Vow of the Indomitable

vow of the indomitable
Skill of the ancient warriors of the Erdtree. Hold shield aloft to imbue yourself with golden power, granting momentary invincibility.

Vow of the Indomitable is a Skill in Elden Ring. Vow of the Indomitable is a regular skill that can be found in Ashes of War and applied to shields.  Updated to Patch 1.07.


How to get Vow of the Indomitable


Elden Ring Vow of the Indomitable Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Vow of the Indomitable.
  • FP Cost: 20 on use
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • Upon activation, the user raises their shield into the air, enveloping themselves in a golden aura that makes them invulnerable for a brief period of time.
  • Vow of the Indomitable has 4 start-up frames and damage immunity lasts for 30 iFrames (30 FPS)
  • See Dodging for detailed information on the mechanic and a comparison of different dodging skills.

Note: This Skill was changed with Patch 1.07 as follows: The delay between the end of various actions was reduced (Actions such as using items or attack animations) and being able to perform the skill.

Click below for Vow of the Indomitable recovery frame data.

See Vow of the Indomitable recovery frames at 30 FPS (click to reveal)
  • Roll: 1
  • Ash of War: 10
  • Right-hand attack: 1
  • Left-hand attack: 1
  • Block: 1
  • Quick item use: 1
  • Item use: 5
  • Walk: 10



Vow of the Indomitable Demonstration




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    • Very useful for dodging attacks with lingering hitboxes or attacks that last very long, like Waterfowl Dance. It also doesn't move you or consume stamina, so it's good for maintaining aggression because you don't move yourself out of range or waste stamina dodging.

      • Anonymous

        So, I'm curious. After watching a handful of Elden Ring videos, I still have questions. Is Golden Parry (Parrying), Golden Retaliation (Block & Retaliate against any Sorcery/Incantation) or Vow of the Indomitable (Invincibility) better/easier for most scenarios?

        Please correct me if I'm wrong here: 1) Golden Parry has to be timed correctly to go through, but it negates a physical attack, breaks an enemies' stance, and opens them up to a counter. Albeit, from the front. 2) Essentially, with the Erdtree Great Shield, it would allow you to block 100% of all physical damage and 100% of all Sorcery/Incantation Damage while retaliating (damaging) back from the front. However, both of the prior abilities need to be timed well and only protect you from frontal physical or magic attacks, right? Meaning, that if a boss or an enemy does an AoE attack, has a long reach, or manages to attack you from the flank or rear, you're screwed. 3) So, in this case, wouldn't Vow of the Indomitable (Invincibility) be the best overall choice as it doesn't matter the direction of the attack or attack type, it negates everything for a set limited duration.

        • Anonymous

          Can you guard counter out of this or is it just the iframes?
          Would be really sweet if you could ignore an incoming attack completely and still get a guard counter after

          • Anonymous

            I wrote the previous comment about how great vow is with the endurance and holding position, I again want to echo this as I've continued using it, it is instrumental - I've played through ng with 9 vigor and only am able to do so because of this ash of war, it also looks hella sweet when everything is exploding around you and you just cast this - super cool looking

            additionally if you have fp but not quite 20 it still casts so, its just really pivotal


            • Anonymous

              The great part of this skill that I use often is it allows holding position and costs 0 stamina so if you have big mind and little endurance this is important or if you are out of stamina can use fp instead

              Additionally will not gain bleed or any other effect one might get for dodge rolling.

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