Flame Spit

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Ready the shield, then launch a fireball from the barrel. The fireball explodes on impact.

Flame Spit is a Skill in Elden Ring. Flame Spit is a skill unique to the One-Eyed Shield that allows the user to launch an explosive fireball. Updated to Patch 1.09.


How to get Flame Spit in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Flame Spit Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is a Unique skill.
  • FP cost: 28.
  • Deals 22 stance damage
  • Stamina cost: 109.
  • The projectile does not travel far and heavily arcs. This cannot be augmented by talismans or otherwise. Upon striking a surface or entity, the projectile explodes, covering a small radius.
    • The skill can be free-aimed in an upward arc with a bit of practice, allowing you to increase the range significantly.  The AOE of the projectile makes this strategy pretty forgiving.
  • This skill is not charged, but "readied". The weapon has to go through the readying animation before it can fire, which takes about 1.5 seconds. The player is stuck in this state until the ready animation finishes, after which they can roll or fire. The weapon will automatically fire if the skill button is not held. Once the weapon is readied, the player cannot change the way they are facing but they can still aim in that general direction.
    • Note that when the skill is readied, frontal attacks can be blocked, but Guard Boost of the shield is reduced by a very significant amount, and many attacks will instantly break even high-endurance player.
  • Skill damage can be buffed from multiple sources:
  • Can work decently well in PvP:
    • Its skill is rarely seen online due to low usage rate (mostly because the shield is obtained late in the game). The readying animation can be deceptive to other players, in that it looks like you're blocking, not actually preparing an attack.
    • You don't have to actually hit the target, the splash damage is enough. You can also shoot at the floor in front of you to catch players during jump attacks or at the end of their roll.
    • The heavy arc of the projectile can sometimes be used in some situations to indirectly attack targets over obstacles.
    • It does good enough damage that it can potentially kill heavily armored players in one hit if they don't have good enough fire damage negation, provided you stack enough damage talismans, incantations, mixed physick, etc.
    • Only requires the base 36 strength to wield the shield using this skill, other points can be put in survivability or sustainability instead.

Patch Changes

Patch 1.09 

  • Increased the guard speed and blocking amount of the skill. Adjusted the angle of the fireball.

Patch 1.07 

  • projectile range has been improved.



Elden Ring Flame Spit Notes & Tips

  • Updated to patch 1.07. See Patch Notes for details.
  • Other notes and player tips go here. 


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    • Anonymous

      Great as a co op build. At RL 125 using it as a sole 2 handed weapon with 24 str, splitting the rest into health (60) and endurance and mind evenly it compliments other players nicely. It's fun to hang back and bosses with this. Regular enemies often get one shot or go flying.

      Use fp Regen weapons for off hand and talisman slots to really get the most out of this.

      This also sends Malenia flopping on her back which is a huge boon in co op.

      • Anonymous

        Arrow's Reach Talisman causes the projectile to hover a bit or stretches out the arc when locked on. Out of lock it doesn't seem to do anything. The projectile also has a tiny amount of tracking

        Flame Spit cons: It has slow wind-up and recovery, the arc can cause you to miss targets during certain animations or slight strafing, High FP cost.

        Flame Spit Pros: Does respectable damage so it's a decent ranged option for builds with at least 24strength since damage ONLY scales with weapon level and not stats.

        Potential Fixes: I think aoe attacks like this should in general should aim for the feet when locked on, I've used this against Malenia and while she leans in for an attack the projectile completely whiffs since the lock-on aims where her torso would be if she was idle, it doesn't follow the animation. This would also help against small strafing since it would force the projectile to explode. Stamina cost is pretty high too.

        I personally don't think it needs scaling with stats since it does good damage already. The Radius is comically small. From the north exit of Rampart Tower in Stormveil you can look over the edge to see two knights walking in a path, at one point when I was free aiming for fun I managed to shoot between them 3 times in a row and not damage either knight. So I think an increase in radius OR a decrease in FP cost would be good.

        I give it a 8/10 it's just ok and it gets 2 more points for being very fun for me. It mainly struggles against enemies that can put constant pressure on you or are fast enough to punish you for starting the attack.

        • Anonymous

          Interestingly, the Flame Spit skill seems to be counted as an 'arrow' for the purposes of utilizing the 'Arrow's Sting' and 'Arrow's Reach' talismans. ...The 'Arrow's Reach' talisman is probably not terribly worth applying, as the skill is difficult to manually aim, and the added distance is negligible, but the 'Arrow's Sting' talisman seems to add a consistent chunk of damage to the effect,

          • Anonymous

            Ability scales with weapon level.
            It deals fire damage. As far as I know, to maximise damage dealt by this skill is to use Shard of Alex + Fire Scorpion Charm + Ritual Sword Talisman + Fireshroud Tear, it should deal on average 2.1K damage on average enemies.

            • Anonymous

              I also wanna know what this skill scales with.
              Like, is it STRength since that's what the weapon itself seems to scale most with? Arcane? Faith?

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