Enchanted Shot

enchanted shot
Archery skill that enlivens the arrow with spiritual essence. The resulting shot will fly faster than regular shots and change its trajectory to follow the target.

Enchanted Shot is a Skill in Elden Ring. Enchanted Shot is a regular skill that can be found in Ashes of War and can be applied to Light Bows and Longbows. Updated to Patch 1.07


How to get Enchanted Shot in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Enchanted Shot Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Enchanted Shot.
  • FP Cost: 8 per use.
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • Upon activation, the user draws the bow further than normal, before releasing a shot that seeks the enemy. This produces a distinctive sound and a small blue aura around the bow.
    • The homing property only works when locking on enemies. Works better at longer distances.
    • The arrow will curve and turn if necessary to hit the enemy.
    • If this skill is used without locking-on and without manually aiming, the arrows tend to travel directly to the ground in front.
  • Although the same animation is used for the skill Mighty Shot, this skill does not penetrate through shields.
  • The arrow used with this skill deals 50% more damage than a regular shot and consumes 50% more stamina.


NOTE: The arrow now travels faster, as of Patch 1.07. Previously the projectile speed remained unchanged.

  • Thanks to the faster projectile speed, this weapon skill now allows arrows to reach farther.
  • If used without FP:
    • Loses its tracking properties.
    • Does not receive increased arrow speed.
    • Loses distinctive sound and the small blue aura.
    • Receives a damage penalty (only deals 5% more damage than a normal shot)



Enchanted Shot Demonstration





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    • Anonymous

      Congratulations bow builds, you can now kill malenia much,MUCH easier
      A man in pain doing a crossbow only run

      • Anonymous

        @Oct 31: WTH are you talking about? The status nerf is only on powerstance.

        Great bows already do what you're asking for. There is already a bow AoW that deletes people's HP. Rain of Arrows AoW on Greatbow with Golem Arrows pretty much deletes half of player's HP and it's AoE with absurd range when used with Arrow's Reach talisman. Sure, Golem arrows are a pain to farm and Bolt of Gransax deals more damage but it's easy AF to dodge. You're not dodging RoA + Golem Arrows. Great bows with Golem Arrows is one of the best invasion weapons. Equipping 2 Lion's Great bow with Radhann's spears(the boost stacks) can 2 shot people in PvP. Great bows and Short bows are pretty much easy mode in PVE albeit a bit tedious due to farming requirement. Long bows aside from Black bow are simply just bad and only good as a sniping tool. You're simply using the wrong bow.

        • This thing's actually more viable since its buff. Doing an albinauric bow sniper build this AOW has godly tracking. Enemies that dodge to the side like Zamor and even Malenia would still be hit by the arrow's tracking. This solves the issue of accuracy with bows, as within a certain range it's guaranteed to hit. Even in PVP during invasions, they can't just strafe or run to the side. They need to roll. The speed increase would mean that the damage decreased over time due to range being no issue. It has an acceptable FP cost too. The problem is, it's a bow. And bows are **** in especially Elden ring. Bad scaling and damage aside, the recovery and animation take a long time I can make a sandwich in between shots. Using a normal arrow and Albinauric bow the best longbow with 55 dexterity, a single shot of this is pitiful. I only dealt 200~ damage to another player. Ever since status effects got nerfed, bows got nothing. Now compare that to those albinauric snipers in ordina who can delete your HP in 3-4 shots + shoots 3 arrows at once. If people can delete HP bars from a single shot of Gransax spear, bows should also have an AOW that's able to do that too. (FYI Gransaz bolt cast speed is faster than this it's not fair smh) I'll be waiting for the coming buffs on long-range weapons, fromsoft. Love you! <3

          • Current Patch (1.07) finally made the skill do what it was intended to do from the description: Increase the speed when using the weapon skill. Now with the faster speed and the tracking, it serves for hitting moving targets from a long range very reliably.

            • Anonymous

              Rain of arrows and Radahn's rain are flashier and both do more damage than this AoW. But this is still a top tier skill, it takes the edge right off when an enemy that isn't killed by the first shot starts pacing left to right just in time to not get hit.

              • Anonymous

                It's actually very effective on people climbing ladders. I hit a lot better with this than I do with Power Shot.

                • Making the arrow move faster is a bit counter-intuitive to the whole tracking thing. I have rarely ever hit people with this even at long range because it doesn’t turn quickly enough.

                  • Anonymous

                    How good is the tracking on this? Better or worse than Glintstone pebble? And can it catch an opponent running side to side if locked on?

                    • Anonymous

                      I tried this out on a +0 horn bow with enchanted arrows and was surprised to see it do 300 damage to Godrick soldiers with 16 dex, I'm curious to see how much it does if I +25 it but im still mid game now.

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