Critical Damage

Effect Influences the amount of damage done by Critical Attacks

Critical Damage is one of the Damage Types in Elden Ring. It is a special Damage Type that is dealt in specific situations. Damage Types are a major part of the calculation that determines how much damage is dealt in Combat and are affected by many factors including your equipment, skills and temporary buffs.


Elden Ring Critical Damage Guide

Critical Damage is a special type of damage stat that can be found on all Weapons. Critical Damage is a modifier used when calculating the damage dealt by Critical Attacks.

Critical Attacks are powerful moves that can be performed in specific situations. There are several ways to perform a Critical Attack in Elden Ring:

  • Attacking an enemy from behind (Backstab)
  • Attacking a downed enemy such as those afflicted with the Sleep status.
  • Attacking an enemy in a vulnerable state due to having their Stance broken. Enemy Stance can be broken with heavy strikes such as when attacking from above. The ability and ease of breaking an enemy's Stance will vary between enemies and weapons used. In the case of some large enemies and Bosses, they can be put in a vulnerable state after dealing enough damage to certain body parts or after dealing enough damage in general, allowing the player to perform a Critical Attack.
  • Attacking an enemy after deflecting their attacks with the Parry Skill (Riposte)

If performed correctly, the player and the target are locked in a short animation where the player performs a highly damaging attack, often finishing off weaker enemies instantly. The animation varies by Weapon type and neither the player nor the target can be damaged by outside sources until the animation has finished.


Critical Damage Calculations

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Critical Damage and Weapons

All Weapons in Elden Ring possess the Critical Damage stat and most can be used to perform a Critical Attack.

  • Daggers tend to have higher Critical Damage than other weapon types.
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Increasing Critical Damage Done in Elden Ring

Critical Damage can be increased by equipping the following:

  • Unknown


Increasing Resistance to Critical Damage in Elden Ring

Critical Damage dealt to the player can be reduced by equipping the following:

  • Unknown


Elden Ring Critical Damage Notes & Tips

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