Transient Moonlight

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Sheathe blade, holding it at the hip in a composed stance.
Follow up with either a normal or a strong attack to draw the blade at great speed for an instant slash attack. Both attacks fire off a wave of light.

Transient Moonlight is the unique Skill found on Moonveil, a Katana in Elden Ring. This skill allows the wielder of the Katana to assume a sheathed Iaido-style stance which is then followed up by two unique slashing attacks. The Light Attack triggers a wide horizontal slash (roughly 75º-90º directly in front of the player), releasing an arc-shaped magic projectile attack. The Heavy Attack triggers a vertical downward slash, also releasing a similar projectile attack.

The projectiles take the form of a medium range (approx. half the range of a standard throwing knife) blue arc. They can be aimed freely, including up and down vertical control, a useful tool when dealing with large enemies with weak points above standard striking level, such as the heads of dragons. While Moonveil deals split physical (slashing) and magical damage, the beam released from this skill deals strictly magical damage. Hitting a target with the physical blade whilst using this skill unleashes the full damage potential of the weapon, stacking the katana's physical damage, magical damage, and the magical damage of the projectile in one swift strike.


How to get Transient Moonlight in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Transient Moonlight Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is a Unique Skill
  • FP Cost: - (15 20)
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • This Skill's Light and Heavy attacks can be Parried
  • Wearing Spellblade Set increases the damage
  • This Skill can be cancelled without expending FP by releasing the skill button before unleashing the light or heavy attack.
  • The Light Attack is excellent for crowd control against hoards of low-poise enemies.
  • This Skill deals 12.5 Poise damage with the magic projectile using either variant. A direct hit from the Moonveil used to fire it will do an additional 15 using the Light Attack variant for a total of 27.5 Poise damage. The Heavy Attack variant deals an additional 17.5 with the Katana itself for a total of 30 Poise damage on a direct strike.
  • The heavy attack's projectile can be aimed upward or downward by using camera free aim.
  • The projectiles can be parried using Golden RetaliationAsh of War: Carian Retaliation and the Carian Retaliation sorcery.
  • NOTE: As of Patch 1.08 the poise damage of the weapon slash part has been increased, and the poise damage of the magic wave has been reduced.


Builds with Transient Moonlight



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    • Anonymous

      not even good in pvp. the sound cue is so obvious that u have to be half asleep to be hit by it. the only thing its good for is applying pressure when the invader is trying to heal but even then u can just run away

      • Anonymous

        About the poise damage:
        Before patch 1.03 it's like this: R1 did 27.5 poise damage and R2 did 30 poise damage, even if you only hit enemy with magic projectile.

        In 1.03 they made seperate hit detections for the blade and magic projectile.
        R1 did 27.5 poise damage (blade 15 + projectile 12.5).
        R2 did 30 poise damage (blade 17.5 + projectile 12.5).

        In Patch 1.08 (Increased poise damage of the weapon slash part of the Transient Moonlight Weapon Art, and reduced the poise damage of the magic wave):
        R1 does 27.5 poise damage (blade 22.5 + projectile 5).
        R2 does 30 poise damage (blade 22.5 + projectile 7.5).

        So if you hit it with the blade connects, it's always the same, never nerfed.

        • Anonymous

          Unsheathe costs less fp, deals more damage and has the same poise-break potential. Why do people still hate on this weapon art? Sure the projectile gives it more range but you really don't need that for the crazy range Unsheathe has already, especially when using the Nagakiba

          • Anonymous

            If you're using the horizontal slash for its AoE in PvE, you might want to either unlock the camera beforehand or target a more distant enemy; if you're too close to the enemy you're aiming at, the height difference between you and them can cause the projectile to angle into the sky or ground, missing the rest of the enemies entirely.

            • Anonymous

              Transient Moonlight is considered a glintstone sorcery skill in regards to the Spellblade set bonus damage effect

              • Anonymous

                Does this get boosted by the spellblade skill boosting gloves? I know its technically not a spellblade sorcery base but maybe?

                • Anonymous

                  anyone know if the scaling on transient moonlight is affected by the softcap? i've been avoiding going over 50 int because it only adds one damage on the status screen but hadn't considered the cap might affect this weapon art differently

                  • Anonymous

                    This katana absolutely tears through health like a hot knife through butter. At 34 Dex and Int and +10, I'm dealing 600-700 on R1 and close to 1k on a charged R2. If I land both the physical and magical parts of the WA, I'm smacking things for between 1,600 and 1,800 damage a pop. A perfect weapon for spellblades, it's fast and gives great crowd control and single target damage between its horizontal and vertical WA variants, and even on huge bosses it breaks stance after only two or three uses.

                    Only real problem is its deceptively short reach, but if you're running this you're running sorcery, so.

                    • Anonymous

                      I have some issues in terms of using skills between vertical and horizontal slash, I'm using keyboard and I cant figure out!
                      pls help me out.

                      • Anonymous

                        How does the scaling for this work? Does it scale off of Int, or dex? Or both? I see a +10 Moonveil has both a B scaling for Int and Dex. Would like someone to clarify if a high dex build could achieve the same damage output as a high int build.

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