Carian Greatsword

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Spell Type Carian Sorceries
FP Cost 14 Slots Used 1
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Performs sweeping slash using magical greatsword

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Carian Greatsword is a Sorcery in Elden Ring. Carian Greatsword spell creates a magic sword that slice enemies from the side.


Updated to patch 1.03


One of the sorceries of the Carian royal family.

Conjures a magic greatsword and then delivers a sweeping blow.
This sorcery can be cast repeatedly.

Armed with this spell, sorcerers gain the strength of knights, their loyalty sworn to the moon.


Where to find Carian Greatsword

Where to find Carian Greatsword:


Elden Ring Carian Greatsword Guide

  • Carian Sorcery
  • Stamina Cost: 22
  • Inflicts (Sorcery Scaling x 256) magic damage.
  • Although niche, has a very useful purpose against Black Knife Assassin type enemies. Their side leaps are unable to evade the Greatsword's arc and staggers them on hit. With proper timing and enough FP/Stamina for chain casting, it's possible for a mage to stun-lock assassins.
  • Counts as 2 hits towards "Succesive Attack" Talismans. (i.e. Winged Sword Insignia, Godskin Swaddling Cloth, and Millicent's Prosthesis.)
  • Cancels out of ending animation faster if chain casting another spell afterwards. Chain casting into another spell cancels the animation faster than rolling out, jumping, back stepping, and attacking. Does not make casting time faster for other spells unless it is a "swift" spell (i.e. Carian Slicer, Swift glintstone shard, and Night shard.)
  • On successive casts, it looks like swings 3 into 4 (and any more afterwards) swing faster than swings 1 into 2


Elden Ring Carian Greatsword Moveset and Videos





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    • Great AOW. Easily obtainable from rogier, has good damage, range and knockdown, complementing a lot of the shortcomings of straight swords. Especially useful for bonking dragon's heads to quick stun them and deal tons of damage. Can be used to stun lock nearly all mid-size humanoid enemy that can be knocked down. A bit cheesy, but sometimes you really just don't want to deal with the same BS this game throw at you for the hundredth time.

      • Anonymous

        My only wish is that it had a dash attack as well as more forward momentum when swinging like Carian Slicer. It staggers most enemies, but the lack of forward momentum makes it had to determine whether if you're within range of an enemy or not.

        • Anonymous

          The stilted attack speed of repeated castings makes this good at stunlocking certain foes of moderate aggressiveness and bad poise, such as Knights.
          — Courh the Explorer

          • Anonymous

            Feels like this is the sorcery equivalent of jump+R2 spam as a strength user. You can basically just combo this and stun lock almost any mob. Only limit is FP and Stamina.

            • Anonymous

              Lmao don't bother using this.

              One attack = 668 dmg on my char. 14 fp. Takes like one second to peform (with talisman for faster spell)

              Carian slicer: 3 attacks dealt 800+ damage (tested on those giant head dogs in caelid)
              Faster casting spell, the time you use preparing one swing, you can swing this one twice, maybe thrice
              Also, -2 fp wich is considerable.

              • Anonymous

                Extremely satisfying to cast while on Torrent more reliable than Carian Slicer but at the cost of more fp.

                • Anonymous

                  Very strong spell for crowds in tight quarters and great for mixing in PVP but gets completely outclassed by adula's moonblade later. Carian Piercer is much better than this one since you can use glintstone arc for crowd clearing early without needing to be so close. Still a solid spell to have in the early-mid game.

                  • Anonymous

                    strong, but slow and not efficient with your FP. great from horseback and against groups of enemies, though, and it passes through walls still

                    • Anonymous

                      Anyone knows where to find or get the version of this that points into the air then swings downwards?
                      It was used by a tarnished in the first trailer and by the knight mage guy in the Academy.
                      I know its in the damn game but even this wiki won't show it off in its sorceries list.

                      • Anonymous

                        This spell is very suitable in confined areas. Goes through walls and can stun lock many small or medium sized bosses, such as black knife assassin or alabaster lord.

                        • Anonymous

                          Decent range with great horizontal AOE, however the damage itself is very FP inefficient relative to the Carian Slicer. This is a tool for killing mobs or for horseback casting, don't use it against bosses unless you need the reach or don't have any openings to use Carian Slicer.

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