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Lightning Damage is one of the Damage Types in Elden Ring. It is one of the eight main Damage Types and belongs to the Elemental Damage category. Damage Types are a major part of the calculation that determines how much damage is dealt in Combat and are affected by many factors including your equipment, skills and temporary buffs.


Elden Ring Lightning Damage Guide

Lightning Damage is a type of Elemental Damage dealt by both players and enemies alike. Lightning Damage is often effective against heavily armored enemies, dragons and other draconic or serpentine creatures. Most enemies that utilize Lightning Damage will often (but not always) have high resistance or immunity to Lightning Damage.

Most Weapons can be upgraded via the Lightning Upgrade Path in order to imbue them with Lightning Damage properties. There are also Weapons that can be found which innately deal Lightning Damage. See the Upgrades and individual weapon pages for details.

Weapon Arts that deal Lightning Damage will benefit from Dex if the weapon has Dex scaling.

Lightning Damage and Players

This section lists information pertaining to Lightning Damage and its relation to Players.




The following Skills, SpellsItems and Other provide a boost to Lightning Damage:


The following Skills, Spells and Items improve player resistance to Lightning Damage:


Lightning Damage and Enemies in Elden Ring

This section lists information pertaining to Lightning Damage and its relation to Enemies and Bosses.


Enemies that deal Lightning Damage

The following Enemies, NPC, Invaders and Bosses deal Lightning Damage as part of their movesets:



The following Enemies, NPC, Invaders and Bosses have a weakness to Lightning Damage. Weakness indicates a target takes increased damage from a given Damage Type.


The following Enemies, NPC, Invaders and Bosses are immune to Lightning Damage. Immunity indicates that a target is not affected by a given Damage Type.

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Elden Ring Lightning Damage Notes & Tips

  • There is currently no character Stat in the game that provides scaling for innate Lightning defense.


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    • Anonymous

      We have four ancient lightning weapons in the game. FOUR. And two of them dont even get their own skills.

      • Anonymous

        Looks to me like lightning damage will stance break faster on certain enemies. Easily testable on abductor virgins, but I think it also works against large golems as well. Using a dagger, with lightning infusion a virgin falls in 3-4 light attacks.

        Can’t really verify on other enemies, but it does seem like I stance break with daggers on my dex lightning build more reliably than on my faith fire dagger build on a variety of enemies, even rune bears, but it could just be a feeling thing because it’s not particularly quick. May be a thing for more enthusiastic testers to consider delving into.

        • Anonymous

          Biggest thing missing in ER right now is a seal primarily made for DEX/FAI casters. The advantages of running incants over sorceries is the array of damage types and build varieties -- we've got pure FAI, FAI/STR, FAI/ARC, FAI/INT, and even the Frenzied Flame Seal which is doing its own thing. Of course a DEX/FAI seal would be kind of insane, because you could pump DEX to 70 to get the fast casting speed, saving a talisman slot, while still getting the benefits of decent incant scaling on your seal. But it's not like the other incant builds don't have advantages. I think it could still be balanced.

          • Anonymous

            I dont understand the use of lightning weapons in ER. Why and when should I go for one? Recent build is fully dex and I thought I should use the dex scaling of lightning infusions. But according to the weaknesses, there arent much enemies weak to lightning. Slash + strike + a fire resin and I pretty much have all enemy weaknesses covered. In DS a lightning strike weapon was a good choice, but not here due to those stoney folks. I get the advantage of a lightning weapon while raining or in water, but that cant be it?

            • Anonymous

              For anyone who is confused about the whole scaling thing, there is positives off getting Dex while doing a faith build. Dex speeds up your casting time, and since a good amount of Dragon Cult incantations are slow it makes that useful. Doesn't mean the Lightng affinities shouldn't scale with Faith, because they totally should, but at least there is a benefit.

              • Anonymous

                fromsoft devs really just decided to make an entire new type of incantation only to have it's weapons that do that type of damage not require any faith, ALL I ASK FOR IS CONSISTANCY SO I CAN MAKE A COOL LOOKING CHARACTER WITH A DECENT BUILD! ****!

