Ordina, Liturgical Town

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A long abandoned town in the snowfield. If one wishes to open the gate, they must enter the evergaol and light three statues in order to proceed.

Ordina, Liturgical Town is a Location in Elden Ring. The Ordina, Liturgical Town is found in Consecrated Ground. It's a ghost city located in the north of the Consecrated Snowfield and can easily be accessed by riding north past the frozen ravine. The most interesting aspect of this area is exploring it through the evergaol.

The Consecrated Snowfield itself is a secret area found on the lower plains of the Mountaintops of the Giants and can only be accessed by using the Grand Lift of Rold after obtaining the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left) and Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right).

This area is required to go through in order to get to Miquella's Haligtree.


Ordina, Liturgical Town Map

Ordina is found north of the Consecrated Snowfield. [Elden Ring Map here]

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All NPCs and Merchants in Ordina, Liturgical Town

  • There are no NPCs or Merchants at this location


All Items in Elden Ring's Ordina, Liturgical Town

Upgrade Materials


Unique, Ashes and Keys

  • No Uniques, Keys or Ashes at this location


Elden Ring Ordina, Liturgical Town Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

Regular Creatures and Enemies

  • Albinauric Wolfback Archer
  • Lesser Black Knife Assassin (non-respawning)
    • 1 in front of the ground-floor shrine with the candle
    • 1 in the middle of the road right below the tower on the west side which houses a flame
    • 1 below the staircase in the back next to where you find the Black Knife Set
    • 1 outside on the snowfields in the south-east corner


Field Bosses and Bosses

  • No Bosses at this location

 Summary and Setup

This town contains a puzzle, and solving the puzzle will give you access to a Waygate that you need to access the next area in the game (Miquella's Haligtree). To solve the puzzle, you'll have to first enter an evergaol. The evergaol will be a copy of the town itself, but with certain unlit torches -- you'll have to then light all torches, and the Waygate will appear. Just like the other similar statue/torch puzzles in the game, you simply have to go up and press the Interact key to activate them.

Below is a picture of what the statues look like, for reference.

ordina liturgical town statue

The player does not need to complete the puzzle all at once -- if the player dies, warp elsewhere, exit the game, etc., their progress will still be saved, however, when they come back, they will need to enter the Evergaol again before accessing the statues. Additionally, there are no Stakes of Marika in this area, so if you die, you'll have to start back at the site of grace.

The player cannot use Torrent while in the evergaol - Torrent can be summoned in the non-evergaol version of the town.

The player should pick up the Sentry's Torch prior to initiating the entry into the gaol as it will allow them to spot the otherwise invisible Lesser Black Knife Assassins; tradeoff is that the torch will also make you more easily spotted. You need not meet all the Torch's requirements to gain the benefit of its detection ability, and you can still benefit with the torch in your offhand while two-handing your main weapon. With that in mind, anything that can be used to conceal one's presence can be helpful here; Soft Cotton, the Concealing Veil Talisman, the Unseen Form sorcery, Ash of War: Assassin's Gambit, and the Black Knife Armor chest piece alone (unaltered, no full set equipped is required). The Black Knife Armor is found under the stone ramp that leads from the gaol, up to the "sealed" path door/ wall/ etc. Again, anything to hide and quiet oneself can help here.  It's worth noting that the Black Knife Assassins will drop a Ghost Glovewort (9) on defeat and will not respawn.

Note that if you're using any talismans that boost HP, you will not have access to the additional HP that those talismans provide while in the gaol.

If you're paranoid, I recommend reading through the walkthrough instructions and practicing them before activating the evergaol.

Needless to say, it's recommended to spend your runes before proceeding with the puzzle.


