Lightning Scorpion Charm

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Weight 0.8
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status effect 83 elden ring wiki guide 44pxIncreases  Lightning Damage by 12%, but increases  Physical Damage taken by 10%

Lightning Scorpion Charm is a Talisman in Elden RingLightning Scorpion Charm increases Lightning Damage by 12%, but increases Physical Damage taken by 10%. Players can use Talismans in Elden Ring to boost a variety of Stats.


A talisman carried by assassins who strike unseen.
Patterned on a scorpion freshly shed of its exoskeleton, its claws seizing a heart that sparks with lightning.

Raises lightning attack power, but lowers damage negation.


Lightning Scorpion Charm Effect in Elden Ring

Lightning Scorpion Charm increases Lightning Damage by 12%, but increases Physical Damage taken by 10%.

  • Increases Lightning Damage by 8% in PvP.
  • Increases Physical Damage taken by 15% in PvP.


Where to find Lightning Scorpion Charm in Elden Ring

Where to find Lightning Scorpion Charm:

  • Can be found in the Wyndham Catacombs in a room sealed by an Imp Statue, requires a Stonesword Key. [Elden Ring Map here]
  • Note: This is not in the underground passage way in the ruins that also takes one Stonesword Key to enter. Make sure you go all the way up the hill through all of the ruins, up past the cathedral-esque building. In the side of the mountain is where you'll find the actual Catacombs


Elden Ring Lightning Scorpion Charm Notes & Tips



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    • Anonymous

      >Note: This is not in the underground passage way in the ruins that also takes one Stonesword Key to enter. Make sure you go all the way up the hill through all of the ruins, up past the cathedral-esque building. In the side of the mountain is where you'll find the actual Catacombs

      wow, you don't think that's a good idea to mention before anything else?

      • Anonymous

        +8% damage for one specific attack type and -15% defence for the most common attack type? It's a voluntary nerf xd

        • Anonymous

          I don't have the talisman in my inventory, but the location described in the guide is empty. I am certain that I am in the correct place, I even confirmed it with a YT video. The talisman is also not in my chest. So it wither just disappeared, or in my game it was never there in the first place. (Or I accidentally sold it or discarded it but I don't think so.)

          • Anonymous

            Site won't let me register because it wants me to do a captcha that isn't there. But IMPORTANT DISTINCTION:
            This is NOT in the underground passage way in the ruins that ALSO takes one stonesword key to enter. Make sure you go all the way up the hill through all of the ruins, up past the cathedral-esque building. In the side of the mountain is where you'll find the actual CATACOMBS, which is where you need to be. Someone should write this into the article if possible.

            • Anonymous

              Using this with gransax and I gained maybe an extra 20 points of damage but a moonveil does massive damage to me. Not worth it at higher levels you're better using bull goat or Spear talisman even ritual sword because the 15% increase in damage lowers your survival rate exponentially.

              • Anonymous

                Raises the damage of lightning attacks by 12% (8% in PvP), but increases Physical damage taken by 10% (15% in PvP).

                • Anonymous

                  Can anyone explain how the 10% damage increase works? My 10.743 physical defense drops to 1.817, which isn't a flat 10% nor is it 10% off the total.

                  • Anonymous

                    Its in the lightning themed dungeon near (slightly north) of SEETHEWATER RIVER or WYNDHAM RUINS. And you need 1 Stone key

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