Swift Glintstone Shard

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Spell Type Glintstone Sorceries
FP Cost 5 Slots Used 1
item effects icon elden ring wiki guide 55px 18pxEffect
Swiftly fires magic projectiles from glintstone

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Swift Glintstone Shard is a Sorcery in Elden Ring. Swift Glintstone Shard spell fires a fast projectile towards the enemy.


One of the glintstone sorceries of the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

The glintstone serves as a conduit, launching swift magical projectiles at foes.
This sorcery can be used without delay after performing another action.

Those unworthy of the stone crown typically end their brief journey into sorcery here.

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Where to find Swift Glintstone Shard

Where to find Swift Glintstone Shard:


Elden Ring Swift Glintstone Shard Guide

  • Glintstone Sorcery
  • Stamina Cost: 9
  • Deals magic damage
  • Faster cast speed but less damage per cast than Glintstone Pebble.
  • The user lunges forward while casting this, unlike most sorceries cast only by swinging the staff in place.
  • Has a shorter range than Glintstone Pebble (~80% of range).
  • Unlike many sorceries, this can be cast from horseback without slowing down, making it very effective for field battles where high mobility is important.
  • This spell is able to be cast while jumping and straight out of sprinting, making it exceptionally versatile for PvP.




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    • Anonymous

      The greatest PvP spell in the game. The only fun build to invade at meta is a sorcerer, and this spell is the bread and butter of any sorcerer build. I've sent countless gankers to hell with this spell alone.

      • I've fought a lot of players in the Colosseum that used this, and man do some of them not know how to use it. They time it as if it's Pebble; if you're gonna use a versatile spell, please don't be inept at it. Giving the rest of us a bad name XD jokes aside, it's absurd how strong this is when it is used by an experienced player.

        But it isn't broken; if you have the reflexes, it won't be touchin' you. Has a learning curve, but once you master it you'll have a decent answer in PVP, and a strong counter to aggressive enemies/bosses.

        I give it ten Edison Stick Grenades out of ten.

        • Anonymous

          Short-hop and cast the first one, then cast the second one, as you land. Why did I overlook this TECH, for so long?

          • Anonymous

            Lets see.

            Basically no FP and stamina cost.
            Does like 400-500hp.
            Lightning fast. Basically no recovery time.
            Insanely spammable.
            Basically unstrafable unless you are running perfectly perpendicular to it.

            Now tell me this isnt busted in PvP.

            • Anonymous

              I shoot this at people once at the start of the fight to get them panicked in a duel then I just troll them with rock blaster

              • Anonymous

                Is this spell toxic to PvP balance? Yes. But with how often and easily mages get bullied into submission for daring to cast anything else, I say this is Justice

                • Anonymous

                  Thought bestial sling was bad. This can land 3-4 times in a row at medium range since it’s fast enough to input cancel your opponent. Meaning every time he presses the roll button, he’s already been hit by the next one and roll queue resets. It’s also too fast for erdtree great shield since it has a slight windup and latency is a factor. My cleric now uses this at 14 int specifically for giving mages a taste of their own medicine. Even at 14 int, the free damage/poise check makes this spell worth it. Needs balancing.

                  • Anonymous

                    Nice to see a smidge of agility and movement in projectile spellcasting. More of this please. I hope one day we'll have a staff with a magic damage heavy attack to use in a pinch instead of that silly bonk on the head.

                    Kinda like the wing of astel heavy attack, but only once with much less damage. Having a mid range source of free magic damage would add great value to a staff users repertoire.

                    • Anonymous

                      VERY good for catching people in their flask drinks, cant count how many times ive sniped a phantom or host taking a sip for 300 damage and killed them

                      • This is probably one of the best pvp spells available. It cost very little to cast, one of the few spells that allow combat animations like sprint attacking, or jump attacking, Back step attack, roll attacking. It's pretty fast and goes fairly far. It's damage isn't all that great but it's good for how viable it's casting application is. I wouldn't run pvp mage without it

                        • Anonymous

                          Its very good and very annoying. Im a sorcerer but i just cant force myself to use this, cause it feels so lame: just quick tiny pew pew for 300 dmg... Sadly after they deleted chain casting, this spell and stars of ruin are the only long range spells that are consistent in catching people

                          • Anonymous

                            Honestly, probably the best spell in the game.