To get to the Evergoal, start at the Ordina, Liturgical Town site of grace. [Map Link] Head north up both staircases, then turn right.

ordina liturgical town starting grace directions

After turning right, turn left and follow around the circumference of the building.

ordina starting area past second stairs

When you reach the corner of the building, look straight ahead (there should be a staircase on your right). The Evergaol will be on your left at the end of the building, past the large staircase.

ordina evergaol location

Upon reaching the Evergaol and interacting with the Imp Statue for the first time, you'll be informed of the puzzle: Light the four figures in the evergaol

ordina evergaol puzzle notice

Go up to the Evergaol itself, and interact to enter it.

ordina evergaol enter

After a loading screen, you'll find yourself still at the evergaol, but now the torches are accessible. 

Below are the instructions on how to complete the puzzle. The candles below are numbered only for convenience --you do not need to light the candles in any particular order. I recommend starting with Candle #3 since it's the closest one to you.

Candle #1

Starting at the evergaol, run back like you're going to where the Site of Grace was, except after coming the first set of stairs, turn left, and the statue will be there.

ordina candle 1 location

Note that you will most certainly be attacked by an invisible Lesser Black Knife Assassin, and there will be several of them in the area. You can track them either by watching their footsteps in the snow, or reveal them with the Sentry's Torch (can be purchased from the Hermit Merchant [Map Link]). If you have used Ash of War: Assassin's Gambit you can sneak to the candle without drawing the Assassin's attention.

Candle #2

Located at the far west edge of the town, and there's a ladder up to it blending in with the stones. From the starting point turn right and jump over the balcony, turn left and go around the town until you reach the ladder.

ordina candle 2 screenshot

Beware of a nearby Lesser Black Knife Assassin - but you can run for the ladder without needing to engage her.

Map Location:

ordina candle 2 map location

Candle #3

This is the first torch visible when you first enter the evergaol. You can see it directly in front of you, atop a roof. Notice that there are two ladders leading up to it. (See image below)

ordina candle 3

From the starting point, jump over the balcony to the south. Continue south and at the stairs, jump on the upper railing and onto the balcony on the left side of the stairs.

ordina jumping onto stair railing

There is a ladder to your direct left, next to a door. (This is the lower ladder that was shown in the image earlier.)

ordina candle 3 first ladder

Climb the next ladder right in front of you and you will reach candle 3.

Candle #4

This candle is located just east of where the Evergaol is. Standing at the Evergaol, take a few steps West, then face due East, and look up a bit to see the statue.

ordina candle 4

You'll notice that there are 2 ladders leading up to it, but these 2 ladders are not accessible from ground level. Instead, you'll need to access it via the archway connecting the building where the statue is to the nearby building (see image above for reference).

To access this candle, follow the instructions like you were for #3, but after reaching the first ladder, rather than going up the second ladder (like you did in the third candle step), turn left at the ladder and jump down onto the connecting archway.

ordina jump for candle 4

At this point, you'll start to be heavily bombarded with arrows from 2 archers. One is going to be in front of you, near the first ladder that you see, and another will be off to the right. You'll have to make a tough jump onto the roof in front of you from the archway, and after that, head towards the two ladders in front of you with your shield raised, take out the first archer, and use the wall where the first ladder is as cover from the second archer. You should be able to safely climb to the top and light the fourth candle.

ordina on the way to candle 4

If you don't have a long range weapon/spell, use any shield with 100% physical reduction for protection to get into melee range of the archers as they can't move and are nearly helpless up close. Take out the single archer in your tracks and climb the ladders to victory, since the second archer will be blocked by the tower you're climbing anyway.

After completing the puzzle...

Once all 4 candles/statues are lit, you'll receive the A seal was broken in town message:

screenshot obs recording 2022 05 23 01 07 54 raleigh littles

A loading screen will show, and you will be teleported back to the evergaol starting location. Face east, walk forward, and turn left to go up the tall stairs -- these were previously locked. 

tall staircase to waygate ordina

At the top, you'll find a Waygate. Interact with it to be transported to the next area, Miquella's Haligtree.

ordina waygate

Elden Ring Ordina, Liturgical Town Gallery and Notes

Notes go here



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    • Anonymous

      This isn't too difficult, and once you get a path down, you only need fight one black knife near candle 1 (if following the guide) and the 2 archers guarding the 4th candle.

