Protection of the Erdtree

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Spell Type Erdtree Incantations
FP Cost 30 Slots Used 1
item effects icon elden ring wiki guide 55px 18pxEffect
Increases affinity damage negation for self & allies

attributes required elden ring wiki guide 18Requires

Protection of the Erdtree is an Incantation in Elden Ring. Protection of the Erdtree spell provides a buff that enhances all damage negation types (except physical) for the player and nearby allies.


A superior incantation of Erdtree Worship.

Increase damage negation for all affinities except physical, for both the caster and nearby allies.
Hold to continue praying and delay activation.

In the beginning, everything was in opposition to the Erdtree. But through countless victories in war, it became the embodiment of Order.


Where to find Protection of the Erdtree

Where to find Protection of the Erdtree:


Elden Ring Protection of the Erdtree Guide

  • Stamina Cost: 50
  • Increases elemental damage negation by 30% for the user and nearby friendly entities
  • Duration: 70 seconds
  • This is a Body Buff and will not stack with other buffs of the same type.




Builds with Protection of the Erdtree


Golden Eye Written Guide


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    • Anonymous

      If you want to give your allies some fire negation this is the only option you have. Maybe dlc will solve this issue

      • Anonymous

        Good for casters who don’t want to have all 5 or so high level buffs in their spell slots. For str/fth melee however, you should have all buff types. Golden vow against other melee builds, erdtree protection against dex or other faith, dragon bolt blessing for status builds and so on and so forth. Barrier of Gold is definitely the most important to have tho. Lords divine fortification and fame protect me can be sacrificed since fire/holy builds are rarer and you’re already massively resistant to fire by leveling vigor/str. Tree sentinel armor is also very high fire negation and so is prophet starting attire. Golden land ash let’s you buff/heal/chug at any point mid combat. Have fun fellow paladins

        • Anonymous

          For STR+FTH users, just use the Faith-knot Crystal Tear, so you can comfortably have 25 faith while still being able to use this incredible spell in boss fights or PVP.

          • Anonymous

            This is a great spell to be used against other faith users since they have multiple types of damage like lightning , holy , and fire

            • Anonymous

              I like Paladin`s build.
              With Protection and Golden Vow you can get 50% resistance for all stats without any problems.
              And if you use defence talisman`s even 80%.
              Don`t forget about alchemist bubble, hah.

              • Anonymous

                For Those Having Trouble Finding It; Go To End of The Bridge (Where you first find Gold Mask) Then Look Bellow To The East, You Should See It On Top of A Square Stone Platform.

                • Anonymous

                  For anyone who is having trouble finding this, it's on a stone platform on the top of the cliff East of Goldmask.

                  • Anonymous

                    Would have been much better if it was as powerful as great magic barrier in ds2 (there it did the same thing but with much higher numbers) considering how much damage spells and incantations can do in this game with elemental infused weapons not far behind...

                    • Anonymous

                      In Comparison:
                      - Protection of the Erdtree: 30% to Magic , Fire, Lightning and Holy damage.
                      - Elemental Fortification: 35% to the respective element.
                      - Barrier of Gold: 60% to Magic only.
                      - Golden Vow: 15% to Magic , Fire, Lightning and Holy damage.
                      - All of them stack with golden vow but not each other.

                      • Anonymous

                        Increases all non-physical negation by 30%. Weaker then the element-specific fortification spells, but excellent when facing multiple elements or unsure of what to bring. It does stack with Golden Vow.

                        • Anonymous

                          it's on Altus Plateau, (-81,91) coordinates, dropped by a Tear Scarab on a platform near the broken bridge. South of East Windmill Pasture.

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