to hug the wall where you drop down. For me it did a big attack and gets as little stuck for a short time and I was usually able to get a Rock Sling or two off. Then run away towards the chest room, either hugging the far right wall or zig zagging between the pillars up until the stairs. I usually can got another Rock Sling or two off at this point. Once it gets to the stairs it teleports back to its spawn but the damage stays.
                                  5. Rinse and repeat until cheese is nice and goey and you will have well and truely earned your Golden Seed!

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Whoever made this enemy with 10000000 HP inside a scarlet rot river surrounded by 20 shrimp, thanks, may you have many years and a great life

                                    • Anonymous

                                      if you go to the other waterfall you can enter a coffin and get to a secret boss, coolest boss in the game imo

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