      • Love this place. The atmosphere, the challenge, the puzzle. The assassins are so annoying to fight as melee. But when I'm done with them, it's so fun to climb the towers and snipe the archers off the roofs with my lion bow and it's so satisfying to go and smack them in the head when they fall. Probably because first time was tragic

        • Anonymous

          Waves of darkness ate these pussy assassins like breakfast, it was so satisfying to smash their ****ing ass with my big ass axe when they get hit by a wide slash from it and their zero poise and tissue paper ability to prevent themselves from being staggered got them decimated, If only gore was allowed in this game, it would have even been more satisfying to see them get cleaved in half, this is for Iji and Blaidd!

          • Anonymous

            Was getting really frustrated with the Assassins constantly backstabbing me so I decided I would simply sprint from one lamp to the next.

            They stay lit if you die. So, immediately after entering the evergaol, sprint to the first lamp near the entrance to the city near where the site of grace normally would be (it's not there in the evergaol of course) if you die, re-enter the evergaol but go the same direction you did initially. You're going to the one that's furthest south from the evergaol entrance. hang a slight right from the first lamp, under the balcony and around the building to the right. on the opposite site of the building there's a ladder, climb up that and you'll get to the next lamp. The assassins may chase after you but they won't follow you up the ladder. Having a bow and arrow is useful in case you want to trade some arrows with the rooftop archers. Next is the lamp that's right beside the entrance to the evergaol.

            Take the roof tops from the previous lamp to get there. If you look around you'll see there's a clear path all the way over. Keep your eye out for archers. Once you have that lamp done, look way across and you'll spot the last one (furthest west) Look for the crumbled wall and you can run right up that, over the roof tops, and then climb on up using the chimney. Took a couple tries but once you realize they stay lit after dying it's not very difficult. I had bought the Sentry Torch but couldn't use it (low intelligence lol)

            anyway. dunno if my explanation is very clear but that's how I did it in 10 mins or so. A bit frustrating at first with the assassins but you can more or less sprint past them.

            • Anonymous

              Yeah I don't know if this is a glitch or just something no-one has noticed yet but as of 1.10, the candles stay lit if you die. So I Just made a straight sprint to each one, died to the archer and repeated until all 4 were lit. Trivializes the puzzle.

              • Anonymous

                This walk-thru is excellent but it really should include a part that explains how to deal with those two archers for squishier or low RL builds. It's kind of commonly known in the community but for those that don't; go to the huge stairs leading to the fogwall behind the EG portal and aggro the archer on the roof that's guarding the last ladder. It'll stay facing in the direction it last saw/heard you. Once back on the roof, dodging or blocking the second one then becomes VASTLY easier.

                • Anonymous

                  I'm a tank and this was ez pz. Just ran around with a great shield to block arrows and heavy armor to survive backstabs.

                  • Anonymous

                    My Greatbow came in handy a lot. One hit on the archers would send them flying a few feet and their line of sight would be obstructed.

                    • Anonymous

                      This place easy, light load bolt of gransax mohgs spear, after entering evergaol run to the staircase and stand on the body snipe archer with full charged skill of spear then run to the otherside of the building and use mohgs after that go south of the evergoal and jump off take a left run past assassin and activate it since you become immune when doing so quickly roll spam towards the staircase but jump on the left sides railing to the ladder the assassin can't reach you here activate the candle and go to the archer part which is now very easy activate the candle now the final one jump off the roof west side and continue going until you reach the barrier and left is the ladder climb up and candle. Very easy i think atleast

                      • Anonymous

                        without this guide telling you EXACTLY where you need to go to light the candles, this place is beyond infuriating, awful design all around

                        • Anonymous

                          If you’re struggling with the two archers on the building towards the fourth candle, try hitting them from range by the fog door. I took out the one on the left but kept getting blasted in the face by the other. If you jump down and stay out of her line of sight, she’ll stay looking wherever she last saw you. So you can aggro her from the stairs and turn her around, then run back to the rooftops and backstab her.

