Piercing Fang

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A Skill used by the Bloody Finger hunter Yura. Starting with your blade held horizontally, you make a powerful thrust that cannot be blocked.

Piercing Fang is a Skill in Elden Ring. Piercing Fang is a regular skill that can be found on Ashes of War, it is mainly equipped with large thrusting weapons. Updated to Patch 1.07.


How to get Piercing Fang in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Piercing Fang Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Piercing Fang
  • FP Cost: 16 on use.
  • This Skill is not Chargeable.
  • On activation, the user prepares the armament, then thrusts forward with a fast lunge in a single direction.
    • This direction can be aimed at the start of the animation, depending on movement input from the player.
  • The lunge completely bypasses the block/guard of enemies struck by it.
    • Hit enemies do not receive stamina damage if they were blocking, since the Weapon Skill hits the enemy directly.


NOTE: This Skill was changed with Patch 1.07 as follows:

  • Motion Speed, Attack Power and Poise Damage have been increased.
  • The delay between the end of various actions (like using items or attack animations) and being able to perform the skill has been reduced.
  • Timing between the end of the skill and being able to attack and to roll has been reduced.



Piercing Fang Demonstration





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    • Anonymous

      Just took a +18 Claymore to Nial (in castle sol) and using Impaling thrust the first time, and I missed a lot, whenever I'd roll his long windup attack I'd use impaling right after and it didn't give me the angle I needed to hit him. Then I put on Piercing Fang and it's a lot more mobility both in reach and in how much it turns.

      I took him down with no magic, no summon, no buffs, just the claymore and this AOW, also worked really well against his summons. I don't have shard of Alexander so I'm sure it would have been better, but in 2 uses of this aow each of his summons went down.

      • Anonymous

        underrated ash of war, it can be used on Straight Swords, Greatswords, Thrusting Swords, Heavy Thrusting Swords, Twinblades, Spears, Great Spears, Halberds, and who knows what else, meaning you dont neccessarily need to be using a Katana (slash damage L) to be able to poke the boss from the other side of the arena XD

        • Anonymous

          The versatility I've found in the wa comes from the dash involved in it which not only gives you a huge range for melee but can also be used to avoid damage, if you want a mid range nuke on your melee katana setup this has worked well for me to easily solo many bosses that I struggled allot with on a previous solo run, comes stock in the nagakiba and I've seen no reason to change it 10/10

          • Anonymous

            Compared to impaling thrust, it goes further, deals comparable damage, bypasses rather than penetrates some % of guards, has significantly longer windup and endlag, and is more telegraphed. Make of that what you will.

            • Anonymous

              Funny how the unblockable katana from ds3 was from yuria, this thing is from yura. They also both steerr you toward the dark age of chaos type ending as well.

              • Anonymous

                This and impaling thrust now reminds me of DS3 mail breaker shield splitter. Its so fast. But unlike shield splitter, you can put this on your pointy stick of choice.

                • Anonymous

                  My god this AoW is ****ing amazing. Been using a single Nagakiba (no powerstancing) with a dex/faith set up just using faith buffs and the occasional lightning spear or black flame ball, and I always end up going back to this AoW. The distance it covers, the speed in which you travel that distance, the damage it deals, the ability to go through shields are all amazing qualities.. and unless I’m sorely mistaken I feel this like this actually has decent hyper armor as I rarely get knocked out of the animation (not wearing super heavy armor or nothing).

                  Anyway, I love it, and I highly recommend it!

                  • Anonymous

                    Extremely effective against knight type enemies. Goes straight through their shield, and will typically stagger them.

                    • Anonymous

                      This weapon art is super good in duels, if you are an expert player you know how important spacing is and this mess incredibly with the spacing of the opponent, use the night rider polearm for insane range and high damage and to be honest sword dance is just boring, this gives way more satisfaction to land

                      • Anonymous

                        I put it on the Flamberge, as that has no thrust attack by itself. Handy in CQB where you risk hitting walls

                        • Anonymous

                          great for shield abusers but can be parried if they time it right, long wind up but great forward mobility on whiff

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