Sorceress Sellen

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Location Limgrave, Waypoint Ruins 
Weeping Peninsula
Witchbane Ruins
Role Merchant and Quest NPC
Voiced By  Kezia Burrows

Sorceress Sellen is a Merchant and NPC in Elden Ring. She can be found inside the Waypoint Ruins, far east from where you first arrive in Limgrave. She can teach you Sorceries. She can also be made available as an NPC Summon for specific battles.


Tarnished, are we? A wonder you should turn up here.
I am Sellen, a sorcerer, quite plainly. Why are you here?


Sorceress Sellen Location in Elden Ring

  • She is found standing near a treasure chest within the Waypoint Ruins in the central-east part of Limgrave. Players can reach her after defeating the  Mad Pumpkin Head. After defeating the boss, the Site of Grace "Waypoint Ruins Cellar" appears in their boss room, allowing easy access to Sellen's services. Map Link for Waypoint Ruins.
  • Sorceress Sellen can also be found kept prisoner at Witchbane Ruins, however, other than speaking to her, nothing can be done with her here until progressing far enough into her quest line. Be warned, attacking Sellen here can cause issues with her availability as a merchant elsewhere and stall progression in her quest line.
    This can be resolved by seeking absolution at the Church of Vows.
    Map Link for Witchbane Ruins.
  • She can be summoned to aid in the Red Wolf of Radagon boss fight, after progressing her quest line to the point that she leaves for the Raya Lucaria Academy.
  • Once the player has progressed her quest line far enough, two new summon signs will appear at the entrance to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library, offering the player a choice between assisting her (gold sign) or challenging her (red sign).


Elden Ring Sorceress Sellen Shop

Item Name Item Type runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18Purchase Value Availability
Glintstone Pebble Sorceries 1,000 Always
Glintstone Stars Sorceries 3,000 Always
Glintstone Arc Sorceries 1,500 Always
Crystal Barrage Sorceries 1,500 Always
Scholar's Armament Sorceries 3,000 Always
Scholar's Shield Sorceries 2,500 Always
Glintblade Phalanx Sorceries 2,500 Requires Royal House Scroll
Carian Slicer Sorceries 1,500 Requires Royal House Scroll
Great Glintstone Shard Sorceries 2,000 Requires Academy Scroll
Swift Glintstone Shard Sorceries 600 Requires Academy Scroll
Glintstone Cometshard Sorceries 12,000 Requires Conspectus Scroll
Star Shower Sorceries 10,000 Requires Conspectus Scroll
Shard Spiral Sorceries 8,000 After siding with her at the end of her questline

 You can choose among the following options while talking to Sorceress Sellen:

  • Study sorcery: Learn a sorcery from Sellen in exchange for Runes.
  • Give a scroll: Give Sellen a sorcery scroll key item to add the sorceries contained within it to Sellen's merchant inventory.
  • Give letter of introduction: After receiving the Letter of Introduction from Preceptor Seluvis, you can then speak with Sellen about it. She will inform you that General Radahn must be defeated in order to restore the movement of the stars, which will reveal a way to access the lost city of Nokron.


Sorceress Sellen Questline: How to complete Sorceress Sellen's Quest

  • Sellen can first be encountered at the Waypoint Ruins, after defeating the Mad Pumpkin Head guarding her room. She will introduce herself as the Graven Witch. Should you accept her offer to study sorceries under her, you will be able to pursue her quest line. Learning enough sorceries from her will unlock more dialogue with her.
  • North of Hermit Village on Mt. Gelmir, you can find the sorcerer Azur, who will give you the sorcery Comet Azur upon interacting with him. Afterwards, go back and speak with Sellen to continue to the next part of her quest line.
  • Note: Holding off on completing the following step will not prevent Sellen's quest line from continuing until much later. Sellen will ask you to find another sorcerer, Master Lusat, who is locked away behind a special magic seal deep inside Sellia Hideaway in Caelid. She will give you an item that will allow you to break the seal that holds him. Upon interacting with Master Lusat, he will gift you with the sorcery Stars of Ruin. Return to Sellen and she will reward you with a Starlight Shard. You can locate the pit leading to the magic seal Master Lusat is trapped behind by finding a crystal snail on a ledge above a crystal cluster and a crystal you can walk down, pictured below.