                          • Anonymous

                            Would highly recommend order: 3, 4, 1, 2. 3 is easily accessible, quickest way to get 4 is by being at 3 area, 1 you can jump to roof to roof and fight 1 assassin and then 2 is a quick run and no fighting again depending on path. Use the torch and the assassins armor

                            • Anonymous

                              Gravity sorceries or weapon arts that pull enemies towards you can be useful for getting the archers off the roof

                              • Anonymous

                                Now I feel much better for spending all my runes on all the AoW Bernhal provides you. Thankfully I can make use of Assassin's Gambit

                                • Anonymous

                                  I'm a FromSofware newbie, so I usually assume all armor/weapon text is just fluff and does nothing, as it's the case with other games. So, I really had no idea there was some torch that would unveil those mfs.
                                  What I did, was bait the backstab, look for footprints in the snow and spam Adula's Moonblade in their face. It worked, but it sure as hell was annoying.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I already bought the Sentry Torch because of spoilers I've picked up along the way but i wonder what if i hadn't. So i don't use it and instead suck up all the backstabs and run and roll toward all the statues. Somehow i made it. Need to granssax the archers for the 4th statues though. They're tanky as **** to not immediately died from granssax+10 but luckily it still made them fall so they become non issue.

                                    • Invisible minibosses that backstab you, amazing. Consecrated Snowfield might genuinely be the single worst area in gaming history. It's just a poorly designed nightmare from start to finish, with no redeeming qualities.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Once you figure out where the torches are you can rush there while staying as little as possible in the street and basically ignore the assassins.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Is it just me, or was this town easy to do for me? I only died a couple of times and didn't even use the Sentry torch. I found a way to jump onto the wall ledges and get to the rooftops close by the evergaol spawn, without having any of the assassins even hit me (although they did notice me). The archers are fine if you dodge roll, and once you're close to them you can just smack 'em off the rooftop.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Hunt the assassin's down and collect their drops because once you light all the torches you can't reenter the gaol.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I highly recommend the torch for fighting the black knives. They're also surprisingly easy to locate. If you walk around before going into the evergaol, the game leaves clues as to where they will be. One appears as a shade on the steps. Another is where you find a dead body lying in the street, and the third is under the arch where you find the armor. Stagger and aoe are your friends when fighting. Hyper armor is a plus.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Honestly the worst part is how the seal blocks the fastest path to the evergaol and you have to go around

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Some advice. Take as many runs as you need, but buy the sentry torch and hunt the assassins down. They're the bigger threat since you *should* be able to dodge the arrows from the archers. Once all of them are dead (they do not respawn) you can leisurely stroll through the town lighting the flames, the archers barely bother you except for the one located in the middle of the town. Good Luck tarnished.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Hated this place at first, bu after a few attempts it really grew on me. The trick is not to think of it as a souls encounter - you are playing Metal Gear now. Clear out the assassins on the ground level, then grab a greatbow and pretend you are fighting Quiet, only there are four of her and they are crippled. Sneak around, find their blind spots, shoot, reposition, repeat till everyone is dead. It's a pretty fun change of pace compared to the rest of the game

