Carian Sorceries are a group of Sorceries in Elden Ring that share a specific type of buff criteria. Carian Sorceries revolve around the ability to summon swords to deal damage. There are a total of 10 Carian Sorceries available for players. Carian Sorceries can be boosted by the Carian Glintstone Staff.



Carian Sorceries info

Obtaining Carian Sorceries

Carian Sorceries Requirements


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Builds that use Carian Sorceries


Spellblade Written Guide


Magus Written Guide



Enchanted Knight Written Guide



Moonveil Samurai Written Guide




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    • Anonymous

      Honestly, why not just sort by the category spells are boosted in? I think it's much less confusing that way, Loretta's isn't even a real category.

      • Anonymous

        Why is Lorreta's GreatBow and Lorreta's Mastery is mentioned in "BOOSTING CARIAN SORCERIES" under Carian Glintblade Staff but the seperate page doesn't mention this.

        • Anonymous

          at the very least lord jesus let carian,glintblade, and greatblade phalanx stun, it needs this if not damage.

          • Anonymous

            Summoned Swords are cool and all, but between the longer cast time, no ability to recast, higher FP cost, and lower damage, there's really no reason to use these over Glintstone or Gravity aside from aesthetics

            • Anonymous

              from what people are saying, the Carian Glintblade Staff doesnt boost Loretta's Greatbow or Loretta's Mastery and even those spell pages doesnt list that its boosted by anything. but this page says it does. id edit delete if i could

              • Anonymous

                i know its clearly stated on the individual pages of the staffs and spells, but damn, breaking up the spells into 2 different staffs with such similar names is troll

                • Anonymous

                  Carian sorcery is split between Sword and Glintblade sorceries, sword being boosted by Carian Glintstone Staff and Glintblade is boosted by Carian Glintblade Staff. Adulas Moonblade is a Sword Sorcery as well. Someone fix this please.

                  • Anonymous

                    Information on page about Carian Glintstone staff is wrong. Carian Glintblade and Carian Glintstone buff separate groups of spells within this school and this page should probably be split into two—Carian Sword Sorceries and Glintblade Sorceries

                    • Anonymous

                      "Carian Glintstone Staff boosts all Carian Sorceries."

                      This is not true. Carian Glintstone Staff ONLY boosts Glintblade type of magic. Which is Magic Glintblade and all of the Phalanx spells.

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