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  • Return to Sellen after defeating Starscourge Radahn. She will request that you meet her in person at the Witchbane Ruins where she will give you Sellen's Primal Glintstone.
  • If you haven't done so yet, travel back to Redmane Castle where Witch-Hunter Jerren can be found sitting in the throne room. Speak with him and exhaust his dialogue. Afterwards, reset the area by resting at any Site of Grace. This should cause Castle Redmane to return to the enemy filled state it was in before the Radahn Festival event began.
  • Return to Witchbane Ruins where you will find Jerren standing in the room with a now deceased Sellen. Once again, speak with Jerren and exhaust his dialogue.
  • Journey to the Three Sisters area and locate the ruins on the right side of the approach up to Ranni's Rise. You must locate an illusory floor that must be struck to reveal. The location of the illusory floor is shown below.

20220303205624 1  dungeonmap

  • Within this secret basement of dolls, there is an illusory wall just to the left of the glowing message that says "Seluvis's puppet. Do not touch." On the other side of the illusory wall is a room containing a doll duplicate of Sellen, where you can insert the Primal Glintstone by interacting with it. After speaking with the now revived Sellen, she will resume selling sorceries at this location until Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon is defeated.

glowing message in room

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screenshot obs recording 2022 05 14 02 48 48 raleigh littles



  • After completing the previous steps and defeating Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, fast travel to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library Site of Grace. Right outside the entrance should be two summon signs.
    • The gold summon sign offers the option to assist Sellen, where you will need to aid her in fighting Witch Hunter Jerren:
      • Defeating Witch-Hunter Jerren will reward you with the Eccentric Set.
      • After the fight, you can find Sellen standing inside the Grand Library where Renalla once was, with Renalla sadly sitting off to the side of the room. Speak with Sellen and exhaust her dialogue to receive the Glintstone Kris and have the sorcery Shard Spiral added to Sellen's merchant inventory.
      • Sellen will remain where she stands in the Grand Library until you have completed the part of her quest line to find Master Lusat. Once that part of her quest line has been completed, reset the area. You will find that Sellen will have moved to the side of the room and transformed into a School of Graven Mages (beside of which can be found her Witch's Glintstone Crown) and Rennala will have returned to her original position in the center of the room. Despite Sellen's "condition," you can still purchase sorceries from her at any time by speaking with her.


  • After defeating Jerren, you can revisit the spots where you first encountered Master Azur and Master Lusat to find their armor sets (Azur's Glintstone Set and Lusat's set, respectively) laying on the ground where they once were. 
    • The red summon sign offers the option to challenge Sellen, where you will need to aid Witch Hunter Jerren in defeating Sellen:
      • Defeating Sellen will reward you with the Witch's Glintstone Crown and Sellen's Bell Bearing.
      • Jerren can be found afterwards, standing just outside the entrance to the Grand Library.
      • Speak to Jerren and he will reward you with an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.
      • At this point, Jerren can still be killed in order to obtain the his armor set, the Eccentric Set.
      • If you choose this option and kill Sellen, you will not be able to get the Lusat Set and Azur Set until your next game cycle.


Dialogue in Elden Ring: Sorceress Sellen


  • Tarnished, are we? A wonder you should turn up here.
    I am Sellen, a sorcerer, quite plainly. Why are you here?

When attacked

  • What's the meaning of this? How unfortunate. <disappears>
  • You sadden me, my apprentice.
  • (On player kill) For a time, I believed us kindred spirits. My apprentice...

After you say you want to learn sorcery

  • Ahh, a yen for glintstone sorceries? Well, your aptitude does appear...passable. But one must choose one's masters wisely.
    I was exiled from the Academy of Raya Lucaria, as a reviled, apostate witch. Do you still wish to learn from me?