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      I used sleep arrows to put the archers to sleep. While standing behind cover, I had to time my shots in between theirs which was a bit tricky, but doable. It takes about three shots to knock them out. Made the platforming afterwards much easier.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I suck and I managed it, so anyone can. Seeing as the assassins don't respawn (unlike the damn archers) I bit the bullet and decided to hunt them down instead of waiting for them to jump me. With the proper torch equipped, Carian Phalanx and Carian Greatsword worked great for me once I got the timing down. The archer on ground level can be dealt with the same way, but Ambush Shard was very helpful with the rest. The bastard on the roof nearest the ladders was the worst part of the whole experience, but I noticed that if you walk up the long, high stairs in the north of the town you can see him standing on the building with his back turned. Hit him (once) with Loretta's Greatbow, then ran back around to the front of the building, got up on the roof where another archer had been and managed to kill him with Ambush Shard. After that I was free to walk around. Four assassins and four archers by my count. Avoid them if you want, but hunting them down worked better for me.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          This place is a nightmare, but with the right preperations it can be a cakewalk.

                                                          bring blackflame tornado, any weapon with assassin's gambit, and enough armor to poise though any attacks during the windup on tornado.

                                                          the tornado stunlocks the assasins and is pretty much guaranteed to hit as long as they are anywhere near you.

                                                          Gambit make those archers a joke.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Bring any form of aoe attack with hitstun like the Blackflame tornado and let it rip any time you hear an odd sound. then watch those assassin bastards melt. they don't respawn so once you clear them out all that's left to do is deal with those archers

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Protip: You can use Torrent while not "inside" the evagol to Scout out the locations of the candles. Track around the black knife assasins (die a bunch) and head onto the rooftops (die some more) and after some attempts it is possible without any gear or spells.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                This is worse than anything in SOFTS, they doubled down on every abomination in that version and ramped it up for ER.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Crepus' Veil/Concealing Veil/Unseen Veil/Black Knife armour/assassin's gambit all help IMMENSELY here.

                                                                  Seriously absurd, archers are so much less of an issue when they don't aggro until you're right next to them. Consider using them - it's much less frustrating than throwing yourself at them over and over like I did the first time I went through the game.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Pov: you're here because you don't know how to look around and you just want the level to be a straight path to the boss.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      Honestly after hearing this part was terrible I wasn't expecting something that was far friendlier than DS1 Anor Londo archers on tiny platforms. Though I may have just been lucky, I didn't actually run into any invisible enemies - just headed right to the rooftops and shoved all the archers off so they didn't bother me any more.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        If you ever feel like you're faking it at work and everyone else is miles better than you and they all know it, just remember that nobody at fromsoft did anything guy who made ordina liturgical town and in fact, they still included it in a published video game

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          You can cheese the assassins by climbing the tower at the western most part of the own (with the statue). They’re not bright enough to climb the ladder. Just drop down to the roof near the ladder and poison mist them. Find another one and have him chase you to the same spot. Repeat…

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            For archers use radans bow! Or any greatbow. From distance it will knock them off! They wont return to their post, so they wont see you.

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              As far as the archers goes.. you can just hide behind those roof dormers, no need for special gear and setup, just time your moves correctly when advancing and kill the archer closest to the ladder.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                There is no need to kill the assassins if you don't want the glovewarts they drop. Ignore the suggested order to light the candles in, start with the westernmost tower the ladder is northeast of the golden seed tree. From there it is possible to jump from rooftop to rooftop lighting the candles without coming down to ground level until the last candle. This worked for me, I only had to kill one assassin and I did that from the roof as well.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  For incantation users 'ancient dragon lightning strike', 'the flame of frenzy', and 'unendurable frenzy' work well against the assassins they don't need a target lock to be effective and have a decent AoE so it can be cast from a rooftop and the lightning or frenzied flames will hit anything inside their effective range visible or not.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    Damn, a Ghost Glovewort 9 from each Assassin, but if you don't kill them before lighting the torches you can't go back after? I really wanted those.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      great way to bypass the archers for the fourth torch is by hiding behind the tower with the third torch and using a great bow to punt them off of the roofs.

