Glintstone Icecrag

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Spell Type Cold Sorceries
FP Cost 12 Slots Used 1
item effects icon elden ring wiki guide 55px 18pxEffect
Fires mass of cold magic from glintstone

attributes required elden ring wiki guide 18Requires

Glintstone Icecrag is a Sorcery in Elden Ring. Glintstone Icecrag spell let's you fire a cold mass made of glintstone. Updated to Patch 1.07.


Sorcery said to have been used by the old snow witch.

The glintstone serves as a conduit, launching a mass of cold magic.
This sorcery can be cast repeatedly and while in motion.

The snowy crone taught the young Ranni to fear the dark moon
as she imparted her cold sorcery.


Where to find Glintstone Icecrag

Where to find Glintstone Icecrag:


Elden Ring Glintstone Icecrag Guide

  • Cold Sorcery
  • Stamina Cost: __cost__
  • Deals magic damage
  • This sorcery applies Frostbite (100) build up on a target.
    • Three to four hits is enough to trigger frostbite on most enemies who are vulnerable to it.
  • Glintstone Icecrag does not charge like most other Glintstone spells. 
  • Compared to Great Glintstone Shard, Glintstone Icecrag applies Frostbite, travels a significant amount shorter (25-30%), moves significantly slower, and deals slightly less initial damage (~2% less damage).
    • Prior to patch 1.03, which buffed Great Glintstone Shard, Great Glintstone Shard was similar to Glintstone Icecrag in range and speed.
  • Glintstone Icecrag gains 10% increased damage from Snow Witch Hat
  • NOTE: Since Patch 1.07 Frostbite Status Buildup has been increased from 80 to 100.



Freezing Battlemage Written Guide


Elden Ring Glintstone Icecrag Note and Tips

  • Updated to patch 1.07. See Patch Notes for details.
  • Other notes and player tips go here.
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    • Anonymous

      Honestly, I wouldn't mind an increase in FP in a future patch just so it can get better range and travelling speed. Or maybe just release a Snow Comet in a DLC, I dunno. Basically, we need an upgraded version because this doesn't really cut it outside of generic PvE mobs in the open-world.

      I think the speed can be forgiven a little if you're 100% a mage that always keeps its distance and never gets in melee range (except maybe for Azula's Blade, etc), so maybe Fromsoft could keep the speed the same, but honestly the range is so unforgiving at times... I feel like I have to get closer than I'd like to, and I often get punished for it.

      I feel like the spell has to be either slow but long range, or fast but shorter range. It being both slow and short range is such a disservice.

      • Anonymous

        This thing still chains with glintstone pebble. Its pretty nice since they have different projectile speed.

        • Anonymous

          You don't use Glintstone Icecrag because it's an inferior version of Great Glintstone Shard without the range nor the projectile speed.

          I use Glintstone Icecrag because it looks cute.

          We are not the same.

          • I like this spell personally, and it’s worth using as your main projectile if you’re playing with other frost sorceries, the buildup isn’t bad. Unfortunately it’s ranger leaves much to be desired - I hope it’s range, as well as the ability to be charged up, are looked at in a patch.

            • Anonymous

              It's slow, has poor tracking and is extremely short ranged. And in return you get a little bit of frostbite buildup. This is not worth the tradeoff at all.

              • For God's Sake they need to Buff all Frost Cold Sorceries - especially this.
                Every other Glintstone Dart/Comet like spell go Buffed dramatically and meaningfully. However this remains with very poor terrible range, slow projectile speed, weak tracking and homing, and no Charging ability to boost Potency.
                They need to Buff Icecrag, Zamor Icestorm, Mist, Armament ... Also Buff back Adula's Moonblade while they are at it.

                • Anonymous

                  Range on this is terrible. I wonder if it was intentionally left as is or they just forgot to adjust it like Great Glinstone Shard.

                  • Anonymous

                    After the 1.03 buff, I've been using Great Glintstone Shard as a replacement for Glintstone Pebble as a primary option & Night Comet as a secondary option (as for twice the cost it has penetration & enemies don't dodge it). As I use a lot of other frost sorcery I've WANTED to use this but the range disparity being so significantly different is a HUGE deterrent.

                    Every time I use it, I am constantly having it dissipate before hitting enemies from where I'm casting from. That's made worse by the fact that the icy particle cloud obscures the target you're aiming at, which makes it WAY harder than the other two to see exactly when the spell falls short and how much closer you need to get. Normally, using Great Glintstone Shard would help you get a sense of where that range would be as they used to be essentially identical, but its range is vastly superior as of 1.03's updates.