I still want to learn

  • Well, you are a piece of work. Very well. You are now my protégé in glintstone sorcery. But I refuse to coddle. Or cast kind words. Never.
    Anticipate grievances, young apprentice.
    [Nod in Thought Gesture received]


  • Young apprentice, first things first. You are a tadpole when it comes to magic. Infantile. Without the legs to walk.
    So, to become a sorcerer, first, you must face your ignorance. Now, shall we start learning?

After buying some sorceries

  • Our powers draw upon the powers embedded in glintstone, but what is the nature of such power? Glintstone is the amber of the cosmos, golden amber contains the remnants of ancient life and houses its vitality, while Glintstone contains residual life. And thus, the vitality of the stars. It should not be forgotten that glintstone sorcery is the study of the stars and the life therin.

Giving her the Royal House Scroll

  • Oh, is that a scroll? Takes me back to my academy days. Very well. This is sorcery with which I'm not entirely unfamiliar. I'll be sure to incorporate it into one of your lessons. Never lose that inquisitive spirit, my apprentice.

While imprisoned at Witchbane Ruins

  • It will do no good, I swear it...and yet you persist, you frothing degenerates...A...argh!

Show Seluvis's Letter of Introduction to Sellen

  • Well, well... Seluvis is not a name I ever wanted to hear again... But, fine. If it will help you, my apprentice, I offer my knowledge. The stars alter the fate of the Carian royal family. And the fate of your mistress, Ranni. But long ago, General Radahn challenged the swirling constellations, and in a crushing victory, arrested their cycles. Now, he is the force that repulses the stars. If General Radahn were to die, the stars would resume their movement. And so, too, would Ranni's destiny.

Show Azur's sorcery

  • Ah, then you have seen Master Azur. Master Azur was a founding glintstone sorcerer, and my first teacher. A stern judge of men, but he must have seen something in you. You make us both proud. We can speak more later, my apprentice.

Tell me your story

  • If you recall, I was exiled from the Academy of Raya Lucaria. It was for attempting to restore the primeval current of glintstone sorcery. The toothless pedantry peddled by the Carian royal family can rot for all I care. I want glintstone sorceries that open our minds, unbound by terrestrial taboos. No matter what we give in return. My apprentice. I presume nothing. Teacher and student are not bound to tread the same path. But hear me out, my apprentice. I need your help to restore the primeval current of glintstone sorcery. Perhaps this is a journey we could take together?
  • (Let's journey together) Splendid. I thank you. This pleases me. It's been far too long since I found a fellow kindred spirit. You must have a fabulous teacher.

I have a favour to ask

  • I need your help, my apprentice. Master Lusat is another founding glintstone sorcerer. And like Master Azur, he was banished from the academy. Now he languishes, imprisoned somewhere. My apprentice, can you find Master Lusat? With this glintstone key, you should be able to cross the boundary that encloses him.
  • I need him to restore the primeval current of glintstone sorcery. He's nigh a child of the stars, such is his body now...

Lead on Lusat

  • After his expulsion from the academy, I heard that Master Lusat returned to his home. A place called Sellia, in the eastern Caelid Wilds. Thinking about it, I obtained the glintstone key I gave you from a Sellian sorcerer. It wouldn't be too much of a leap to suppose he's still cooped up nearby.

After meeting Master Lusat

  • My apprentice. Give me a moment later. I have a favour to ask.
  • Who could've guessed. What a place to find Master Lusat...You have my gratitude. This is all your work. I am truly pleased to have you as an apprentice, and a kindred spirit. This is a mere token of my thanks. Please, take it.
  • This brings us a full step closer. The bodies of Masters Azur and Lusat can be admitted to the academy. If only I could undo these wretched shackles...

About the request

  • The form you see before you is merely a projection. My body lies elsewhere. But the academy's shackles prevent it being moved. My body is on the Weeping Peninsula, at the southern tip of the Lands Between, imprisoned in the ruins just down from the Church of Marika, past the plain of the Wandering Mausoleum. Can you make the journey to my body? I have something that I can only trust with you. 

At Witchbane Ruins (after hearing about her request)

  • My apprentice, thank you for coming. These shackles take a toll on us all. There is something I need you to look after. My primal glintstone. A star has fallen, and my fortunes waver. someone may come for my life. And so, I entrust it with you. My self.
  • Thank apprentice... my essence. Please, treat it with care.
  • Treat it with care, my apprentice... What you hold is my very being...

