Critical Damage (stat)

Effect Influences the amount of damage done by critical attacks

Critical Damage is one of the Damage Types in Elden Ring. It is a special damage type that is dealt in specific situations. Damage types are a major part of the calculation that determines how much damage is dealt in Combat and are affected by many factors including your equipment, skills, and temporary buffs.


Elden Ring Critical Damage Guide

Critical Damage is a special type of damage stat that can be found on all Weapons. Critical Damage is a modifier used when calculating the damage dealt by critical attacks.

Critical attacks are powerful moves that can be performed under specific conditions. There are several situations where performing a critical attack is possible in Elden Ring:

  • Attacking certain enemies from behind (known as a "backstab").
  • Attacking certain enemies in a vulnerable state due to having been parried by the player (known as a "riposte").
  • Attacking certain enemies in a vulnerable state due to being afflicted with the Sleep status.
  • Attacking enemies in a vulnerable state due to being dismounted from their horse. This can be performed to enemies on horseback, such as Mounted Knight and Night's Cavalry.
  • Attacking certain enemies in a vulnerable state due to having their Stance broken. In the case of some large enemies and Bosses, they can be put into a vulnerable state after dealing enough damage to certain body parts, or after dealing enough damage in general.

If performed correctly, the player and the target are locked in a short animation where the player performs a highly damaging attack, often finishing off weaker enemies instantly. The animation varies by Weapon type and neither the player nor the target can be damaged by outside sources until the animation has finished.


Critical Damage Invulnerability

  • During a critical attack animation, the player is invulnerable to damage including Fall Damage (it is possible to avoid a lethal fall by performing critical attack on an enemy as the player falls off a ledge)

    mechanics fall damage critical attack elden ring wiki 480px


Critical Damage and Weapons

All Weapons in Elden Ring possess the Critical Damage stat, and most can be used to perform a critical attack. This stat affects how much damage critical hits deal. Most weapons have 100 Critical Damage stat.

Some notable exceptions:


Increasing Critical Damage Done in Elden Ring

Critical Damage can be increased by equipping the following:


Increasing Resistance to Critical Damage in Elden Ring

Critical Damage dealt to the player can be reduced by equipping the following:


Elden Ring Critical Damage Notes & Tips

The following talismans add effects to critical attacks:

Unlike many games, critical hits are deliberately performed actions rather than a random bonus that may occur for a given attack.

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    • Anonymous

      Hey, you forgot to mention Reduvia which also has more than 100 crit (110). In the "Critical Damage and Weapons" section.

      • Anonymous

        If you're frame perfect two players can perform a backstab and parry riposte at the same time, only gotten it to work on players though

        • Anonymous

          Usually when want to backstab i disable lock, pass by my enemy's side, and then lock on again so i can face their backs.
          Unfortunately, sometimes my stupid camera locks onto some random dude in the background rather than the enemy i want to backstab (which will then give time for the enemy i wanted to backstab to turn towards my face, causing me to miss the opportunity)

          I'm still not 100% sure, but from the few tests i've done, i've concluded that, for some reason, the lock on prioritizes enemies in the direction your CHARACTER is facing, not your CAMERA.

          So if your character happens to be facing towards some random goat in the distance rather than the leyndell knight slightly to your left, there's a chance that you'll lock on to the stupid goat instead of your enemy (even though you pointed the camera at the knight)

          Now i understand why the camera just feels so off at times.

          • Anonymous

            I know there have always been some very skilled players in all the soulsborne games, sekiro and now elden ring, but the video clip above of someone using a critical hit to negate any fall damage from a height that would otherwise be lethal, puts whomever that player was in the video clip on another level of skill completely.

            • Anonymous

              ripostes do 0 damage if u get hit the moment u enter the animation. makes parrying against ganks feel like ****. knowing fromsoft this is probably intentional.

              • Tested Misericorde+25, at 80 DEX on omens in subterranean.

                482 damage with current ash produced 1698 damage, 1969 with dagger talisman (116%)
                I had heard it was (damage x crit modifier) + [(damage x crit modifier) x talisman] but that would come out to 1464 with talisman.
                afaik omens aren't weak to piercing, so that extra 16% (1698/1464) could come from dexterity itself modifying critical damage as well, or the above formula is otherwise incorrect

                • I just found out something. My fire claymore with 337 AR dealt 601 dmg( riposte ) to banished knight after I parried him but my fire burial scythe with 336 AR dealt 463 dmg ( riposte ) to the same enemy after i parried him... What the hell? Am I missing something important or weapons with stab animations just much better? Is it really the deal here?

                  • Anonymous

                    So let's say that i have a weapon that does 100 dmg and i use a temporary buff so it can do 150 damage and the critical hit is 140%. Will the crit damage be based on my initial weapon damage unbuffed or will it be based on my buffed weapon damage. Will I do 140 (100 * 1.4) extra damage or 210 (150 * 1.4) extra damage?

                    • Anonymous

                      I wish the lock-on reticle would have a minor Sekiro-like change when the circumstances are correct for when a light attack would instead trigger performing a Critical or a Backstab.

                      Especially as a sorcerer, it sucks to stagger a Golem & rush in to land the insta-kill critical, only to get in a couple light attacks instead because you were still moving too much or just slightly not in the right place. It's a LOT of stamina commitment to rush in that makes it hard to rush back out or dodge wake-up attacks compared to players who are already sticking closer to melee range and didn't burn that to get in close.

                      That being said, it also sucks when weak soldier enemies are manning those big ballistas, they have no idea you're behind them, and then instead of killing them instantly …you just annoy them with a single light hit.

                      • Anonymous

                        Could anyone explain how power stancing works in the aspect of damage? Does the damage stay the same but has double poise damage? How does the damage calculate if you power stance with two different weapons?

                        • Anonymous

                          Anyone know how elemental damage factors in? iirc in DS3 you could entirely bypass elemental defenses with crits, curious if it’s the same here. Tryna decide if I should just leave a Keen infusion on my Misercorde or do something like Lightning for it

                          • Anonymous

                            The rapier and the plain dagger seem the be only 130c weapons I can find. Are there other 130+ weapons or are those two it for crit builds?

                            • Anonymous

                              The rapier and the plain dagger seem the be only 130c weapons I can find. Are there other 130+ weapons or are those two it for crit builds?

                              • Anonymous

                                The jelly fish shield skill. It's will increase your backstab damage. I was farming doing 699 backstab when I used it's skill I was hitting around 830.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I just stabbed someone in the back while invading ; ) and they took almost no damage, and after my regular dagger attacks hurt them much more. I want to know what caused this.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Im confused I have a Miséricorde that sometimes does 840 crit damage and other times does 670. Anyone have an explanation for what is going on?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Seems crit is no longer solely calculated by crit damage. My +6 scythe does more crit damage than a +140 crit dagger at +0.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        How do you perform it? I broke a boss stance before but can't seem to trigger the critical hit. I press left click(light attack) no animation only normal attacks.

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