Shriek of Milos

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Lets out a horrific cursed scream that reduces all damage negation and status resistances for nearby foes.
While active, strong attacks will change to a combo attack.

Shriek of Milos is a Skill in Elden Ring. Shriek of Milos is a special skill that is only available for the Sword of Milos, and cannot be applied to other weapons via Ashes of War. Updated to Patch 1.09.


How to get Shriek of Milos


Elden Ring Shriek of Milos Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is a Unique Skill
  • FP Cost: 30
  • The Skill itself is not Chargeable. However the buffed strong attacks can be charged.
  • Applies a 15% debuff to all damage resistances (only 5% in PvP), lasting 40 seconds.
  • Increases your Physical Damage by 7.5% for the duration and slightly improves Strength scaling by +5.
  • Changes the heavy attack moveset of the Sword of Milos to a three hit combo, these attacks recieve the damage bonus of the Roar Medallion and Highland Axe.
  • The weapon buff portion of this ability only applies to the Sword of Milos, regardless of what is in the other hand, or which hand the sword itself is in. Switching out the Sword of Milos for another weapon immediately removes the buff, but switching from one-handed to two-handed does not.
  • This is a Power Shred Debuff and will not stack with other debuffs of the same type.

Patch Changes

  • Patch 1.09: Increased close range poise damage.
  • Patch 1.07: Duration has been extended from 20 to 40 seconds.



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    • Anonymous

      Don't undersell the weakening resistances. While reducing damage negation isn't uncommon, lowering statuses is. Especially for bleed builds, that has a ton of extra power. Furthermore, if you're helping people beat up Malenia this is a great way to do it.

      • Anonymous

        Debuff aside, the heavy attacks are easily interrupted by pretty much anything stronger than a wandering idiot. No doubt they hit harder but they hit slower as well.

        • Anonymous

          I feel like this might be bugged? At least in PvE. With my optimal damage setup on my character I can hit an Omen with Giantsflame Take Thee for 2k. I add on the Debuffs from the Shriek and suddenly I do 1.9K? Physical damage seems boosted by the Shriek, such as hits from the sword itself, but other damage actually seems to go DOWN. Why.

          • Anonymous

            Im starting to understand why 40% of all players that have actually played elden ring have been able to kill Malenia....

            This, BHS, RoB, Mimic Tear.

            it all makes sense now.....

            • Anonymous

              Is the debuff even working in pvp at all ? I heard some people say its not doing anything in pvp. Anybody done some testing on this?

              • Anonymous

                Who would have tgkught that tgis gane had an hidden easy mode.

                Ppwer stancing the Blasphemous blade with this thing translates pretty much in endless hp + fp regen, as a long there are enemies to kill.
                Still busted against bosses, thanks to the WA of milos for debuffing them.

                • Anonymous

                  It really does interrupt waterfowl dance. Not trolling . Try it. Literally just did it. So don't delete my post, monsignor monitor. The scream staggers her and she drops. Hit it right as she winds up. Stops that bs cold.

                  • Anonymous

                    The FP does not work when you 2h your other weapon, and the weapon art disappears when you unequip or 2h your other weapon.

                    The debuff would likely stay on enemies though!

                    • Anonymous

                      Does anyone know if this stacks with the dragon roar that dubuffs enemy defenses too? I think there's a axe that can debuff also, could be interesting if they all

                      • Anonymous

                        Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, but this weapons skill can be charged by holding down the button. Seems to increase the effect and initial stagger, as well.

                        • Anonymous

                          When I tested this using a base level sword (didn't upgrade to see if there was a difference,) it was ~16% total damage amplification. Interestingly, this damage amp was split evenly for ~8% on self and enemies separately. Meaning simply casting the buff boosted my damage, AND reduced effected enemies damage. The self damage buff applies regardless of whether you proc the debuff or not, similarly the new strong attack pattern also carries through regardless of hitting an enemy or not.

                          The self buff effects the weapon directly (meaning physical damage spells aren't amplified), while the debuff simply reduces physical defenses period, effecting all forms of physical damage (only tested the sword and a standard physical damage spell.)

                          • Anonymous

                            This is basically a better version of war cry since it also increases your damage which i don't see mentioned anywhere.

                            • Anonymous

                              Does the enemy need to be within the radius of the activation, or does the radius follow me and nearby enemies will be debuffed while it's active?

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