Using Sellen's Primal Glintstone in the secret room at the Three Sisters

  • My apprentice, just how long has it been? Thank you. You've helped me fill a new body, once again. And it's truly a gem. Young and full of vigor, a snug fit for my Primal Glintstone. Better still, I've shed those awful shackles. Finally, I can return to the academy. To expel the Carian royal family, and restore the primeval current. My dear apprentice, I owe this all to you.

Challenging Jerren

  • Jerren, bringer of my death.
    You have my gratitude. For freeing me from my shackles.
    But I am afraid your work is done.
    Join the school. To reflect on your mistake.

 After defeating Jerren

  • Ahh, my apprentice.
    You've saved my skin once again.

    Do you see this? The Queen of Caria is no more.
    With the bodies of Masters Azur and Lusat returned, the academy can hone the primeval current.
    So that we, fallen children of the stars, shall beam with brilliance once again.
    My apprentice. Will you stay with us, here at the academy?
    Oh, I know it's not possible.
    You have your own calling. To be the next Elden Lord.
    But do think of me.
    Of your teacher. On the eve of your crowning.
    You will always be my darling pupil.
    Rest assured that I...
    No, the entire academy, will swear allegiance to the new monarch.
    My apprentice. Become Elden Lord.
  • Hmm. Perhaps I'm jumping ahead,
    but here is a symbol of my allegiance, and the academy's.
    (gives Glintstone Kris)
    Do you recall what I once told you?
    That glintstone is the amber of the cosmos, and sorcery is the study of the stars, and the life therein.
    When you become Elden Lord, please illuminate me.
    Lay bare the secrets of life which course the Elden Ring.
    Next time, I will be your student.
  • Oh, one last thing.
    If you fail to claim your throne,
    you can always pay me a visit.
    Oh, don't fret. Even my dullest pupils will always have a place here.

After reloading the area

  • U...urgh. M-my...apprentice...I-I'm...


  • (Subsequent Visits)
    There you are, my apprentice. Shall we commence the lesson?
  • (Talking again without reloading)
    You wish to continue the lesson? Very well, I have time aplenty.


Elden Ring Notes & Trivia for Sorceress Sellen

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    • Anonymous

      Can someone tell me what armor he is wearing in those pictures? The one with the white cape and three swords on the back? I've never come across that piece...

      • Anonymous

        So you can summon her to help with the red wolf in the academy, but only if you've already visited Mt. Gelmir?

        Wouldn't you be way overleveled for raya lucaria if you waited that long?

        • Anonymous

          Never talked to Jerren or went back to the place Sellen was nailed to the wall after we got her soulstone and I completed the questline just fine. It's just bonus information about his beef with her and not necessary to complete this quest.

          • Anonymous

            I see the transformation picture being open as you load into the is still not fixed after people's comments about it. Now I have been spoiled too. That's sad... wonder what really happened.

            • Anonymous


              This same primal glintstone transfer is quite possibly the same way Marika and Radagon were the same, yet different.
              Marika, a god, surely knew how to duplicate these primal glintstones. She simply had to create a puppet and transfer it.

              I believe this puppet was Radagon, and although they were the same people at the beginning, clearly, by the end, they were not.
              Evidence of this is Marika destroying the Elden Ring while Radagon (a distinct person after years past the transfer of primal glintstone, marriage to Rennala and how he earned Champion status,) tried to mend the Elden Ring.

              • Anonymous

                One of my least favourite quests. The story is good, but the quest progression feels kinda weird. Some steps are very obtuse and when played normally, I always end up in an early stage of progression until I find comet azur at Mt. Gelmir and then practically progressing through her entire quest line in less than an hour because everything is mostly aleady done and I only teleport back and forth between places to advance dialogue.
                I think it has to do with the Gelmir spot being rather late midgame while in the meantime it's very very likely you already finished the academy and Radahn.
                Maybe it's a bit more organic if you go straight from liurnia to Altus plateau through the tunnel and then teleport to Volcany Manor via Rya?
                Dunno, I usually finish Liurnia and then Caelid before I even go to Mt. Gelmir or Altus Plateu.
                But something tells me Dragonbarrow in Caelid is meant to be explored after Volcano Manor because otherwise you find the first somber smithing stone 7 way after 8 & 9. On the flipside the right Dectus medaillon is in Dragonbarrow, so that's why I do that area first...