                            It's fast to cast with a relatively quick projectile.

                            It's very efficient with a low FP cost, low Stamina cost and decent damage (Scales to 350-400+ damage with late game staffs). You can basically spam this forever.

                            The mobility it allows is great, full speed mounted combat. Being able to dodge attacks by jumping while also shooting. Being able to weave shots in while dodging boss attacks.

                            It's simply a very versatile little spell.

                            • Anonymous

                              The fact that you can use this spell midair alone makes this spell one of the best spells to have ever. Shame there aren't any other spells you can use midair like this one.

                              • Anonymous

                                That one laggy dude's spell of choice. You and your opponent experience latency? If so, good luck dodging this

                                • Anonymous

                                  is this spell missable? I gave the Academy scroll to Sellen when she was in the Waypoint Cellar. Now I'm done with her quest and she doesn't sell it anymore. Neither does the turtle or anyone else

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Most people who recommend this spell just have some melee phantom at their side at all times.

                                    Good spell, but don't deny it's a ganker's wet dream.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      As a mage myself, this spell should not have such high scaling potential. Hitting for 350+ on a spell that costs so little & can't be reliably strafed without taking stray hits is pretty miserable.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Insanely good spell. More FP efficient than pebble and does suprisingly high damage while coming out incredibly fast and you can use it quickly after rolls and while sprinting. Solid for smacking trash mobs in PVE and amazing in PVP for chip damage. I have this slotted at all times.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          This is the equivalent of Great Farron Dart from Dark Souls 3, except this one hits harder, almost as hard as Glintstone Pebble.
                                          A must have for PvP, since it can easily punish roll spammers and chuggers.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Possibly the only other spell besides pebble and rock sling. Swift shard costs 3fp vs pebbles 7fp does slightly less damage but uses no where near as much stamina.

                                            Tested on a solider outside the "church of elleh" 70 int and a +15 academy staff with a sorc scaling of 250

                                            Pebble 7fp 373 damage
                                            Swift shard 3fp 329 damage

                                            Seems for now this gives pebble a run for it's money in regards to damage to fp raitio.

                                            • Not sure why the bother calling this spell "swift", it has a slower cast and recast animation than Glintstone Pebble. I tried taking it at one point to see if the extra speed would help, only to learn that it's actually slower. Talk about a misnomer...

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Title in the top right says "Glintstone Shard" but it should say "Swift Glintstone Shard". Can someone edit please?

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  I did some testing and came up with some numbers. --

                                                  Casting Time: 0.8s / Damage Per Normal Hit: 118 / Casts Per Stamina Bar: 12

                                                  || Attribute Points:
                                                  Vigor 10
                                                  Mind 19
                                                  Endurance 13
                                                  Strength 10
                                                  Dexterity 12
                                                  Intelligence 36
                                                  Faith 7
                                                  Arcane 15

                                                  || Base Stats:
                                                  FP 96
                                                  Stamina 97
                                                  Equip Load 29.7 / 52.9
                                                  Poise 17
                                                  Discovery 115

                                                  || Equipment:
                                                  Astrologer's Staff +8

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Amazing spell on horseback. Travels fast, low fp cost, decent damage and the horse can still run while you cast

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      You can cast it while jumping. The lower damage and cost give it similar efficiency to pebble, but it has a little less range to make up for its faser cast and projectile speed. It still has more range than the great version.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Less tracking than pebble, same casting time, but it travels much faster. I can see some uses, but i dont know if it will be a staple spell...

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Compared to most other Glintstone spells, this one will not let you walk around while casting it. You will be completely immobile while rapidly casting. However, on horseback, you get the opposite effect - the horse is able to run while casting, whereas other spells slow the horse down to a walk.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            It has a special animation that seems shorter than the normal one after things like rolling, blocking and running. Flies very fast with slightly better tracking than pebble.

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