Siofra Aqueduct

siofra aquaduct

A ruined aqueduct in the Eternal City of Nokron. The waters here seemingly flow downwards to the river below.

Siofra Aqueduct is a Location in Elden Ring. The Siofra Aqueduct is found in Nokron, Eternal City. In order to reach this location, start from the Mimic Tear site of grace in Siofra River and follow the long stone bridge until you are able to get back onto land via a broken section on the left. From here, head north and towards the cliffs to the left of the northern Hallowhorn Grounds. If you see 4 Spirit Jellyfish by the cliffs, you're in the right place. Drop down the cliff edge and follow the slope towards a tunnel in the north. This tunnel leads to the Aqueduct proper.


Siofra Aqueduct Map

The Siofra Aqueduct is found north of Hallowhorn Grounds by traversing the cliffs behind it. [Elden Ring Map Link]

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All NPCs and Merchants in Siofra Aqueduct

  • D's Twin Brother - Gives the "Inner Order" Gesture when spoken to. If you have the Twinned Armor Set in your inventory it will be requested as part of Fia's questline, but this is not required to receive the gesture. Map Link
    • siofra aquaduct npc
  • No merchant in this area


All Items in Elden Ring's Siofra Aqueduct

Gather & Farm Items

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Elden Ring Siofra Aqueduct Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

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Siofra Aqueduct Walkthrough




Very early on in the area, you will encounter a  Lesser Crucible Knight patrolling the corridor below the site of grace. This enemy can be difficult to deal with due to the limited space you're given, although it is possible to cheese him by baiting his flying lunge attack (which he will reliably do upon reaching roughly 50% HP) in a direction which will cause him to fly off the side of the area. Upon his death, he will drop the Crucible Hornshield

After the first Lesser Crucible Knight, there will be another one ahead wielding a spear, gazing out over a sheer drop. It is possible to knock him off the edge using some form of knockback, however he doesn't seem to be hostile and will ignore you unless provoked. Alternatively, you can bait this Knight and make him fly off the edge in the same way as the first one.

After defeating the bosses, Valiant Gargoyle & Vailant Gargoyle (Twinblade), walk to the back of the room and unlock the Great Waterfall Basin site of grace. Rest in the coffin nearby to be transported to Deeproot Depths.


vailiant gargoyles coffin

A short cutscene will play upon interacting with the coffin, showing the player character climbing in and the coffin sliding shut.


Elden Ring Siofra Aqueduct Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      Spear knight can be cheesed by using a fully charged rejection followed immediately by a quick rejection to knock him off the cliff

      • Anonymous

        If u have the twinned set in your inventory, u can offer it. If you do you get a sword as well as the twinned kit back

        • Anonymous

          Is there a way to get into the castle looking building in the wall of siofra? Kinda disappointed if the aqueduct is it.

          • Anonymous

            This was a fight I just couldn't win, so I decided to come back to it later which really helped but still had issues. I finished Godfrey's shade and Morgott in the capital with banished knight engall +10 and a dex great sword (my alt set up is two katanas). That approach was terrible for the twin gargoyle fight, it's too fast and mobile. Engall kept getting wrecked early and I couldn't get a hit in due to a slow, big sword. Shifted to two +8 katanas (moonveil, dragonscale) and the mimic tear. Key was using the immunizing buffs for the poison. Got them on the second try after shifting to a faster, lighter more mobile fight. Hope this helps.

            • Anonymous

              I thought this was gonna be one of those frustrating fight at first, but then I got them in 3 tries. Was using Frost Star Fist +12 with Bloodhound Step, didn't even noticed if bleed and frost ever proc at all, but mostly I just stay close and do heavy attacks, their attack are easy to gain reflex on and they often overswing when I clung onto their feet.

              • Anonymous

                Joy. Another multi boss fight in a confined space. Oh yeah, don't forget they are immune to everything and inflict poison.

                • Anonymous

                  The second lesser crucible knight (with the spear) became hostile after I picked up the item to his left. I don't think he is non-hostile, he is just not detecting you when you are behind him.

                  • Anonymous

                    Hey so just a heads up to any aspiring souls legends. You cant ledge the annoying bridge angel knight. He snaps to the ledge and wont go off.

                    • Anonymous

                      If you stand on the roof above the bridge where Crucible Knight #1 is patrolling, you can spam ranged attacks at him and he won't be able to get to you.

                      • Anonymous

                        I guess "Rest in the coffin nearby" is as vague as it gets. Whatever can someone tell me which coffin that is exactly ?

                        • Anonymous

                          Please note: as an astrologer solo I would suggest using a spirit summon of multiple npc, focus using a high level fast cast sorcery or rock throw to take out the first gargoyle before the twin blade gargoyle reaches you. Then running to the area twin blade came from to produce distance and do the same to him. The coffin is located just past the twin blade spawn location. ALSO NOTE: the grace he is talking about: look over the edge and look down, you will see there is a path leading to jellyfish in a cavern like area, this is your path. Mage the knight you see wondering, there are 2 knights with high defense, meteorite staff is suggested as you can knock the first knight off the ledge if you time it right. My ASTRO is 35 VIG 35 MIND 60 INTEL, I DO NOT put points into arcane or faith and have not used a single melee weapon or shield my entire game so far. I have used 2 health flasks and all the rest towards FP restore. Intel and magic crystal knot, I run 100% Rogier's armor set since I got it. Run Vanni's quest line after beating Godrick and you will watch his life decimate due to illness. He ends up dying and at Round table and you get his armor, it is low defense, but boosts glintstone sorcery and is OP with Comet and glint bow sorcery. Enjoy. I used this to defeat Astel and then carried many others as there were a lot of people (ps5) failing on Astel and the Gargoyles.

                          • Anonymous

                            I came here looking how to find this area and your instructions are that you already have to be there. I'm in nokron but can't find the aquaduct facing grace you say I already need. You need to give better directions or don't give them at all.

                            • Anonymous

                              If you have the set but want the gesture, you can leave one piece on the ground, talk to the NPC to receive the gesture and then pick up your piece.

                              • Anonymous

                                Think that NPC is D's younger brother. After I finished Siofra Aqueduct area and went to Roundtable hold, Rogier was dead. One of the items on his body was letter.
                                Spolier ahead.

                                "I forgot to tell you, but it seems D has a younger brother.
                                I heard he lies in a deep sleep in the aqueduct beside the Eternal City of Nokron.
                                And it's said he stood before the Prince of Death not far beyond that spot."

                                • Anonymous

                                  Never had the armor when I got there and still got the emote. Don’t need the armor for that. I actually got the armor after the fact.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Had D's armor equiped and he didn't take it. Unequiped and he didn't take it as well. May be because it;s altered?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      For anyone looking for the entrance to aqueducts, go behind the corpse entrance for the ancestor boss, look for the jellies and then go behind them youll see the entrance

                                      • Anonymous

                                        After beating the boss you can find a coffin near the point of grace (under the waterfall). Resting in the coffing will take you to another location.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          The NPC here will take D's armor set from you, and give you a gesture called Inner Order. Looks like a dab but looking straight ahead.

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