                • Anonymous

                  "Lightning Damage is often effective against heavily armored enemies, dragons and other draconic or serpentine creatures"

                  But on the damage type page:

                  "Ineffective Against:
                  Heavily Armored Enemies, Draconic Creatures, Fire-Oriented Creatures"


                  • You can use a +25 straight sword or broad sword with lightning slash and holy afinity. The afinity scales with your faith and the lightning damage you get from the buff doesn't scale with anything, so you can still be a pure faith build. That's just one example.

                    • Anonymous

                      How exactly is lightning damage scaling ? Do the incantations scale to FTH with weapons and skills scaling to DEX ?

                      • God, I wish there was a was to make a full on lightning build that makes use of lightning weapons AND spells. I don't want to choose between either a dex build or a faith build. I. Want. Both. Without levelling over rl 150. I mean. I get it why they made lightning aow dex based but.. my dragon cult build feels a bit out of place with a holy or even standard physical ( for electrify armament) infused longsword. ugh

                        • Anonymous

                          Why do I feel like lightning dmg has more poise dmg. Can anyone confirm? is it just the looks that makes my character seem to flinch more when hit?

                          • Anonymous

                            makes sense for it mechanically to scale off dex similar to how fire scales off str, but idk why they didn't give us a faith version like flame art. they could do red dragon lightning or something for it.

                            • Anonymous

                              You can do magic by knowing about constellations and believing hard enough in god in this universe it's really not a stretch to think that there'd be forms of magic that can be used through pure mechanical skill or through physical strength, more of an explanation would be interesting from a lore perspective, but ultimately it doesn't matter (and this isn't dark souls).

                              Lightning infusions didn't scale with Faith in DS1, Bloodborne and Sekiro have lightning damage without faith stats, so I guess we need an explanation for why you don't need to be religious to use lightning in those games too?

                              • Anonymous

                                So why is lightning damage associated with dex now?

                                "UHHH DEX=FAST and LIGHTNING=FAST STOP ASKING QUESTIONS"

                                • Anonymous

                                  UHHHH how about a lighting weapon with at least SOME FTH scaling?

                                  I hope they add some cool FTH weapons in the DLCs if there will be some.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I'm fine with Lightning affinity scaling with dexterity in this game now, but Fromsoftware did a horrible job in explaining it in the lore.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Very useful since it's almost always raining in WP, Dragonbarrow, and Southern Liurnia is a giant water level

                                      • Anonymous

                                        best damage stat in pve so fsr from my testing and idk why , generally everything except maybe elctric dragons are either have 0 resistance to electric , rarely negative resistance and most times lower resistance than say fire or magic , at worst creatures are eutral to this damage type. Pair this with a strike physical base damage type weapon and voila , theres nothing left in game you cant kill.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I know that weather (rain) is stated to increase lightning damage and reduce fire damage, but it is not just limited to this. First of the rain is limited to recent contact, if in rain or roughly 15 seconds after leaving the rain or rain stopping, you and enemies gain +20% fire resistance and - 20% lightning resistance, shelter also prevents this effect, so if you enter a building it takes roughly 15 seconds before your back to normal. This should also apply to enemies even if it is raining outside if the enemy is standing in a shack it should not take less/more damage from fire/lightning.

                                          This effect can also be applied by water, when standing in water you take 10% more lightning and 10% less fire damage, the moment you step out of the water onto dry land the effect is nullified immediately. Though interestingly enough if you roll in any water you get an unlisted "drenched" effect, similar to poison/rot pools, This effect lasts roughly 15 seconds as well applying +10% fire resist and -10% lightning resist, that also stacks with the effect from standing in water in total applying +19% fire resist and -21% lightning resist (due to how stats stack in Elden ring).

                                          I do not know if the rain effect also stacks as well since I haven't tested it yet, but in theory it should grant +35.2% fire resist and -45.2% lightning resist if rain, standing in water and "drenched" effects stack. This was tested with no armor and no talismans with a base 0% resist in both fire and lightning while unaffected by any water be it standing or raining. (Or under a waterfall which I haven't tested yet, but theoretically would be considered standing in water and "drenched" if it isn't its own effect).

