Glintstone Dart

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Skill that builds from the Glintstone Pebble sorcery.
Charge the skill to upgrade it to Glintstone Dart.
Follow up with a strong attack to chain this skill into a lunging thrust.

Glintstone Dart is a Skill in Elden Ring. Glintstone Dart is a unique skill to the Glintstone Kris dagger, it allows the player to cast Glintstone Pebble and Glintstone Dart as well as a follow-up thrust attack. Updated to Patch 1.07.


How to get Glintstone Dart in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Glintstone Dart Guide

  • This is a Unique Skill
  • FP Cost: 10
  • The initial projectile of the skill is Chargeable. However, the follow-up thrust attack is not.
  • This Skill's second attack can be Parried (the Glinstone projectile can be Parried with Carian Retaliation)
    • This Skill's first attack can be Parried if performed with no Focus
  • Wearing Spellblade Set increases the damage.
  • The initial projectile deals pure Magic Damage and only scales with Intelligence.
  • The follow-up thrust attack deals both Physical Damage and Magic Damage and scales with Intelligence and Dexterity (and Strength to a much lesser extent).
  • Since Patch 1.06, the range of Glintstone Dart has been increased, but the damage and stagger have been decreased.
  • Deals 30 stance damage on the weapon hit. The projectile deals 0 stance damage


Note: This Skill was changed with Patch 1.07 as follows:

  • Range, speed and attack power of magic attacks has been increased.
  • Magic attacks now penetrate enemies when not charged.



Elden Ring Glintstone Dart Notes & Tips

  • Updated to patch 1.07. See Patch Notes for details.
  • Other notes and player tips go here. 
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    • Anonymous

      I'm kinda curious if the follow-up attack is affected by the spear talisman, it is described as a thrust but you never know.

      • Anonymous

        would be fine if the friggin projectile wasnt faster than a speeding bullet. dodging that thing is insanely tight, especially when you got 2 other dudes on your ass

        • I'm somehow only now trying this for the very first time in August 2023, and I realize now why so many people love it. It's not the damage, or the range, or the low FP cost, or the follow up teleport distance R2. Those are all great, but there are two things that make this stand out.

          1) Superior tracking/homing. You can normally just strafe/sidestep most spells at a certain distance. You can't strafe this at any distance. You roll or you get hit.
          2) Phantom hit box. Borderline lingering hitbox. This is mostly the same as the first reason and likely why you can't strafe it, but I've noticed players being hit before/after what looked like a successful roll. It might be coded the same way the madness laser and max HP reducing dagger are.

          • Anonymous

            Spellblade set… Axe tali, shard of bro, magic scorpion and ritual sword or dragoncrest.

            Slicer, glint blades, terra and rannis moon.

            Infinite fp and magic dmg wonder to get out tiche and ranni debuff and using fully charged ashes instead of mindlessly spamming. Setting up a cool combo of glintblades into ash, dash in with the heavy and slicer them up good.

            Ik there are probably better builds out there but this is mine and I have really fallen in love with it as I have slowly pieces it together :)

            • Anonymous

              One of the most bizarre weapon skills. I feel like the damage scaling is bugged. According to the damage calculator I use, the magic damage from the skill at +0 16 Int = 219, +0 99 Int = 275, +10 16 Int = 969, +10 99 Int = 1373. (It could be wrong, but I remember using the weapon in my Mage Build and seeing massive damage spikes after upgrading) Fully leveling 83 more Intelligence makes the skill about 25 - 41% stronger depending on upgrade level, but fully upgrading from +0 to +10 makes the skill about 4.5 - 5 times stronger depending on Intelligence. Fully upgrading only makes the weapon's Magic Attack Rating about 3 times stronger, and fully upgrading any magic Catalyst (regardless of Scaling) gives about 2 times the Spell Buff at high scaling or as little as 15% more Spell Buff at minimum requirements, so I don't understand how the skill becomes almost 5 times stronger even if you barely meet the weapon requirements. It feels almost unfair.

              • Anonymous

                Ridiculously strong skill, especially with supporting Talismans. 10 FP for amazing damage and good range. Magic Scorpion Charm + Godfrey Icon + Shard of Alexander gets this well over 2,000 damage.

                • Anonymous

                  Ah bummer I was hoping there was a spell version of this that I had missed somewhere but this is just unique to the Glintstone Kris. Maybe we’ll get it in the DLC

                  • Anonymous

                    what are the differences between this and glintstone pebble? Comment below says the range on the lunge is farther but I'm wondering if there are other differences

                    • Anonymous

                      The lunge on the strong attack followup has ridiculous range. It's pretty much twice the distance of the lunge following glintstone pebble which makes this dagger pretty handy in pvp.

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