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        Not too bad with the sentry torch. The archers are annoying, but can easily be dodged. What I dislike most about this area and a certain boss, and which is kinda a theme throughout ER, you need to somehow know what items you need to make your life not completely miserable. If they would communicate that you need a special torch better, like let there be one of those ghost NPCs that give you a hint next to the site of grace or something, this and other areas would suck a lot less.

                                                                                        • This area is easy if you use the bloodhounds step skill, spam it non-stop to the ladders. But it's not guaranteed the assassins won't back stab you. Or use the special torch to see them. Without those though, this part is a damn nightmare. A long range bow is also very helpful to snipe from the towers.

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            The game is pure drudgery at this point. I really hope FROM goes back to making more linear games after this. So many boring af padded moments in er.

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              1) Have Sentry Torch, you can get it from the merchant outside Leyndell, to the north, in the graveyard.
                                                                                              2) Have an ability to do extremely long-range damage, preferably one that you can fire-and-forget (I used Golden Land, it worked fantastic).

                                                                                              Torch handles the assassin dudes on the ground, or at least lets you have a fair fight. Long-range option is for the archers. I know that this area is difficult, but like the rest of this game, being properly prepared will render the challenge manageable, and I had fun here rather than being annoyed.

                                                                                              My main criticism of this area is that, if you don't read a wiki or find the Note (from a merchant) that tells you about the Sentry Torch, you're going to have a bad time.

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                This place turns Elden Ring into a horror game if you don't know where they are but you think they'll grab you at any time

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  This place is a complete joke if you aren't properly equipped. From the bullshit archers that see you a mile away with rapid homing missiles that peg you with disgusting damage you as soon as you hit the roofs to the invisible assassin that can climb and double grab backstab without even letting you get up in time to heal. Top it off with with the archers being well protected by the buildings making it extremely difficult to retaliate. Place is a cancerous garbage fire, didn't bother going back for the 40k runes or trying to loot anything. If it wasn't required to get to Haligtree (Which sucks just as bad) I wouldn't even step foot near it.

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    Never been easier with a sorcerer. Put on hidden body and their armor to muffle footstep. throw one dark moon and spam adulas moonblade. i dont even think dark moon is needed as they die with 2-3 full hits. do note that they stagger too.

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      Hey guys was this town nerfed? I see everyone complaining about the enemies and how you need a sentry torch yet I just ran past everything and lit it all up with ease? I only died twice to the archers because I just missed a hit with my sword and got the stab grab from the invis assassins once (didnt die) honestly I didnt even check where the places needed to be lit up were at and just winged it just run past everything no need to fight them unless its an archer

                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                        I agree with everything said about this place sucking donkey balls, the design is a blatant and lazy rehash of Sellia town of sorcery from the same run down and collapsing greenish buildings instead of red, the same barriers blocking access only yellow instead of blue, its snowing everywhere instead of scarlet rot, the enemies you can't see here until you are on top of them are nightmare difficult black knife assassins and the wandering noble sorcerers hitting you for pitiful damage with annoying shots from behind with glintstone pebble have been replaced by archers shooting arrows that can follow me and hit for half my health bar. No, yeah this place is just so much f**king fun.

                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                          Trash area is trash. Without the Sentry Torch the assassins are just pure cancer, and without reading a guide you're not going to have a Sentry Torch on you for this. Just another example of bullshit in this game that relies on you having to either hate life doing it blind, or using wiki to see how to cheese this dumpster fire. Not even a puzzle, just annoying bullshit.

                                                                                                          Overall, the entire Snowfield area is garbage and they should have removed it from the game. This final "puzzle" is just a cherry on top of the cow pie that you had to enjoy to get to Haligtree.

                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                            Should’ve been a loot-able Sentry Torch when you enter the Evergaol version of the town. It would’ve made the area at least somewhat tolerable.

                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                              Why is there the same kind of seal at the top of the staircase blocking access to the evergaol that was in the cathedral of the forsaken behind mohg the omen blocking entry to the frenzied flame proscription until morgott had been beaten? what have I missed?

