VS Slash Defense

Type Defensive Stat
Effect Shows the amount of defense against Slash Damage

VS Slash Defense is a Defensive Stat in Elden Ring. VS Slash Defense shows your defense power and damage negation against slashing physical attacks. Stats determine the strengths and weaknesses of your character. Defensive Stats are determined by your Attributes and Equipment

VS Slash Defense reduces your weakness against cutting Weapons.


VS Slash Defense Elden Ring Guide

  • Your defense power and damage negation against slashing physical attacks.
  • The former is calculated via attributes, while the latter is calculated via defensive gear and active passive effects.


Elden Ring How to increase VS Slash Defense

  • Your VS Slash Defense can be increased by Information goes here


Related Equipment & Items in Elden Ring for VS Slash Defense

You can use the following Equipment and Items to increase your VS Pierce Damage:

  • Equipment and Items go here


Elden Ring VS Slash Defense Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here.



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