Rainbow Stone


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Shines with colored light when placed, serving as a guide
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Rainbow Stone is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring. Rainbow Stone is an Consumable item which can be used for marking a place for other players for a short time.


Ruin Fragment that has undergone some simple processing.
Craftable item.

Stones such as these shine with the colors of the rainbow,
making them useful markers when placed on the ground.

Can also be dropped to gauge the distance of a fall.
The higher the pitch of the sound, the higher the likelihood of the fall being fatal.
Once used to entertain children on the fringes of the Lands Between.


Rainbow Stone Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Rainbow Stone:


Elden Ring Rainbow Stone Crafting Guide

To craft Rainbow Stone you need the following Crafting Materials:


Elden Ring Rainbow Stone Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 99 Rainbow Stones.
  • You can store up to 600 Rainbow Stones.
  • Sell Value: item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px 10 Runes
  • Similar to the Prism Stone from Dark Souls 3.
  • May be used to test if a fall will be fatal. If the stone shatters after tossing it off a ledge it means your character will die from the fall.
    • May not work on death planes (such as falling into deep water), playing the normal sound instead of the expected loud shattering noise.


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    • Anonymous

      So... I used them while exploring shunning grounds, quit bc rl and when I get back and reloaded they were all gone. Kinda defeats their purpose...

      • Anonymous

        If you're in the business of willingly drawing invaders in to fight them, these work nicely as death markers for slain invaders or fallen allies. I like to think of it as a nice psychological damage bonus once the invader sees you drop a stone, adding them to the ranks of the dead.

        • Anonymous

          These are much more precious here in Elden Ring compared to earlier titles. Always sure to keep a decent stock or at least have the ruin fragments to craft some.

          • Anonymous

            If anybody's looking for an infinite supply of these, The twin maiden husks sell ruin fragments that you can use to craft rainbow stone

            • Anonymous

              Are they supposed to shatter if dropped from a ledge above an invisible walkway? I dropped a couple down and both shattered, but I saw someone left a message and dropped down anyways. I lived and with no damage. I have trust issues with so many other points of teh game where it really isn't a big distance and yet insta death

              • Anonymous

                Never works when I actually needed it (to check deadly falls), it plays the safe fall sound either because of water or it collides with a wall thanks to the throw being in an arc.

                • Anonymous

                  How many rainbow stones can you place?

                  32, you can place 32 stones at a time before it disappear the next stone placed.

                  • You can get the smithing stone miner's ball bearing after beating the godskin duo which unlocks the ability to buy ruin fragments which you can then craft to rainbow stones. Kinda silly to tie ruin fragments to a late game ball bearing rather than one of the early ones.

                    • Anonymous

                      These are extremely cheap to craft. Throw them off ledges like candy, and if they don't explode you've found a new area to go to! Just make sure you're at full health first, or have a cat charm.

                      • Anonymous

                        Do any merchants carriy these? Seems like an item they would carry, I use these things like candy and would like to not have to farm ruin fragments to make them

                        • It might be worth noting that if you drop them on the ground as markers they seem to last indefinitely until the player reloads, either from dying, fast traveling, or quitting to the main menu. Resting at a site of grace does not despawn them. I tested this with a dropped stone I had line of sight on while sitting, but I think it's safe to assume having LoS or not wouldn't matter.

                          • Anonymous

                            Coming here from an arbitrary reddit comment that said these can go through illusory walls.

                            Will comment if I can confirm anything.

                            • Anonymous

                              You will NEED a ton of these in the Leyndell Sewers/Subterranean Shunning Grounds. Stock up on Ruin Fragments and craft these bad boys and you'll never get lost and actually explore everything.

                              • Anonymous

                                Don't underestimate these bad boys. They're as forgettable in previous games as they are a life-saver in Elden Ring, which features a lot more verticality. They're great for marking your way in the numerous mazes too.

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