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Maybe what I'm about to say has something to due with how defense is calculated, but I noticed the most consistent crit damage on my Miser. (Which is really effective vs Human type enemies.)

                                            • Anonymous

                                              It seems that while yes this does do the most damage it also takes a **** ton of stats to do well, INCANTATIONS scale w/ faith (but dex helps with cast time) no str, But a Lightning ASH OF WAR scales with Dex only, but the WEAPON itself only scales with dex and str, (no faith) which means you need to put a lot of levels into Fth, Dex (like 65 each at least) and adequate str otherwise your holy weapons will typically outshine them AND have high vig (50 min), end (35-40) for big armor and wtv damage u take to charge most spells. But man the buffs are worth it with golden vow stacked too. Taste my Lightning ****ers

                                              • Anonymous

                                                A bit of a bummer that fire infusions can make use of the sanctified whet stone but you are locked in for dex with if you want lightning.

                                                For example. I can scale fth redmanes flame using pure flame affinity and it still do fire damage only. With lightning slash there seems to be no way that I know of to keep lightning on your blade to scale with faith. Or am I missing something here.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Something seems to be extremely off about lighting. No stat right now scales lightning defence, not even endurance like it did in older games.

                                                  This is Huge, try to reallocate your stats on rebirth, i can guarantee you will get same lightning defence no matter how you set up your stats! So basically all lvl 100 builds for example will have same crappy lightning defence no matter their built. This literally makes lightning damage best offensive damage type besides pure physical in PVP period.

                                                  This could be a bug or a intentional choice to nerf endurance. Since endurance gives weight and stamina i guess they decided to remove its lightning defence bonus? Or maybe since you need dex for lightning infusions you are bound to have a squishy character so this is suppose to give you an upper hand?

                                                  This is on top of the fact lightning damage gets a huge buff in rain.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Best for pvp, for some reason none of the stats raise the lightning defence. I bet your lowest resistance is lightning.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      According to the information in this very wiki, dragons are not weak to lightning, neither are wyrms. Some dragons are even particularly resistant to lightning.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Only two weapons come with innate lightning damage meanwhile everything else requires using a skill or incantation. Kinda wack when all the others seem to have a plethora of weapons with innate magic, fire, or holy.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          The "Best Lightning Defense Armor" is listed as a body piece which is unattainable in-game. Could be Bull-Goat's instead like the rest?

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            I'm not 100% sure on this, but I believe that Lightning damage is buffed in the rain, I have seen a few instances of lighting attacks that usually dont kill the player, suddenly ones hotting while its raining. Needs further testing, but I know you get a buff when attacking something standing in water, so it's not too far fetched. Would be useful to put in a wikiarticle like this if it's proven right.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Effective on dragons?? Lightning seems to hit like a wet noodle on the ones in Crumbling Farum Azula. Am I missing something?

                                                              • The best type of damage, especially in PvP, due to players likely having endurance on the lower side and most heavy armors having less lightning resistance. Not surprising at all, been a trend since ds2, maybe even ds1.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  I'm under the impression that lightning increases posture damage. I can break stances of large enemies with a lightning enchantment applied to my weapon when normally they wouldnt ever get knocked into a vulnerable state. Can anyone confirm if this works for them as well?

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    where is the earliest ash of war with lightning, please? are they all in the capital? (I just got to Altus) is there a whet stone that gives lightning as a scaling option, or do you just get it directly from Ash of War, please?

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      The Dragonkin halberd's ash of war inflicts lightning (and frost) damage and enchants the weapon with both elements for a little while

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        Likely affected by your wetness. If you stand under the rain you'll get extremely low lightning damage resistance.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          For anyone wondering the ran lowers your lightning resist and strengthens your fire resist... Was ticking me off trying to figure it out

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            Looking at my stats and i see -8 lightning resist... So i take off all my gear and now its -20 at base... what is causing this weakness to light for me??

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