                    To add to that, Icecrag feels like it falls into the range where Adula's Moonblade excels at frost damage, and it can proc multiple hits against larger enemies. I'm not saying Icecrag is a bad spell at all, as you can use it to great effect at the right distance. It's more that the range disparity makes it feel like it's slightly out of parity with the current spells in a way that also diminishes the incentive to swapping over to it the way that you would have pre-1.03 buffs.

                    • Anonymous

                      This spell DESTROYS Radagon. I would highly recommend Mage builds use this on him. Have Tiche on how to distract him and just let these loose on him. Fight should last less than a minute.

                      • Anonymous

                        So alot of people complain about the range, speed and DMG vs Glintstone Cometshard. But what isnt brought up is the fact you can use this at 15 INT vs Cometshard at 36 INT. It also inflicts frostbite and benefits from the Snow Witch Hat. This makes it a fantastic, cheap, mid-range damage option for hybrid style builds, esp for hybrid casters who might not have the ability to go for the full 36 INT just for cometshard but still want a reliable solid midrange damage option with a status effect. INT/ARC builds with the Albinauric Staff also benefit hugely as they can maximize ARC investment and not worry about having a solid damage option.

                        • I tried posting already and am unsure if it went through, but this thing needs serious tweaking now. I don't care so much about the damage and speed, the range however makes this very hard to use. I feel like it would make sense if this got a range and tracking buff, then keep the speed the same or make it a little slower.

                          • Anonymous

                            After the latest patches, the biggest difference between Great Glintstone Shard and Glintstone Icecrag (besides Icecrag inflicting frostbite) is the range. The Icecrag's range is seemingly 35-40% (maybe even 45%) LESS than the range of the new, buffed Great Glintstone Shard.

                            From the Gatefront grace, I tested damage and range of these 2 spells on the poor spear wielding schlub in front of the carriage. I used the wall that runs on your right-hand side to measure. Icecrag won't hit him unless I'm a few steps past the end of that short wall. Great Glintstone Shard can hit him when I'm only a step past the tall stone holding the little burning candle. Test for yourself. It's quite the improvement for Great Glintstone Shard.

                            As for damage, Icecrag was doing 654 and Great Glintstone Shard was doing 666. An insignificant difference in my opinion.

                            • Anonymous

                              I can say in confidence that they have limited range, as someone who fought at least four mages using these and that adula iceblade thing in Pvp, I know.

                              • Anonymous

                                "Compared to Great Glintstone Shard, Glintstone Icecrag applies Frostbite, travels a significant amount shorter (25-30%), moves significantly slower, and deals slightly less initial damage (~2% less damage).
                                Prior to patch 1.03, which buffed Great Glintstone Shard, Great Glintstone Shard was similar to Glintstone Icecrag in range and speed."

                                That's simply wrong. The range and projectile speed are exactly the same in 1.03.

                                • Anonymous

                                  From what I have seen and tested in game, this spell does not benefit from the buffs great glintstone shard got. It has the same range and projectile speed as before, guess thats sort of a good thing, as it makes this spell less of a straight upgrade to great glintstone shard, though I will probably continue to use this instead of the latter.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Its not listed in the patch notes, but the range has been increased just like the other slower Glinstone sorcery.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      With this and a fire spell, you can become a literal Black Mage: use frost spells to proc Frostbite, then use a fire spell to dispel the effect, and repeat.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Does a little less than great glintstone shard but adds frost proc while costing generally the same. The damage become greater by wearing the Snow witch hat. This instantly went with me everywhere as I slowly saw my character become a frost mage.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I got this spell from Seluvis' bell bearing. I think he died because I took too long delivering the potion. I still don't know where I'm supposed to deliver it either.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            This spell is actually really really good for pure int builds. High recast rate, so high dps when you spam it, and extra damage when the frost procs. This was my bread and butter for most of the lategame enemies and boss fights, although I situationally switched to Rock Sling or Loretta's Greatbow when I needed to keep more distance, or Swift Glintstone Shard and Carian Slicer for FP efficiency or based on the encounter. The charged up Carian Piercer is also good for stunlocking human enemies / npc invaders.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              You can buy seluvis spells even if he is dead after ranni's questline. From the Ball Bearing that is on Seluvis's dead body.BUT you need first finish his quest with potion.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Snow Witch's hat boosts it's damage by 10%, Full moon Sorcery boost from the Regal Scepter does not increase damage.
                                                Noticed the range is smaller and fizzzles out earlier than other spells, but so does "Great Glintstone Shard" the 12 FP equivalent to this.
                                                Regular Pebble and Comet have longer range when testing

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  This spell is very comparable to Great Glintstone Shard. They have the same FP cost, both are spammable, both have a similar if not exactly the same cast time, same range, and the projectiles both seem to track about the same. This one does slightly less damage (literally 10 from what I've observed, for reference I'm using Carian Regal Scepter +8 at 70 INT) but it has the added bonus of having frost build up.