                Really curious how others do it, opinions?
                Kinda wish the progression was a bit smoother over time like Ranni, kinda gets ruined by uneven progression imo.

                • Anonymous

                  I don't like being made to choose between letting her live or an ancient dragon smithing stone. She's so damn sweet.

                  • Anonymous

                    I went to this page to see what i had to do to progress the quest, but then i get spoiled by the transformation picture already being open. Pls fix so other people dont get spoiled like this.

                    • Anonymous

                      For those questioning about finding her both alive and free, and then imprisoned later, this is explained in her quest when you progress for enough.

                      • Anonymous

                        Something whose consequences are not entirely explored on this page is how to progress the quest if she gets imprisoned at Witchbane Ruins earlier than described above.

                        I have not even gone through Stormveil yet, let alone Mt. Gelmir and Redmane Castle, and have found her imprisoned at Witchbane Ruins. Presumably going to Witchbane Ruins after meeting her once is enough for her to be trapped there. Annoyingly she has become trapped after I gave her the Royal House Scroll but before I've bought Carian Slicer off her...

                        In the above description of her quest, it sounds like she is not trapped there until much much later. I'm now unsure how this affects her quest, and what to do next? I assume if I kill her, that'll end her quest but get me the bell bearing so I can get the sorcery? But if I want to complete her quest, am I stuck until meeting Jerren, which is a long long way off for me?
                        I'll come back if I discover anything during this playthough...

                        • Anonymous

                          Sellen watching in horror as i dump all my INT into other stats in a respec (she can't do anything about it because she's a ball)

                          • Anonymous

                            Im pretty sure she will stay as ruler of caria if you complete her quest without bringing her lusats gear. I was even able to grab azur's and she stayed normal.

                            • Anonymous

                              Is her line about "anticipating grievances" foreshadowing the end of her quest? The word 'grievance sounds similar to 'graven'. The words don't share a root or anything but there could be an implication just in their similar sound and spelling. The graven mass is already two ideas in one, as it combines the technical meaning of 'graven' (carved) with another meaning—graves, i.e. the death of sorcerers. So it appears the team was already thinking of this layered wordplay, and in English, too.

                              • Anonymous

                                So her """plan""" was to hand her actual soul off to a mute vagrant who may or may not have been wearing pants and hope, with ZERO further instruction, that murder hobo would know to carry her soul halfway across the continent, to some ruins in the middle of ass nowhere Luirnia of the Lakes, to attack a floor in those ruins, to make the floor disappear, in order to access a basement under that floor, to attack a wall in that basement, to make the wall disappear, in order to access a doll, so that the he can put Sellen's soul into the doll, giving her a new body. Does she KNOW the Tarnished is controlled by some external entity with access to Google? Because that's the only reason that """plan""" had a chance of success.

                                • Anonymous

                                  1. Imagine being stuck forever within an inanimate object. Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? Multiply by a trillion.
                                  2. Imagine being stupid enough not to realize this perspective in advance.

                                  God, if only characters in ER were a little less shortsighted and a little more elaborate... Maybe we'd have ways to prevent most of their unnecessary sacrifices. Maybe we could even resolve their disputes.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Sellen be like "alright you can be my student but don't expect any kind words! You will have the HARSHEST criticism in your lifetime and I will be completely uncompromising" *proceeds to do nothing but compliment you and shower with praise* *except calling you dumb one time in library*

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Who found out you can summon her for the red wolf fight? By the time you find commet azure you've most likely cleared out the academy as you've had to go through the Altus Plateau, you'll also be seriously over levelled for the fight anyway by that point

