Volcano Manor Spirit

Location Volcano Manor
Role Benevolent

The Volcano Manor Spirit is an NPC in Elden Ring. He rests in the Volcano Manor.


Someone, please, kill him...


Volcano Manor Spirit Location in Elden Ring

The Volcano Manor Spirit can be found outside the Drawing Room in the Volcano Manor.

  • This NPC does not move and can only be talked to.
  • This spirit can't be fought


Dialogue in Elden Ring: Volcano Manor Spirit

  • "Someone, please, kill him..."
  • "Mm, you're Tarnished. Here to put the demigods to the sword.
    Then please. Kill the great serpent.
    The one that devoured Praetor Rykard.
    I left the serpent-slaying spear in the Lord's Chamber.
    Worthy Tarnished, brandish the spear, and run him through.
    The great serpent...that unspeakable monstrosity."
  • "Praetor Rykard's ambitions, though blasphemous, marked him a worthy sovereign.
    But they were reduced to gluttonous depravity, once he gave himself to the serpent.
    Whatever that thing is, it is no longer Praetor Rykard.
    Someone must kill him.
    To spare him, and his ambitions, from further dishonour."
  • "Worthy Tarnished. I left the serpent-slaying spear in the Lord's Chamber.
    It is the only thing that can kill that horror.
    Run it through. The great serpent...that unspeakable monstrosity."


Elden Ring Volcano Manor Spirit Notes & Trivia

  • After defeating Rykard, he leaves the Gesture 'My Thanks' where he once sat.
  • He wears the Gelmir Knight Set, suggesting that he used to serve under Rykard as a Gelmir Knight.



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    • Anonymous

      He appeared for me, and then in typical From game fashion, my game froze on a loading screen and now he wont appear no matter what i do. Get your **** together From -_-

      • Anonymous

        A sort of funny thing about this guy is that he has a normal human body, not a Commoner-type body (long-neck and stuff), and yet he's clearly wearing a (Gelmir) Knight Set, which comes with that skinny, seemingly long-necked helmet that very clearly wouldn't fit his head. I guess it dispels the theory that those knights all have long necks and small heads under their helmets, and just means that these goofy skinny helmets that don't actually fit people's heads are... exactly that (and hey, those were already a thing in previous Souls games, so it's not like it's new).

        • Anonymous

          No wonder i recognised this guy's voice, he's voiced by Grahame Fox, the same man who did Eygon of Carim from Dark Souls 3! Absolutely legend.

          • Anonymous

            Does he disappear once you collect the spear? He's not present at the expected location in my current playthrough but I have not yet beaten Rykard.

            • Anonymous

              I'm glad that there's finally a page for this npc, hopefully with time we can learn more about this npc and their VA.

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