                                                  • Based on the spell description, I wouldn't be surprised if this belongs to the Full Moon sorcery subtype, and not in fact Stonedigger, as is currently marked as its subtype in the Sorceries page.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      For myself, it's slightly higher than Glinstone Pebble, tracking looked like it was better (maybe large projectile). That being said frostbite is worth on bosses/minibosses. 7 vs 12 FP isn't too much of a dealbreaker for me. Greatstone Glinstone did more on 0 defense mobs by ~25% if you have memory slots definitely use both.

                                                      • For those curious, it's basically identical to Great Glintstone Shard: same FP cost, approximately 2% less damage (399 instead of 407), same (or so close it's functionally the same) casting speed, except it also builds up frostbite. I swapped them and haven't looked back.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Seluvis sells it to you after you complete his quest.
                                                          You can access him after accepting Ranni's Questline, which requires you to clear the Caria Manor Legacy Dungeon.
                                                          Seluvis can be found in a mage tower south of Ranni's tower after you accept her questline and finish all the dialogues inside her tower.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Can be bought from Preceptor Seluvis for 7500 Runes. Seluvis is located in Seluvis's Rise inside the Three Sisters region of Liurnia of the Lakes.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Glintstone Icecrag is sold at the same spot as Freezing Mist. From that wiki entry: "Can be bought from Preceptor Seluvis for 6000 Runes. Seluvis is located in Seluvis's Rise inside the Three Sisters region of Liurnia of the Lakes."

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                You can buy this spell and some others from the through the Ball Bearing that is on Seluvis's dead body in his tower after after you finished the releasing of Ranni in her questline. You might might also get it, if you kill him earlier but this probably ruins the questline, not sure.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  here's what i've gathered. this is a sort of low spoiler guide to getting this spell, carian phalanx, carian retaliation, freezing mist, and even 2 new spirit ashes

                                                                  in order to get this spell you must get seluvis to teach it to you. you must have journeyed to the three sisters, ranni's rise specifically (located north of raya lucaria). you must have accepted ranni's quest, talked to him, then go to his tower at seluvis' rise, which is also in the region, and accept his quest of delivering a potion to a person named nepheli.

                                                                  you might have come accross nepheli loux already. if you keep going oposite of godrick's boss room you will eventually see her in a room. after you kill godrick, she will relocate back to the roundtable hold, exhaust her dialogue there, and if you attempt to give her the potion from seluvis' quest she won't accept it no matter what. exhaust dialogue about her from her father, who's reading in the library, as well. she will eventually say she's leaving, hinting that she will relocate near the village of the albinaurics. she's actually under the bridge below the village, mourning the dead and cursing an oppressor. after this she will relocate back to roundtable hold next to the imp statues. here, she appears to be downtrodden. you can either give her the potion here, or exhaust dialogue with her father and give him the potion to deceive seluvis.

                                                                  after the potion is removed from your inventory, seluvis will start teaching you sorceries that includes this one, carian retaliation, carian phalanx, and freezing mist. progress with ranni's questline normally and you can acquire 2 new spirit ashes from him (make sure to check the half bowls for starlight shards that apparently are used to trade for the ashes)

                                                                  it's very sophisticated just for him to teach a frost spell to you

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    This spell is sold by Seluvis, after you have:
                                                                    1) Accepted his quest to give the potion to Nepheli
                                                                    2) Either given the potion to Nepheli, or given the potion to Gideon (her dad).
                                                                    3) Reported back to Seluvis in his tower in The Three Sisters (He will become a spell vendor)

                                                                    This spell is actually one of the first spells besides glintstone pebble that is actually worthwhile. The mana cost to damage ratio is quite decent, it can be fired in quick succession, and it is extremely strong versus foes vulnerable to cold, as it causes frostbite.
                                                                    It won't outright replace pebble, because its range is a bit lackluster; about 30-40% less range than a glintstone pebble, but it definitely has a lot more uses than most of the seemingly niche spells I've found in this game.

                                                                    • Glintstone icecrag is sold by seluvis. Gotta go far north liurna past the castle. Accept the witches offer complete the quest of his potion then he sells the sorceries.

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