                                      • Anonymous

                                        at the end, we get to choose between helping her or Jerren, but what if we kill Jerren in the Witchbane Ruins beforehand?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          "U...urgh. M-my...apprentice...I-I'm..." - the voiceover here clearly suggests she screwed something and her current look is directly linked to that, but she doesn't want to go into details after being so proud and confident with you.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Why Lucarian mages like to wear ugly helmets? I mean this NPC Sellen is a unique one, unlike those Lucarian enemy mages. it's a waste of opportunity to make a face for such character, making her look just like a generic one.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I only did the Sellen NPC quest and bought all her spells from a completionist borderline OCD mentality. I have the same 15 INT now I started with, incantations for the win bit**es! Between somber dragon stones and smithing dragon stones I've upgraded the weapons I like best so helping Jerren to get his dragon stone meant nothing and I couldn't bring myself to help him kill Sellen, apart from anything else he's nuttier than squirrel turds.

                                              But speaking to Sellen after she turned into the school of graven mages and being able to recognise her stone crown right in the middle of them I think killing her might have been the bigger kindness. I know its stupid but the way she said my apprentice when I spoke to her for the last time after she turned bothered me, it sounded like she was in pain or maybe struggling not to lose her identity inside the school of graven mages.

                                              Her voice actor did a stellar job from start to finish, first in making her a likeable character then giving some sense of what she was feeling as part of the school of graven mages. Does anyone who knows their lore know why she turned into that?.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                The quest walk-through mentions that she can be found standing near a chest in waypoint ruins but there is no chest

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  What I will say now might be a spoiler for so don't read further if you want to be spoiled. You've been warned...
                                                  Jerren seems to be friend of the Carian family while Sellen tries to expel them as she says with her own words. Alas, she will always fail and while Jerren can fail because of the involvment of you... he is still the only NPC of the two who gives a glimmter of hope to see him again. Infact he even has a special dialogue if you've become champion of Ranni and is happy to be your friend and even mention being a friend of Iji himself.
                                                  So I think the good ending is to actually help Jerren instead of Sellen because the ending that seems best according to people is Ranni's Ending and Sellen does not succeed in any shape or form. Help Jerren and maybe in a DLC we will see him again :)

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    I waant an ending where she is just normal. Add sellen to the list of malenia and a marika only ending here we learn of her plan

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      The part about completing sellen's quest preventing ofnir casting comet azure could be clearer. Is her quest complete if you help Jerren kill her? or is it only complete if you side with her against Jerren?

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I'm not invested in sellen's quest and I don't use sorcery spells but I'd still be more inclined to help her not Jerren if it wasn't for the ancient dragon stone.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          The only reason to side with Jerren is if you want the dragon smithing stone, all other items are obtainable siding with Sellen, except her bell bearing.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            I'm on my NG+ playthrough and reached farum azula already, can I still start her quest? I only need her for the stars of ruin spell..

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              I went to the roundtable hold a few days after I picked up her glintstone heart and it randomly gave me the message: "The primal glintstone shudders. It seems Sellen's body has died." I guess there's a time limit on that step? Either way this is dumb.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                Who would you choose to side with:

                                                                1. Sellen: the lovely lady who taught you everything you know, who has never lied to you, who has always been completely honest about who she is, what she's done and what she's trying to do, and who trusts you with her very soul

                                                                2. Jerren "allow me to paint you the full picture" Witchhunter: homeless guy in a clown costume who's obsessed with killing her because uhhhh witchcraft bad

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Jerren does not always appear in the throne room. I am highly progressed in the game (elden beast dead, nearly every other questline complete) and he was waiting at Witchbane. Never showed up to the Redmane Castle Throne Room.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Uhhhhh, I'm confused and this article isn't really helping. I've done basically nothing for her quest, all I've done with her is buy a couple spells and have her help me for someone else's quest. Now she's chained up in Witchbane cave, with no interest at all in talking to me? Did I do something wrong? How fo I go about fixing it?

