Phantom Slash

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Skill inspired by the fond remembrances of the Night's Cavalry. Creates an apparition of the knights' former instructor who guides a joint lunging upward swing. Additional input allows for a follow-up attack.

Phantom Slash is a Skill in Elden Ring. Phantom Slash is a is a regular skill that can be found in Ashes of War, it can also be used on Polearms and Twinblades (Great Spears excepted). Updated to Patch 1.07.


How to get Phantom Slash in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Phantom Slash Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Phantom Slash.
  • Can barely change direction when used.
  • FP Cost: 8
  • Deals 9+9 (Total 18) stance damage
  • This Skill is Not Chargeable
  • Both of this Skill's attacks can be Parried (the Phantom cannot be Parried)
  • The range of both the phantom's and your own attacks will always be the same, regardless how close or far an enemy is. Due to this, the player must place themselves at the optimal range to land both hits. Better used on slower targets. 
  • The phantom wears the Night's Cavalry Set and uses the Nightrider Glaive.

NOTE: This Skill was changed with Patch 1.07 as follows:

  • Directional control has been improved.
  • Delay between the end of various actions (such as using items or attack animations) and being able to perform the skill has been reduced.




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    • Anonymous

      Gets a bonus from the Axe talisman, making weapons with unique (good) Heavy's like the scythe extra useful with this ash of war.

      • Anonymous

        "Weapon buffs such as Black Flame Blade will also apply to the attacks of the Phantom."

        Fixed in 1.09 : "Fixed a bug where status build-ups were unintentionally added to some Weapon Skills"

        this includes status build-ups from buffs and weapon itself.

        • Anonymous

          Alas, as of 1.09 the phantom appears to no longer apply the effects of your right hand weapon. Tested with the Blackflame Blade which as far as my memory serves, still worked pre patch

          • Anonymous

            This Ash is honestly really cool. You can send the phantom out in one direction and angle yourself in another direction. The phantom will apply buffs like bloodflame blade or black flame blade if your weapon is buffed with it.

            Currently using it on the Grave Scythe for my Dark Knight build and ive been really impressed. You can angle the phantom up in the air or down off ledges. I killed an invader last night with the phantom as he fell to a lower floor of stormveil castle by aiming the phantom down below at him and it followed for the kill shot. Would recommend!

            • Anonymous

              For non-Arcane builds, try Phantom Slash + Bloodflame Blade on a natural bleed weapon (e.g. Cross Naginata).

              Raw damage is already pretty crazy, but the Bleed builf up is insanely fast as well.

              • Anonymous

                This ash of war is nasty in PVP, especially goes well if ur going for a more dark, evil. grim reaper type of character. U can literally spam chain this and spirits keep popping up out of no where to attack ur opponent even if ur staggered or downed. Its sexy, goes great with my Grim Reaper esque Fias Mist Death Sorcery build.

                • Anonymous

                  The phantom and you actually move independently so you can switch targets right after you phantom lunges so you can hit 2 people

                  • Anonymous

                    I experimented with this far and wide, in pve it's extremely good for big and slow enemies, the damage of the 4 hits stacks nicely, I don't do invasions but it's good against Rob cause rob users just spam the art and you can punish them from out of range, in duels it's usable but too slow and the payoff not so great, only good again Rob as I said and dragon breaths, overall good but use something faster if you want to duel.

                    • If you sprint to the side or back while locked on, you can send the phantom out while dashing to the side or backwards. It's pretty useful for hitting people during lengthy AoE or combo moves.

                      • You can counter Corpse Piler/Waterfowl Dance with the phantom by sprinting sideways/backwards and activating the skill while locked on. It will send the phantom to the target while moving you to the side or back.

                        • Anonymous

                          can be gotten from a night's cavalry enemy near the forbidden lands grace at the start of the mountaintops of the giants

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