Cerulean Seed Talisman

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Weight 0.8
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status effect 60 elden ring wiki guide 44px Boosts FP restoration from Flask of Cerulean Tears by 20%

Cerulean Seed Talisman is a Talisman in Elden Ring. Cerulean Seed Talisman boosts FP restoration from Flask of Cerulean Tears by 20%. Players can use talismans in Elden Ring to boost a variety of Stats.


A cerulean-colored talisman patterned after an Erdtree seed.
Boosts FP restoration from the Flask of Cerulean Tears.

The Erdtree was once perfect and eternal, and thus was it believed that Erdtree seeds could not exist.


Cerulean Seed Talisman Effect in Elden Ring

Cerulean Seed Talisman boosts FP restoration from Flask of Cerulean Tears by 20%.


Cerulean Seed Talisman Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Cerulean Seed Talisman:


Elden Ring Cerulean Seed Talisman Notes & Tips

  • Sell value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 1,000
  • A Flask of Cerulean Tears +12 restores 264 FP with this talisman equipped.
  • The effect stacks with the Cerulean Tear Scarab, restoring 290 FP with both equipped.
  • Most useful when used out of combat on high Mind builds who rely on heavy spell use and/or expensive spells during exploration. Temporarily switch to this and the Cerulean Tear Scarab to get extra FP, then re-equip your spell-cost reduction gear, like Primal Glintstone Blade and Glinstone/Incantation Scarab.
  • Useful in prolonged co-op excursions, where a spellcaster may need extra FP due to reduced Flask count.


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    • Anonymous

      worlds most useless talisman. if for some reason you need more than 40 mind you are doing something seriously wrong

      • Anonymous

        You CAN still get this even if you inverted the tower. Follow these steps:

        1 - Remove the statue to restore the tower to its normal position
        2 - Go up the lift and fight your way up to the 2nd lift
        3 - Get on the rafters
        4 - There is a ladder going to a second level of rafters, climb the ladder
        5 - Talisman is on the 2nd level of the rafters, opposite where the ladder is

        • Anonymous

          This talisman might not be accessible if it isn't grabbed before the study hall is inverted, at least it wasn't there for me. I had already inverted the study hall before I came here to see if there was any worthwhile loot to be found. I did exactly what anon 19th Aug 01:44 says to do, I removed the statue to turn the study hall back into its original state but the talisman wasn't on the body in the rafters for me to loot.

          • Anonymous

            Some comments say the tower needs to be in its original state to get this talisman but I took the statute off the desk to go look for it and it wasn't there in either of the tower's states. Also, it is listed as being in the study hall which can only be accessed once you have the inverted statue from Ranni. I got it on my first playthrough but not this time and I don't remember if I picked it up before or after the tower was inverted last time.

            • It was a bug before patch 1.06 that the healing flash debuff extended to incantations. I bet the opposite was true for flash buffs. This talisman probably buffed the effects of the for the regen talisman and weapons. I wish I thought to test this prior to this patch. Testing it now, it does not work.

              • Anonymous

                It may seem in these comments that its lost cause if you have inverted the tower but i assure you that its not, you can simply take the statue away from the table and tower will become back to its original state where you can go get the talisman.

                • Anonymous

                  a couple of comments say get before inverting the tower, I didn't think it was possible to get far into the carian study hall before ranni gives the item that inverts it? so can I go get this now before killing Radahn and progressing the ranni quest?

                  • For builds that invest heavily into Mind (reaching at least 264 MaxFP by endgame, naturally obtained at 47-48 Mind), this provides a blanket +20% FP efficiency which applies to everything: all spells, abilities, and items, with absolutely no downside, all on top of being available very early on. It's a very efficient usage of talisman slots, and is arguably a better candidate than the Primal Glintstone Blade (PGB) for Int/Faith hybrid casters looking for ways to improve their FP efficiency since the 5% difference is small and you don't suffer increased fragility. The Cerulean Tear Scarab helmet is also useful in this same manner, though you will take a hit to your resistances and fashion stats if you decide on using that one. I don't have high enough MaxFP in order to test for certain, but I would assume the Cerulean Tear Scarab (CTS) and the Cerulean Seed Talisman (CST) stack multiplicatively, as most things in the game do.

                    If for some reason you really want to use both talismans, they'll effectively magnify each other multiplicatively for a total of 50% increased FP efficiency.

                    If CTS and CST stack multiplicatively, then combined they add 32% efficiency. This would cause a +12 Cerulean Flask to restore 290 FP, which is naturally achieved at 51-52 Mind. If used in conjunction with PGB, the total FP efficiency increase is then 65%.

                    If CTS and CST stack additively, then combined they add 30% efficiency. This would cause a +12 Cerulean Flask to restore 286 FP, which is naturally achieved at 50-51 Mind. If used in conjunction with PGB, the total efficiency increase is then 62.5%.

                    My personal opinion is that the benefit of the Cerulean Tear Scarab doesn't sufficiently outweigh its downsides. Even using the Navy or Crimson hood is a better overall option since they would let you spend more points into another stat, have better defenses, are lighter, and aesthetically work better with a greater number of outfits than CTS.

                    • Anonymous

                      A maxed (+12) cerulean flask restores 220 FP, which is also the exact value of your max FP at 40 Mind, meaning beyond 40 Mind, a flask cannot top off your FP from empty.

                      This talisman boosts that flask amount by 20%, from 220 to 264, between the max FP value for 47 Mind (262) and 48 Mind (268).

                      • Anonymous

                        Considering the amount of fp regained from even just a +2 flask, this might just be a waste of a slot. I cant imagine the kind of build where a single flask late-game doesnt top your fp off.

                        • Anonymous

                          2+ version of Cerulean Seed Talisman is located at Lunar Estate Ruins just south of Cathedral of Manus Celes. You need to have a key & hit an illusionary floor.
                          Probably has percentage based scaling since it only gives me 9 as melee.

                          • Anonymous

                            This can be found in the rafters inside the Carian Study Hall. You have to defeat a pretty hard magic user though. After killing her you can go up some ladders that lead to the rafters. There are rats scattered around though, so be careful of that.

                            • Anonymous

                              Found at the top of the Carian study hall on a body, use the ladder on the top floor to climb the frst rafters, then the 2nd ladder to get to the higher ones

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