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      Her ending is so sad. I only completed it in my first playthrough and never again. I prefer having my best girls (Sellen, Fia and Rennala) alive and well.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        It's funny how Sellen still treats you the same if you already learnt Comet Azur before meeting her for the first time and already have 60 Intelligence - she will still greet you as if you were some noob in sorcery who wants to learn the absolute basics, when you have already mastered one of the most powerful abilities in sorcery

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          Don't ya find it kinda odd that seluvis has a life sized uninhabited doll body that looks exactly like sellen in a secret room right next to a bed? Dude is down atrocious

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            I was very intrigued and interested on the Sellen's outcome, so I wanted to doscuss a little further. Unfortunately, thanks guys for spoiling the Boc questline for me...

                                                                            But, on the first matter, I love how knowledge and ruin walks always side by side in DS and ER (did not played BB, but from what I heard, thats a point in that universe as well).

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              if you can't interact with the doll body after getting her soul, try talking to the jester-looking guy at redmane castle. If he's not here, teleporting there should suffice. Go back to Ranni's rise and she should be interactable.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                We're used to miserable questlines but jesus, even if her dialog after her transformation was like beeps and hums you could at least say 'well she accomplished what she wanted, one with the primeval current or whatevs' instead of sounding garbled and in pain.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  There's also different defeat dialogue if you kill her right after transplanting her primal glintstone

                                                                                  "Ahh, how could this be...every fallen child...must rise..."

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    Why doesn't Sellen recognize you if you find her at Witchbane Ruins before progressing farther into her quest line?

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      Quest guide is currently SO whacky. It never links to the item (Sellian Sealbreaker), and never tells you how to trigger it. Check Master Lusat's page for the details. TO DO THIS QUEST you need to go to Hermit Village in Mt. Gelmir and loot Azur's body.

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        i missed both azur and lusat and now I don't know hot to save her from the prison, Jerren is not spawning; can i continue sellen questline or is it over?

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          Might want to mention that you can find her puppet body in the same room as her Graven Mass/Queen Rennala. Its on the floor, stripped naked (and topless I might add) right next to the site of Grace. If you just warped in to that grace, and are looking at Rennala, with her back to you? Look to your right on the floor, she's less than 6 steps away.

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            Apparently you can prevent her from turning into a giant ball of heads by skipping the Lusat part of her questline. Meeting Azur is neccessary to progress (at least it was for me), but if you already defeated Radahn and Jerren told you about his unfinished business, then you can just skip finding Lusat. I did that, completed her questline at the Raya Lucaria library, and she continues to stand in the center of the room in the shape of a human (Rennala will be hidden behind a shelf, but still there to offer rebirth). She continues to do so even after reloading the area multiple times, so I guess it will stay that way?

                                                                                            Though I don't know what happens if you visit Lusat later on and return to her. Upon completing her questline, she said something about how she still needs Lusat's body to revive the primeval currents.

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              Hear me out. To start, Sellen first greets you via astral projection, something no other character seems capable of doing. Team Ranni meets you in Ranni's Rise when you first join her service, but as transparent phantoms. Sellen's real body is imprisoned in Witchbane Ruins, and there's an item there: Ambush Shard, a spell from Sellia, Town of Sorcery. Sellia almost sounds like it could be the name of a town that was named in honor of Sellen, doesn't it? And it just so happens to be a town full of sorcerers, but not just any sorcerers -- ghosts. The Sellian sorcerers used their night sorceries to assassinate other sorcerers -- why? We know Sellen is all about the primeval current, and forming graven masses, which requires a lot of dead sorcerers. Graven masses can cast a recognizable spell: Night Maiden's Mist, a spell that Gowry, right outside Sellia, teaches you. Its description states that it's a spell originating from the Night Maiden of Nokron, which is right below Sellia. Nokron is where Ranni's fated Fingerslayer Blade is, and when Blaidd can't find Nokron, he tells you to talk to Seluvis about it. Seluvis then tells you to ask... Sellen. When we later transplant Sellen's primal glintstone into Seluvis's puppet, she seems rather nonchalant about the fact that she is in an exact copy of her previous body that some weirdo from college was keeping in his basement. There is one puppet spirit ash you can find that isn't directly and obviously related to Seluvis: the Night Maiden and Swordstress Puppets in Nokron. Jerren, upon killing Sellen's imprisoned body, immediately suspects she will come back in another body. There's more. After killing Radahn, Jerren's next task is to hunt down Sellen, a task he undertook while serving House Caria. Iji says: "Now the time has come to remind him of an old promise made. With the starts of fate set into motion, a certain sorceress is dispossessed of her immortality... Finally, we can be rid of a longstanding Carian weed..." Immortality. I believe Sellen is the Night Maiden of Nokron, the namesake of Sellia, who knows how many centuries old, and has routinely been going from body to body via primal glintstone transfer to continue her work on the primeval current, harvesting sorcerers to meet her ends. The favor for which she owes Seluvis following her expulsion from Raya Lucaria may have been transference into the body she's in when you first meet her. And perhaps the most ominous thing she says, if you side with her and kill Jerren: "Even my dullest pupils will have a place here." She means in a graven mass.

