Blood Tax

bloody tax
Blood Oath skill granted by Lord of Blood. Twist to build power, then unleash a flurry of thrusts that rob the target of both their blood and their HP.

Blood Tax is a Skill in Elden Ring. Blood Tax is a regular skill that can be found in Ashes of War, this can be used on armaments capable of thrusting (Colossal Weapons excepted). Updated to Patch 1.07.


How to get Blood Tax in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Blood Tax Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Blood Tax.
  • FP Cost: 14 on use.
  • Deals 16 stance damage
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • All 4 separate thrusts can be Parried
  • Upon activation, the user prepares their armament while performing a spin, before unleashing a quick flurry of thrusts in front of them.
  • Deals 88+44+44+110 MV (Motion Value) of damage for the 4 hits of the combo respectively.
  • Applies 100+50+50+100 status effect MV (Motion Value) for the 4 hits of the combo respectively, averaging out to 75% of normal status effect buildup compared to 4 normal light attacks, though at a much faster rate when used on heavier and slower weapons.
  • Restores 2% + 25 on the first 3 hits and 4% + 45 HP on the final hit for a total of 10% + 120 HP.
  • This weapon skill does not innately have any status buildup, but will apply respective buildup per hit if the weapon has it (either through weapon buffs, or innately).
  • Because of the possible stagger on light enemies pushing them backwards, it's suggested to perform the skill as closest to the enemy as possible to make all hits count.

NOTE: This skill was changed with Patch 1.07 as follows:

  • Increased motion speed and attack power.
  • Increased HP deprivation effect.
  • Reduced the delay between the end of various actions (such as using items or attack animations) and being able to perform the skill.



Blood Tax Demonstration





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    • Anonymous

      The GOAT of ash of war. What Lion's claw is to great swords and strength weapons, the blood tax is to bleed weapons like godskin stitcher.

      • Anonymous

        You use this over Repeating Thrust because it heals you with each hit. I use this over Repeating Thrust because pretty red glow. We are not the same.

        • Anonymous

          The Scarab isn't inside the cave and I don't have the AoW on any of my weapons in my inventory or chest. So I guess there's no way of getting this AoW now. Nice.

          • Anonymous

            It's hard to compare this to Repeating Thrust for those without raw numbers in front of them. Essentially, Blood Tax sacrifices FP efficiency, as well as damage to health and poise, to gain its healing effect. This could be a fine trade if you prefer the healing, except, despite its speed, without granting any hyperarmor it can be a pain to execute the full 4 hits on anything that can't simply be smacked around. If you get hit trying, the minimal healing from the first 1 to 3 hits won't have made a difference, and you've spent 14 FP. After using this for quite a while, then going back to Repeating Thrust, I think Repeating Thrust is generally the better option. As some have suggested, if you want free healing that procs on hit count, maybe find room for the Godskin Swaddling Cloth as it pairs well.

            • Anonymous

              At 1900 hp, this will now heal for 304 hp on a full combo, or 16% of your max hp.

              Still only half as strong as prayerful strike in terms of healing, but still much more accessible.

              • Anonymous

                Nagakiba + Blood Tax AoW ~ keen with Black Flame Blade for bleed build up, max HP dot, heals and most importantly; drip.

                • Anonymous

                  I start playing again recently and noticed I don't have this ash of war. However the scarab is not in that cave. Am I missing something here or am I out of luck getting this ash of war now unless I go to ng+?

                  • Through some pretty extensive testing, I've found the exact formula for how much life recovery the skill provides (assuming you land all 4 hits):

                    100 + Max HP *0.075

                    If you have 200 max HP it will steal 100 + 15 (115 total).
                    If you have 500 max HP it will steal 100 + 37 (137 total).
                    If you have 1000 max HP it will steal 100 + 75 (175 total).
                    If you have 1900 max HP it will steal 100 + 142 (242 total).

                    Compare this to Godskin Swaddling Cloth, which is a logical Talisman to pair this Ash of War with. GSC heals for 3% of max HP +30 flat HP. At 1900 HP (60 Vigor with no other sources of increased or reduced maximum HP), the talisman will heal for 87 HP on every 5th hit if you are continually attacking, excluding of course Fists / Claws / Daggers / Torches / Sacred Seals / Small Shields which will take 7 hits to proc the heal.

                    As far as damage and status buildup are concerned, the damage of the 1st hit is about 75% of normal R1 (Light attack) damage, with the middle 2 hits being about 27% of normal damage, and the 4th hit being normal 100% R1 damage. As an overall average, the 4 hits will do about 57% of the damage of 4 normal R1 light attacks, but much faster depending on weapon type. On testing with a Pike, 4 normal R1 attacks took 3.16 seconds (1.26 attacks per second), compared to the 1.76 seconds of a Blood Tax attack (2.27 attacks per second), even counting the wind-up animation.

                    This means that 4 R1 attacks with a Pike deal a relative 126% of R1 attack DPS per second (4/3.16), whereas using Blood Tax would deal 129% of R1 attack DPS per second (.57(4/1.76). All of this is to say that although the damage per hit of Blood Tax is far lower, the overall DPS is roughly comparable and with considerable amounts of healing.

                    When it comes to status buildup, the 1st hit of the combo applies full status buildup, with the middle 2 hits dealing half status buildup, and the 4th hit once again dealing full status buildup. This equates to the status buildup of 3 normal R1 hits over a 4-hit Blood Tax combo, or 75% of normal when averaged out. This once again has to be measured against the attack speed of Bloox Tax compared to normal attacks. Normal attacks would be 126% of status buildup per second, compared to 170% for Blood Tax. Do keep in mind this was using a Pike, that will attack slower than say a Thrusting Sword or a Dagger, so the consistent Blood Tax animation that doesn't change depending on weapon type will naturally favor slower weapons, and the results will skew even more in Blood Tax's favor on even slower weapons such as Heavy Thrusting Sword, Greatspears, and Greatswords.

                    Obviously not as good as Prayerful Strike in terms of raw healing capabilities, but is infinitely better for quickly applying status effects on weapons capable of thrusting, and still with very, very good healing potential.

                    I rate this Ash of War a solid 8/10 for its strong healing utility, solid status buildup potential, and simply rule of cool.

                    • Anonymous

                      I got this last night while cliff diving near the old bird farm grace. Jumped off the cliff and a few minutes later got this?

                      • Anonymous

                        This is like repeated thrusts with life steal. If you whet blade it to bleed or poison you can build status quickly and heal too.

                        • Anonymous

                          I think I got this the first time i jumped over the cliff doing the farming cheat. I don't recall finding a beetle yet in mogh's area. Anyone else have same experience?

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