Gold Breaker

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Leap up high and, while suspended in midair, imbue the rune shard with light before smashing it down hard onto the ground.
The heroic Radagon's signature attack.

Gold Breaker is a Skill in Elden Ring. Gold Breaker is an exclusive Skill to Marika's Hammer. Updated to Patch 1.09.


How to get Gold Breaker in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Gold Breaker Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is a Unique Skill
  • FP Cost: 26
  • Deals 40 stance damage.
  • This Skill is not Chargeable.
  • Damage scales with weapon AR and deals both holy and physical damage. Holy damage increases with Faith Investment, physical damage increases with Strength and Dexterity investment.
  • The skill consists of the character jumping into the air while swinging the hammer back, levitating momentarily, and then lunging forward in the air to slam the hammer down and cause a large AoE explosion around the point of impact. The lunge portion of the attack travels significant horizontal distance and moves in an arc, bringing the character slightly higher into the air from the levitating point before slamming down at high speed.
  • Only the AoE portion of the skill requires FP; the movement aspects and the hammer strike work even with an empty bar.
  • The AoE explosion covers an area approximately the size of a Runebear.
  • As an airborne skill, it has infinite hyper armour for as long as the characters feet no longer touch the ground.

Patch Changes

Patch 1.09

  • Reduced the recovery time.

Patch 1.07

  • Attack Power increased.



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    • Anonymous

      Something which is not explained here but is a VITAL part of understanding how this skill works is that the slam and the shock wave have two different hitboxes and have different properties.

      The "slam" which is centred around your character has two hitboxes, one while you are falling and another when you hit the ground. It is possible to hit enemies twice using this which also increases the amount of stance and regular damage. I'm not sure about the exact values but it does about 46~ allowing one golden slam and once guard counter from a hammer to stagger 80 stance enemies.

      The shockwave on the other hand deals almost NO stance damage, using this skill four time in a row where only the shockwave hit a troll didn't stagger them once. Using the skill while hitting the troll with the slam staggered them after two uses.

      • Anonymous

        > As an airborne skill, it has infinite hyper armour for as long as the characters feet no longer touch the ground.

        Is this implying that all airborne skills have infinite hyper armour? Cos I remember getting hit out of Waterfowl Dance before. I need to go back and try this hammer then, I haven't played with it much.

        • Anonymous

          "approximately the size of a Runebear" Americans really will do anything to avoid using the metric system

          • Anonymous

            Does anyone know what type of physical damage this deals? Strike like the weapon, or standard like a lot of Ashes of War?

            • Anonymous

              Forget any conventional measurements of size, we need to start measuring things in Elden Ring with Runebears.

              • Anonymous

                The description of the attack says that it's Radagon's signature attack, which means he must have used it plenty of times before in order for it become so well-known. Only Marika's hammer can use this attack which means that Radagon was using a numen-made weapon in battle. This might confirm that Radagon was always some part of Marika.

                • Anonymous

                  "The AoE explosion covers an area approximately the size of a Runebear."

                  Tarnished will measure in anything but the metric system smh

                  • Anonymous

                    Seems to do some form of "true damage" friend and I tested it with him using ALL of the defensive buff incants and none of them really stopped the damage of art... not even lords for the holy protection... quite a unit of a weapon art.

                    • Anonymous

                      I can confirm this scales with Str, Dex, and Faith after testing naked and with the respective +5 talismans. Also seems to be at least a portion Holy Damage as damage is increased by Sacred Scorpion Charm.

                      • Anonymous

                        > "The AoE explosion covers an area approximately the size of a Runebear." I love this description. Can we start using the runebear as the standard unit of area measurement in the game?

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