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                well now that I have those two sets i'll be sure to not continue the sidequest so i dont have to marry a meatball

                                                                                                • The walkthough seems at odds with the natural flow of the game. You'd usually beat Rennalla before Radahn and get to Atlus Plateau to reach Azur after both.

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    Not listed in sold spells: Sellen seems to gain the spell 'Shard Spiral' when you talk to her after killing Jerren. Costs 8000.

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      The Welsh word for star is "seren". Sellen's name may be a reference to this with l's and r's being the same sound in Japanese.

                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                        btw, jerren and sellen's signs only appear at raya lucaria if you go check witchbane and talk to jerren after getting sellen a new body, he will question what happened but won't suspect you, this interaction isn't skippable

                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                          Not sure if anyone has said this yet - at the end of Sellen's questline we see that she has turned into a Graven Mass, and I'm fairly certain she did that to herself intentionally in her pursuit of the primeval current and form a greater connection to the stars themselves. From the Graven-School and Graven Mass Talisman item descriptions:

                                                                                                          "The primeval current is a forbidden tradition of glintstone sorcery. To those who cleave to its teachings, the act of collecting sorcerers to fashion them into the seeds of stars is but another path of scientific inquiry."

                                                                                                          Sellen sends you on a quest to collect the bodies of Azur and Lusat and after you've told her about their locations, their bodies disappear from there after she has turned into the Graven Mass. Someone here also pointed out that if you don't tell her about Azur and Lusat's locations, she remains at the Raya Lucaria library and doesn't turn into the Graven Mass at all, indicating that Rennala probably has nothing to do with Sellen's transformation.

                                                                                                          As for the transformation into a Graven Mass, I don't think we can even conclusively say that this wasn't her intended outcome. We know that Sellen was one of the most brilliant sorcerers at Raya Lucaria before her exile, and I don't think what happened was a mistake. There are a few possible hints in her dialogue indicating that this was the outcome she wanted all along:

                                                                                                          "I want glintstone sorceries that open our minds, unbound by terrestrial taboos. No matter what we give in return."

                                                                                                          "[On Lusat] He's nigh a child of the stars, such is his body now..."

                                                                                                          "With the bodies of Masters Azur and Lusat returned, the academy can hone the primeval current. So that we, fallen children of the stars, shall beam with brilliance once again."

                                                                                                          That last line is pretty telling of her intention to literally transform herself, and all sorcerers by extension, into stars to better commune with the primeval current. Dialogue from Jerren also supports this to a certain extent:

                                                                                                          "She was known as the Graven Witch. Obsessed by the primeval current, countless sorcerers fell to her hands."

                                                                                                          TLDR; Sellen intentionally transformed herself into the Graven Mass using the bodies of Azur and Lusat in attempting to restore the primeval current.

                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                            when I finally think I understand some quest until the end, Sellen turns into a mincemeat of heads at the end and I just don't know why

                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                              She drops 1050 runes on death, she's one of the few NPCs that take damage from the Briar set, she also respawns so don't feel bad about doin it

                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                She can be killed in her school of graven mages form by rolling at her with the briar set. She drops 1000 ruins and killing her doesn't affect anything. She just respawns when the area reloads.

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