Albinauric Pot

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Uses FP. Throw to impede healing using a flask of tears
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FP Cost 8

Albinauric Pot is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring. It can be thrown at enemies to impede healing, and requires an empty Ritual Pot to craft.


Craftable item prepared using a ritual pot.
Enchanted by sorceries of the Cuckoos.

Consumes FP. Throw at enemies to impede recovery actions using a flask of tears for a certain duration.

The Knights of the Cuckoos do declare. Behold, thy defiled blood.
Unlike any humor that flows in our grand realm.


Albinauric Pot use in Elden Ring

Albinauric Pot uses FP when thrown to prevent enemies it hits from healing using a flask of tears for thirty seconds.


Elden Ring Albinauric Pot Crafting Guide

To craft Albinauric Pot you need the Glintstone Craftsman's Cookbook [3] and the following Crafting Materials:


Elden Ring Albinauric Pot Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 10 Albinauric Pots, depending on how many Ritual Pots you have.
  • You can store up to 600 Albinauric Pot
  • Sell Value: Albinauric Pot cannot be sold.
  • Once an Albinauric Pot is thrown, its Ritual Pot will be available for crafting another throwing pot.
  • The Scarlet Rot visual effect overrides the Albinauric Pot visual effect (regardless of their order of application).


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    • Anonymous

      These have their uses. If you think they aren't that useful then count yourself lucky you haven't encountered the outrageously passive guy who just rolls 90% of things and some how keeps getting to his flask. A good gank host will run forever when his phantom/phantoms die.. these can clutch his end.. and less extreme and more common players get more panicky when they see ol reliable greyed out/ or they'll just die not having any flasks in breathing room situations . These pots reward calculated aggression. Very nice

      • Anonymous

        Could this theoretically end up in tank PvP build, to throw this and wait them to use all their FP to lock them out of spells and ashes?

        • Anonymous

          impede healing? that's quite inaccurate as it only affects flasks but also affects both flasks (not sure abt wondrous physik)

          • Anonymous

            Knights of the Cuckoos were bullies who waged war to the weak so they picked on a ever spawning race that were easy to exploit and kept murdering them with their blood as their proof of unworthiness.

            • Anonymous

              So you can buy arrows and greatarrows infinitely from some merchants but you cant buy pots? Im sorry i like crafting but endgame when ive done everything and been everywhere id like the option to spend meaningless souls at that point instead of go on a scavenger hunt then even if you crafted it what if you lol miss with that pot? Cmon now u get it craftn is in most open worlds but no let me buy my pots.

              • Anonymous

                I kinda wish there was a stronger version that stops ALL healing. Sure, that'd be potentially obnoxious but I'd like the option to have something to stop all healing nonsense, especially on certain bosses.

                • Anonymous

                  I save these babies for the most obnoxious builds. These like most other ritual pots are expensive and clunky to use, but against weapon art spammers, (especially winged scythe users they really deserve it) dragon breath users, mages, and really anyone standing still (rip colossals) this shuts down any recovery from their abysmal playstyle. Unless you have health regen if you get hit by this it means no mistakes for 60 seconds. If i get you with a rot pot afterwords.. Well lets just hope you can bloodhound step away and have a bolus to spare.

                  • Anonymous

                    With such a limited duration, short range and small splash, this thing is unreasonably difficult to use for how niche its application is. Not to mention you'll only be trying to throw the pot at what is literally the most evasive enemy in the game (players or NPC invaders) to try and stop them from drinking a flask that takes maybe 1/3 of the time to drink that it takes to throw this pot.

                    • Anonymous

                      May or may not be optimal to use in invasions. but if you toss one of these after the host has scarlet rot, it is sure funny to watch a host panic run and choke to death.

                      • Anonymous

                        Elden Ring's version of Dark Souls' Lloyd's Talismans/Undead Hunter Charms. They will ONLY prevent recovery from Flasks, not anything else.

                        • Anonymous

                          It doesn't stop Malenia from healing because her power is essentially from the Great Rune(you can acquire it too and "cheat" just like her)

                          The real question is does it stop Regal Ancestor Spirit from healing, which is more like Vicar Amelia's healing

                          • Anonymous

                            Could this potentially be used to stop Malenia from healing, much like using Numbing Mist on Vicar Amelia in Bloodborne?

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