                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                Honestly, this area more than any other in the game made me think that From is starting to believe their own hype, which is never a good thing for a game company. Believing your own hype is how you get games like Cyberpunk 2077.

                                                                                                                Seriously, this area was terrible. The assassins are pretty much a death tax unless someone spoils ahead of time that they're there, forcing you to go equip the Sentry Torch or use something like Glintblade Phalanx as an alarm, the enemies are super overtuned in terms of their HP considering the damage they deal, the actual aesthetics of the village is awful, being just yet another boring ruin you've seen all over the place throughout the game up to this point, and the "puzzle" is as easy to solve as 'look at the town while you're in the real world and find the clearly obvious locations where the candles will be'.

                                                                                                                Consecrated Snowfield as a whole is probably the worst zone I've ever seen in a Fromsoft game since the start of the Souls games.

                                                                                                                Honestly, they should have just tossed Mountaintop of Giants as a whole into the rubbish bin and just let us go fight Radagon and beat the game after Morgott. The game would have legit been better if they'd cut out the obviously unfinished zone and moved the stuff that mattered, such as Malenia and the Heligtree, to other places on the map. It's not like the game needed to be padded out, it's already huge without Mountaintop of Giants.

                                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                                  If you are unable to deal with the archers, use your bow and arrow to make then turn away from you by shooting behind or beside them, They won't turn back around atleast in my experience

                                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                                    This place sounds like a hot buttered arsehole. One comment recommends the Rain of Arrows AoW but just a heads up if you don't have it or haven't used it yet, that AoW is absolutely worthless without the arrow's reach talisman. I use it more than any of the other AoW for bows, with the arrow's reach talisman it works just as you expect it to when you read its description,if you have arrow's sting equipped as well its f**king deadly. Without arrow's reach the effective range is maybe three or four forward dodge rolls. That isn't any exaggeration either, if you are not practically on top of an enemy you have target locked the arrows come down around you instead.

                                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                                      One efficient way to tackle this place:
                                                                                                                      - NOT MANDATORY BUT HELPFUL: Equip the Black Knives set (found right behind this city) to conceal your steps (kinda).
                                                                                                                      - VERY HELPFUL: Keep the Sentry Torch (you can buy it from the merchant outside Leyndell) on your back. It will allow you to see the Black Knives if you get spotted.
                                                                                                                      - Don't go into the Evergaol if you carry a lot of runes. If you die it can be difficult to retrieve them (some areas are locked in the real world). Just farm until the next level, or spend them, so you can focus solely on the puzzle.

                                                                                                                      - As soon as you enter the Evergaol, prioritize on lighting the torch in the "plaza". There is an high chance you'll get spotted by a Black Knife, but it doesn't matter as long as you touch the statue, because it will be permanently lit.
                                                                                                                      - In case you have a Black Knife on your tail, try to lure him into the outskirts. There you'll have room to properly fight, and the chances of someone else joining the fight are slim.
                                                                                                                      - After the first torch, i suggest to light up the one you can reach by climbing the stairs in the outskirts, you'll be undetected as long as you stay away from the center.
                                                                                                                      - Then, it is better to light up the one reachable by the stairs at the end of that sort of narrow corridor, because from there you can parkour your way to the last flame.
                                                                                                                      - So, yeah, make a suicide run while avoiding the arrows from the front and from your right.
                                                                                                                      - When you reach the roof with the stairs, kill the archer. If you stay behind the wall, you'll be protected by the other one.
                                                                                                                      - (Maybe it is me, but the game starts to lag when i get to that specific roof. If that happens to you, don't make any sudden move, otherwise you risk falling on the street, where you can potentially be spotted by a wandering Black Knife. Keep your cool and all will be fine).

                                                                                                                      Hope this helps

                                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                                        Square Off and Flaming strike are pretty good for interrupting the assassins. FS won't interrupt the grab attack or the weird dancing charged heavy, but Square Off will get em pretty good the instant they start moving in for an attack.

