Sorcery Scaling

Effect The degree to which sorceries increase in power.

Sorcery Scaling is one of the Statistics in Elden Ring. It is a special Offensive Stat that is used in the calculation that determines how much damage is dealt in Combat by Sorceries and is affected primarily by your equipment.


Elden Ring Sorcery Scaling Guide

Sorcery Scaling is a special type of damage stat that can be found on Glintstone Staves. The higher this statistic, the higher the damage of the sorcery used with the staff. Sorcery Scaling does not increase the duration of buffs or utility sorceries, it only affects damage values.


Sorcery Scaling Calculations

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Sorcery Scaling and Weapons

Glintstone Staves possess the Sorcery Scaling stat. The value of this stat usually increases in proportion to item upgrade level and Intelligence, although some glintstone staves will also scale with other attributes.

  • The Demi-Human Queen's Staff has a notably high base value for Sorcery Scaling that increases as the staff is upgraded, but it scales much worse with intelligence than most other staves.
  • The Gelmir Glintstone Staff and Prince of Death's Staff will increase Sorcery Scaling with both Intelligence and Faith, but have lower intelligence scaling than most staves. The Staff of the Guilty has no Intelligence scaling at all, and scales solely with Faith.
  • The Albinauric Staff will increase Sorcery Scaling with both Intelligence and Arcane, but has lower intelligence scaling than most staves.
  • The Meteorite Staff increases Sorcery Scaling with intelligence like most staves, but cannot be upgraded.


Elden Ring Sorcery Scaling Notes & Tips

  • The Sorcery Scaling stat is used solely to determine damage values of sorceries. It will not affect other features of sorceries such as duration or range, and it will not affect incantations.
  • Only the Sorcery Scaling stat of the staff used to cast the spell is used in its calculations. Another staff may be held in the off-hand to provide buffs to particular types of spells, but its Sorcery Scaling value will not be used.



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    • Anonymous

      For what it's worth, I tested with an Int of 72 Meteorite of Astel with Meteorite Staff (261 scaling with S tier) and it did 995 dmg on an enemy and I tried the Prince of Death Staff without having the Meteorite staff equipped (347 scaling with A tier) and it did 1086 dmg. I also verified that with meteorite staff equipped too you get the gravity boost passive as it did 1412dmg but using Prince of Death. With 86 less scaling and 1 more tier, the Meteorite Staff did 91 less damage with a 30% gravity sorcery increase so I think the base scaling influences a lot. To test this I tried 2 staffs with similar scaling but 1 was A (237) and the other S (241) and the diff was quite small (10-15 dmg). I have no idea if other factors would influence the scaling like, the higher your scale the more the tier has an increasing benefit but this is what I got.

      • Anonymous

        So how does split sorcery scaling work with buffs. For example, at max level, we know that the Golden Order Seal does the most raw damage with offensive incantations. But because that seal has split intelligence and faith scaling it's terrible for healing incantations, which only scale off of faith. That's why healing spells benefit the most from the Entree seal because that seal has the highest pure faith scaling at max level.

        So, when looking at sorcery buffs like Scholar's armament, it seems like those kinds of buffs would best benefit from a pure Int staff like the Carian Regal Scepter, since that has one of the highest pure int sorcery scalings. If correct, that would make staves like the Prince of Death's staff terrible for those kinds of buffs, since it has split Int and Faith scaling, just like the Golden Order Seal.

        • Anonymous

          Does Strength Scaling on a Wand affect Sorcery Scaling ? Strength scaling on a wand does not affect the spell strength according to the wiki page for wands, but what about sorceries that do not use magic projectiles but rather fall into the "physical" category like Carian Slicer and Rock Blaster ? (I'm new to Elden Ring in case that wasn't already clear )

          • Anonymous

            Is scaling like a multiplying number? Like, are sorceries just a low base damage number and something like lusat's at 80 int, which is 413 scaling, maybe it's just multiplying sorceries by 4.13?

            • Anonymous

              Sorcery Scaling is a number like Attack Rating. The higher that number, the harder things hit.
              Whichever stat the staff or seal scales with increases that Sorcery Scaling number on the weapon, and in turn, all spells hit harder.
              eg. Use just enough points to cast the spells you want, paying attention to the scaling on your weapons for stat investment.

              Still Need:
              Not sure how much scaling number affects actual damage numbers.
              eg. For min/max, could 300 vs 310 scaling be a smaller damage increase than 270 vs 280?

              • Anonymous

                Sorcery scaling is ****ing weird in this game apperently it gets stronger the more you have. with a glintstone staff +4 at 80 int it has exactly 200 sc and a not charged night comet did 475 damage no buffs headwear or talismans. But when i took my carian regal sceptor +10 with 373 sc it did 928 when it only should've done around 885 damage if night comets scaling is 2,375. The regal sceptor only buffs fullmoon sorceries so night comet is not affected by it. So then i did it with an unupgraded demihuman queen staff with 163sc the expected damage was 387 but the actual damage was 369 so apperently sc becomes more potent the more you have of it. This was tested on Crabs in limegrave since they have 0 sorcery absorbtion.

                • Man we really need to flush this page out. Can someone help clarify my understanding of sorcery scaling when it comes to a given sorcery?
                  Heres what i mean. I just discovered that i have a bunch of sorceries that have a faith requirement. I had assumed these were all incantations. Now that ive realized i can just pad faith a little to unlock these spells, i want to know how they scale. Heres my concerns, i have a spell called rancorcall with a 16 int and a 14 faith requirement. Does this mean that when i use this sorcery i have to consider increasing my faith alongside my int? Could rancorcall actually scale something like 50% int and 50% faith? If so that would mean i shouldnt bother putting in any faith as the spell will clearly be gimped by not matching my faith and int.

                  TLDR: I just noticed i have faith requiring sorceries. Do these factor faith into their scaling? Or do i just look at my sorcery scaling, and the higher that number is, the harder any given sorcery will hit, regardless of how much faith or arc i put in on top of int?

                  • Anonymous

                    Some transparency on this would be welcome. But again Fromsoft doesn't even tell you how to level up at the beginning, so how could this be expected? You're supposed to go out and experiment. Oh wait, experimentation is punished by dropping your experience / money where your experiment failed.

                    • Anonymous

                      So does my DEX also affect my sorcery scaling if my staff has a C scaling or does that only change the physical damage?

                      • Anonymous

                        I can say that the staffs get higher visual damage as higher the intelligence is. But, haven really tried the real difference. It feels better but, it is tricky.. enemy regions are particular and I may kill a giant really fast with magic and spend long minutes with a knight ..

                        • Does anyone have any insight into how contributions to this stat breakdown? I know Intelligence factors in. Does a weapons stat scaling influence it? For instance does a higher letter for intelligence mean that this number will increase faster with contributions to intelligence, or does this scaling just contribute to physical attack? Is this the magic equivalent stat to Physical Attack Power? Something like the physical attack power breakdown for other weapons [Base Damage + (Stat Scaling)] would be awesome.

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