Devourer of Worlds

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Charge the scepter with magic and strike it against the ground to steal the HP of all nearby enemies.

Devourer of Worlds is a Skill in Elden Ring. Devourer of Worlds is a skill that allows the user to steal HP of all nearby enemies by hitting the ground with the scepter. Updated to Patch 1.07.


How to get Devourer of Worlds in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Devourer of Worlds Guide

  • This is a Unique Skill
  • FP Cost: 35
  • Deals 6 stance damage
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • Damage type is Fire Damage
  • Damage scales with weapon upgrade level and Faith
  • The HP drain scales with the number of enemies hit by the skill. It still leeches HP from enemies immune to Fire Damage such as Man-Serpent albeit not doing any damage to it.
  • Note: This Skill was changed with Patch 1.07 as follows: poise damage has been increased.



Elden Ring Devourer of Worlds Notes & Tips

  • Updated to patch 1.07. See Patch Notes for details.
  • Other notes and player tips go here. 
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    • Anonymous

      For a skill named "devourer of worlds" it deals such a disappointing amount of damage. I know that the main shtick of the skill is life steal but c'mon. I think it should deal a bit more damage or be a bit faster to cast

      • Anonymous

        considering the name and the weapon it's woefully stuck to forever, this is about as efficient as galactus is at his job when it comes to eating worlds or being generally effective these days

        • Anonymous

          This must be a terraria reference…
          God devouring serpent referring to the devourer of gods in calamity mod, this ash of war referring to the eater of worlds, both are serpent-type bosses in terraria, while in this game, both comes from a serpent looking boss

          • Anonymous

            The skill restores 15% max hp per enemy hit, regardless of damage dealt.
            Very good on Mimic Tear, due to its very high hp it becomes pretty much unkillable.

            • Anonymous

              Back-up dagger with Endure and you can land this amidst a swarm of enemies for a full heal. Fantastic for fighting 3v1 ganks, big gladiator matches, or swarms of PvE.

              • Anonymous

                people seem to overlook the fact that this weapon has the longest range of all HP-leeching abilities, which means it tends to land the hit on bosses more often, making it exceptional when wielded by Mimic Tears.

                • Anonymous

                  This skill is actually pretty trash. Long windup, low damage, zero poise. Yes, you can theoretically heal with it, but Prayerful Strike is just way better in any situation outside of being surrounded by a group (where you'll rarely get the chance to actually use this due to being poise broken).

                  • Anonymous

                    The devs missed a trick with this. The weapon art would have been epic if the snake could strike at enemies and proc poison. There is a poxy little shield that sort of half arsed it.

                    • Damage is Fire Damage
                      Damage scales with weapon upgrade level and Faith
                      Lifesteal scales with number of enemies hit (more enemies - more lifesteal)
                      Does no damage to Fire-immune enemies like Man-Serpent but still leech HP from it.

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