                                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                                          You only need to kill 2 archers. Jump up the broken wall, just behind/under the spawn point, QUICKLY with the first archer and use Rejection or shield bash to knock him off and kill him on the ground. Go back up and use the chimneys for cover to get to the ladder. Rush the 2nd archer after pausing to heal/recover just under the last rooftop.

                                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                                            "Note that if you're using any talismans that boost HP, you will not have access to the additional HP that those talismans provide while in the gaol."

                                                                                                                            Outdated or just plainly incorrect statement. Did the person who provided this information perhaps happened to be under the effect of the max HP sapping effect of the assassins?

                                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                                              Hello RL1 players who were patched out of the town skip! When going for the fourth candle, move up and crouch behind the window awnings to get close to the archer. Wait until they stop firing and throw a sleep pot, immediately duck after. Should open you up to get the fourth candle.

                                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                You can cheese Candle #1 if you do candle 4 first and kill both archers. You can go back across the archway and hop down on a roof to the left and he will appear. Just long range him to death.

                                                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                  Sorcerers: torch in left hand, staff in right. When you see the assassins, immediately cast Meteorite of Astel and pummel them into oblivion. Retreat to gain distance, repeat.

                                                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                    A zone not based on actual difficulty, not even on thinking and reasoning like an actual puzzle, like in Zelda, but rather on cheesing the player, frustrating them in fights between invisible enemies AND rangers, with archers dealing disgusting damage and having curving arrows (???) and high fire rate, rarely losing aggro, and perspective tricks to make you think you can see them to counterfire with your ranged weapon, when actually your projectiles will get stuck in geometries. Whoever designed this level: **** you.

                                                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                      I enter the evergaol and I am immediately attacked by an invisible black knight assassin that attacks you relentlessly and is practically impossible to track. Why fromsoft? Why?

                                                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                        making players walk a narrow path while archers with ****ing absurd damage shoot at you is one of those miyazaki classics. truly up there with poison swamps and foot shots

                                                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                          The Rain of Arrows AoW makes the archers a snap. Get in range to be able to lock on to the archers and then from crouched cover, you can use Rain of Arrows to shoot your arrows over the cover and pelt the archers. Safe and easy way to dispatch the archers.

                                                                                                                                          • If you are a Faith build, use Wrath of Gold to ragdoll these assassins to oblivion. Sentry torch in mainhand. If you time it right, they can never touch you.

                                                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                              For the one archer, two shots from a long bow or one shot from a great bow will push her down the roof where she can't shoot you. But he's still there so be careful. I snuck up and used rejection to knock her off the roof, then right up the ladder for my 4th and final lit candle. It ports you out of there after you get the 4th.

                                                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                Be advised it may not be worth killing the archers. I ran in to one on the ground with the sentry torch in my left hand so couldn't use my weapon art. They're tanky as hell, took about 10 hits from a +9 katana at level 123 to kill her. You can knock them off the roof to clear your path, much easier. Also, when you first spawn in to the evergoal there's a ladder that will get you to the rooftops that is almost a straight shot. It's a jump down, get up on a railing (like the pictures here) then right up. I ran in to an assassin on one try for this, but she didn't follow me up the ladder.

                                                                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                  Don't forget, the quiet town above is a map of the evergoal town, they're identical. With the sentry torch above ground I saw where the assassins were. Plan your route above ground, makes it 100% easier. At least two if not 3 torches can be reached by the rooftops where there are no assassins. The archers, are a problem on one of them. Comments below said a greatbow will knock the one off, which is enough, and I agree. Two shots from a long bow and I thought I pushed her off on my last candle, but here I pushed her down the roof further and she shot me while I was on the ladder. That approach should work next time. I literally drew a map of the locations since the platforms are above ground, hope this helps!

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