Giantsflame Fire Pot

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Uses FP. Throw at enemies to inflict heavy Fire Damage.
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Fai B

FP Cost 10

Giantsflame Fire Pot is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring. It can be thrown at enemies you to inflict heavy Fire Damage, and requires an empty Ritual Pot to craft.


Craftable item prepared using a ritual pot.
Enchanted by incantations of the Giants' Flame.

Consumes FP. Throw at enemies to inflict heavy fire damage.

Damage scales with faith.


Giantsflame Fire Pot use in Elden Ring

Giantsflame Fire Pot uses FP when thrown to inflict heavy Fire Damage.


Elden Ring Giantsflame Fire Pot Crafting Guide

To craft Giantsflame Fire Pot you need the Armorer's Cookbook [7] as well as the following Crafting Materials:


Elden Ring Giantsflame Fire Pot Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 10 Giantsflame Fire Pot, depending on how many Ritual Pots you have.
  • You can store up to 600 Giantsflame Fire Pots.
  • Sell Value: Giantsflame Fire Pot cannot be sold.
  • Once a Giantsflame Fire Pot is thrown, its Ritual Pot will be available for crafting another throwing pot.
  • Both the Redmane Fire Pot and the Giantsflame Fire Pot are direct upgrades to the Fire Pot, however, it should be noted that Redmane scales off of Strength and Dexterity like the normal Fire Pot, while Giantsflame scales off of pure Faith. On a Strength or Quality build, Redmane performs better, while Gitansflame is better for Faith builds.


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    • Anonymous

      Buffing this thing at low level is absurdly overpowered. It can one shot players if they don't have enough vigor. Most bosses can be beaten with Blackflame, so getting the Companion Jar isn't impossible.

      • Anonymous

        Doing 400-500 dmg depending on my opponents resistances in PvP at exactly 50 FTH, pretty damn solid.

        Definitely one of the pots of all time.

        • Anonymous

          Great if you're a sword n board faith player. Faster than switching to your seal when the opponent is at a medium distance and they're about to die.

          • After cheesing Godrick with the rotten stray ashes, Radahn with the cliffs, draconic tree sentinel with poison mist, Godfrey shade with a light bow and a lot of patience, and Morgott with the shackle, I now can confidently say these things are really strong! ...If you're level 1 and invading people on the first step. With how you can get the cookbook before any major bosses and the only fire blossoms before the mountains of the giants are rare drops from fire monks, it feels almost like they intended twinks to use this by mules dropping them a fat stack of fire blossoms to craft.

            • Anonymous

              I'm not really sure what the point of this is. It's not to make early game easier because players won't get to the armourer's cookbook anywhere near early game. It says 702 damage at 99 faith but anyone with 99 faith is going to have fire spells that will do many times more damage. If it was a free hit I'd think it would probably be useful now and again, but its not a free it, costs 10 fp to throw.

              • Anonymous

                This is probably one of the easiest consumable pots to farm for. At the ancient snow valley ruins there are a dozen or so of the flowers that take 30-40 secs to grab while doing a short lap with torrent, enough to make 5 of these per run.

                • Anonymous

                  Lax crafting recipe means you can craft a good few of these easily. Fun option for pure FTH builds -- pair it with an Oil Pot and some fire incantations for a good time.

                  • Anonymous

                    there is one missing pot
                    Redmane Fire Pot
                    both use Ritual pots and both are "heavy fire"
                    diference is Giant uses FP and gets +50 damage (370 vs 320 vs sacred knight)

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