Imprisoned Merchant

imprisoned merchant
Location Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum
Role  General Goods Shop
Voiced By Joe McGann

Imprisoned Merchant is an NPC and Merchant in Elden Ring. Similar to Nomadic Merchants, the Imprisoned Merchant serves as a general goods vendor, selling various ConsumablesAmmunition and other items. He can be found inside the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum.


Imprisoned Merchant Location in Elden Ring

Found inside the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum west of Mohgwyn Palace. When entering the mausoleum, keep to your left while following the tunnels and you will find the Imprisoned Merchant sitting at a dead end. [Map Link]


Elden Ring Imprisoned Merchant Shop



Dialogue in Elden Ring: Imprisoned Merchant


  • Ooh, dear.
  • Oh, dear, terribly sorry.
  • Are you a customer?


  • Ooh! Ah, oh, terribly sorry... I-I didn't realise you came back.
  • Oh, nothing that suits your tastes, then? Heh heh...
  • Oh, is there anything wrong?

When attacking him

  • Eh! Please! Please, stop this!
  • It was me! It's all my fault! Please, don't hurt me!
  • (Turning hostile) I said don't hurt me! Aaargh!

Upon defeating him

  • How could you...What have I ever done? Heh heh...

When killed by

  • I warned you. I told you to stop...


  • ??


Elden Ring Notes & Trivia for Imprisoned Merchant

  • This merchant is playing a string instrument. 
  • The merchant is difficult to kill: he has a lot of health, and casts a spell that builds Madness quickly.
  • A trick to kill him, if you don't want to fight normally: Grab a good Greatshield and dual-wield it. When you reach the merchant, quit and reload the game to despawn the Sanguine Noble assassins. Hit the merchant a couple of times so he turns aggro, then move towards the initial entrance of the cave, trying to stay out of reach of the merchant's Madness spell. Block the Noble's attacks, and drink your Flask if needed (the attacks inflict a lot of blood loss, even through shields). When the Noble casts a pool of blood, back out of it, letting the merchant stay in it, slowly getting hemorrhaged. Repeat as long as needed to kill him.


imprisoned merchant npcs elden ring wiki guide

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    • Anonymous

      Im curious as to why he has madness? Did madness manifest from his despair of being trapped there, or did he get sick like the other merchants in the frenzy flame proscription? He plays the same song as the merchant down there, could he have been the one of the few survivors, left to be imprisoned at Mohgwyn’s Palace instead?

      • Anonymous

        Is it possible that Sanguine Noble Assassin that spawns upon leaving the merchants hole, changes rune value based on what you spend at the merchant? I killed him upon leaving and received upward of 30K runes. Granted I spent a fair over 16K at the merchant, so I am not sure. #LudwigVonHellsin

        • Anonymous

          What's the point of this guy selling festering fingers? If you reach him early through Varre's quest, that means that you will already have obtained the non-consumable Bloody Finger, making the festerings obsolete. If you reach the palace through the Snowfield, you're already so late into the game that if you hadn't bothered obtaining either of the nonconsumable fingers at that point, you probably don't care about invading at all, making them once again obsolete.

          WHy must Fromsoft make so many minor yet baffling decisions like this??? It's so insignificant but I can't stop thinking about this help

          • Anonymous

            him: *sets his shop in the middle of nowhere*
            me: *kills him to get the bell home*
            him: "how could you... what have i ever done... *pathetic big chungus laugh out of nowhere*
            ye bro, i guess that's what you have done... you and the other 3 copypaste merchants of the same exact kind.

            • Anonymous

              him: *sets his shop in the middle of nowhere*
              me: *kills him to get the bell home*
              him: "how could you... what have i ever done... *pathetic big chungus laugh out of nowhere*
              ye bro, i guess that's what you have done... you and the other 3 copypaste merchants of the same exact kind.

              • Anonymous

                I'm sorry, you didn't do anything wrong, you just had sanguine nobles guarding you. you had to die for my convenience.

                • Anonymous

                  Sure the Burred Bolt is the only item he sells worth buying but killing him despite having a huge health pool JUST for that item ain't worth it for me tbh...

                  Like i found killing all those 4 nobles one at a time with my best weapons and summons thus farming a good amount of runes AND spend those runes on the items i was looking for felt more rewarding,

                  Plus..Poor guy is trapped against his will and i feel horrible murdering people who pose no threat.

                  • Anonymous

                    When I see this merchant, I have a suspicion feeling that I couldn’t explain. Therefore, I attack him and he uses frenzy flame incantation to fight back. When he dies, he talks about something like” he really loves frenzy flame” but I’m not 100% confirmed…. ( I should have made a record )

                    • Anonymous

                      Not sure if I got lucky but I just rushed until I reached him and then quitted the game to despawn the noble sanguine. Reload the game and bought his stuff. No need to kill that stupid mob neither kill this fella

                      • Anonymous

                        Assuming you're having trouble killing him while not getting mauled by his frenzy, you can break his posture with a single charged R2 from a morning star, riposte, and repeat. I'd assume it works with most other maces as well but the innate bleed makes it handy for killing him if you don't have a +10 weapon while here

                        • Haha.. I just started NG+ like 24 hours ago. Already did Godrick and Rennala. Have Mogwhyn for farming. I hadn't explored it much past the bird/Alb farm. Worked my way to this guy and since I decided to take a kill all merchants policy this time around I went to kill him and he kicked my ass. Flame spray of some sort caught me off guard. The rest had been pitiful.

                          • Anonymous

                            This dude should be a final boss, that health pool plus infinite nonstop rapid firing of wide reaching large aoe frenzy magic explosions of death. This was someone's job to program him, someone's job to put him there and someone's job to royally f up on the delivery of game experience. Imprisoned? I don't think there's a living thing in this world, the world of elden ring or any other world for that matter that could keep him prisoner considering he's a walking Neverending arsenal of nukes with the stamina and health of a planet.

                            • Anonymous

                              I thought this guy is evil for staying in that cave. After killing him I just noticed his name "improsoned merchant".. Oh well he has frenzy flames so he must be just pretending to be innocent. Also dwelling arrows and bloodrose ftw

                              • Anonymous

                                I don't care how inaccessible his vending location is. I refuse to kill this man. He is just too lovable.

                                • Anonymous

                                  dam felt bad enough this was the only merchant i killed for a better location, they really made me feel guilty with some of those lines he says when you attack and kill him.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    super ****ing annoying that this guy is in the middle of a hell-zone and is the only infinite source of dwelling arrows

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Yeah, sorry buddy, I know your not here because you want to be, but i really want your stock at a more accessible location

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Since he is in the middle of nowhere, it is better to just kill him to grab his bell so you can give it to the Roundtable maiden, allowing her to sell the same stuff as him in a much more accessible (and less risky) location. Be careful when you engage him, though. Spawns a blood assassin (same mob that you had to fight to reach him) when attacked, also has a huge health pool and his yellow crazyness spell hits a massive area in front of him, while also dealing huge damage.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Drops his bell bearing when killed, like all the traveling merchants. You should definitely be careful though, since he spams frenzy fire magic when you anger him.

                                          • Kill him to get his bell, then bring it back to the Twins in Roundtable and hand it over. This will let the Twins sell everything that he was selling.
                                            This works with every merchant in the game. As a rule of thumb (with the exception of our imprisoned friend here), kill only the merchants with donkeys. You have zero reason to keep them alive, and even less reason to come back to the middle of no where to purchase from them again.

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