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An icy tunnel on the southern edge of the Yelough Anix Ruins. It is home to many extra-terrestrial beings that came from the stars.

Yelough Anix Tunnel is a Location in Elden Ring. The Yelough Anix Tunnel is found in the west of the Consecrated Snowfield. The entrance can be found on the cliff face to the south of the Yelough Anix Ruins.


Yelough Anix Tunnel Map

Yelough Anix Tunnel is found in the western area of Consecrated Snowfield, just south from Yelough Anix Ruins. [Elden Ring Map Link]

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All NPCs and Merchants in Yelough Anix Tunnel

  • There are no NPCs or merchants in this area


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Yelough Anix Tunnel Walkthrough 

Upon entering the dungeon and descending the lift, activate the Site of Grace and then head down the tunnel ahead. You will see several dead Miners along the way. When you reach the cavern at the end, look to the left for a hole. The door in the north does not open from this side so drop down into the hole. Defeat the two Miners in the room and pick up the 3x Freezing Grease on the corpse in the middle of the frozen lift. There is 1x Smithing Stone (8) behind the frozen elevator.

Follow the path east to reach a cavern with wooden walkways. Defeat the Miners on this floor and check the corpse on the ice platform in the middle for a Golden Rune (10). Drop down into the gap in the center or use the ladder on the side. Look for a small opening on the right with two Miners and a corpse with a Rune Arc. Coming back out of that opening, head left for another Smithing Stone (8). Head to the other path where there is a gravity portal. A non-boss Alabaster Lord will emerge from it as you approach. After defeating him, check the cavity in the wall on the left for 2x Smithing Stone (8). Finally, check the back of the room for a corpse next to wooden planks on the wall for an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Head back up the ladder and using the ice platform in the center, jump the gap onto the opposite side and head through the opening in the wall. Kill the Miner sitting by the campfire and collect 6x Explosive Stone Clump from the corpse nearby as well as a Somber Smithing Stone (8) on the left side. Climb up the ladder and defeat the two Miners in the middle platform, then collect the Smithing Stone (8) to the right of the ladder. Head up the second ladder and through the tunnel above.

In the next room is a gravity portal in the north. Before approaching it, check the cavity in the wall on the right for a Somber Smithing Stone (9). There is also a Smithing Stone (8) on the other side of the room in another cavity. The corpse in the center of the room also has a Hero's Rune (5). Upon approaching the portal, a non-boss Onyx Lord will emerge and begin attacking. Be careful of his meteorite spell as the room has very little space for you to maneuver in. Once he's defeated, collect the two Smithing Stone (8) along the wall to the right of where he spawned. Continue to the west and find the small door on the left of the next room. This is the locked door from the beginning of the dungeon and serves as a shortcut for the boss ahead. Directly to the right of the shortcut door is another Smithing Stone (8). Head through the large wooden gate to engage the dungeon's boss.

Boss Fight: Astel, Stars of Darkness

This boss has an extremely powerful Heavy Tail Whip that can one-shot even high level players. It has a distinct animation from his standard tail whip where he swings his tail from side to side before striking. It is important to time a dodge perfectly against this move even if you are very far away. The boss also has a railgun-like beam move that hits over a very long range but has a narrow hitbox. Periodically, he will teleport into a different location in the cavern but it's easy to tell where he is going to appear. Another dangerous move in his arsenal is his meteor swarm, which calls plenty of meteorites to rain destruction in the arena. You can run towards and under the boss to avoid getting hit by these. Despite his powerful moveset, the boss' poise is quite easily broken, especially by multi-hit magic spells and skills. When he is knocked down, get to his head for a critical hit on his forehead.

Upon defeat, Astel will drop the Meteorite of Astel spell.


Elden Ring  Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      The clone attack seems much scarier than it really is, after the first attempt I was easily able to dodge it since it was just like a regular Astel grab but with more stuff on the screen making you think it's impossible. Once you see all the portals at the ceiling just wait a second and dodge like you would any other time against Astel. Sometimes I even dodged it accidentally while panic rolling. It's way easier to dodge than regular Astel is since you have more time to react and can see where it's coming from.

      • Anonymous

        Here, in the Consecrated Snowfield, where the Golden Order's presence is seen the least, we find the Yelough Anix Tunnel.

        None of the miners in this cave work, they sit or stand frozen in place, as if waiting for something. This cave is also the single greatest source of smithing stones of any of the caves we see in the world. Why does nobody seem to want what is down here?
        To my knowledge, this is also the only place in the game where both an Onyx Lord and an Alabastor Lord can be found in the same place. What could they possibly be doing here of all places? Could it have something to do with an Astel being kept at the very bottom of the tunnel? Are they raising it like a pet? Is the Astel their leader or even their god? Are they planning something? We don't know, and in all honesty it seems like neither does the rest of the Lands Between.
        All of this is coupled with the cave's namesake, Yelough. This place is 1 of 3 settlements plagued by the frenzied flame.

        Why is this all here? Why is such a valuable cave abandoned, overtaken by the yelough flame, and housing the Onyx and Alabastor Lords? In all honesty, it's probably because Fromsoft rushed this area and wanted the Consecrated Snowfield to have something other than the Ordina Town's Puzzle, but I like to think everything in the game has a reason for being.

        • Anonymous

          me seing thet this cave have dragon smithing stone:nice
          Me seing that it have another Astel:well.24 isn't so bad

          • Anonymous

            So I timed some Smithing Stone runs in this tunnel. I one-shot each miner with the Carian Greatsword sorcery at max casting speed and took no hits. Here are my results:

            Starting from the Grace, then dropping down the elevator shaft, then killing all 10 miners in the tunnel, then teleporting back to Grace, I killed 10 miners in ~1 minute 20 seconds.

            Same as before, starting from grace and dropping down the elevator shaft, but SKIPPING the two miners in the crag with the Alabaster Lord, and teleporting back to Grace, I killed 8 miners in ~ 1 minute.

            10 miners / 80 seconds = 7.5 miners per minute.
            8 miners / 60 seconds = 8 miners per minute.

            You get more kills for your time by skipping the miners in the crag with the Alabaster Lord (if you teleport back to Grace after your final kill.)

            Doing runs in reverse (past the boss room and Onyx Lord) takes ~20 more seconds per run.

            • Anonymous

              This is the place for farming SS 6, 7, and 8. You get a decent amount of souls whist doing so too. Two hand your best blunt weapon and get to work.

              • Anonymous

                boss battle isn't too bad aside from meteor attack. Silver Mirrorshield is available for free not too far north, and will eat up most of the other attacks so long as you keep stamina up.

                • Anonymous

                  The miners in this tunnel can drop Smithing Stone (7)s and Smithing Stone (8)s. If you have not yet defeated Godskin Duo, this is the place to stock up on these.
                  — Courh the Explorer

                  • Anonymous

                    fyi the Alabaster Lord's Sword is not a chance drop, it's a guaranteed drop on the first kill and will not drop again

                    • Anonymous

                      Farmed for over an hour without getting a single Smithing Stone +8. Got plenty of +6 and +7 though. Focused on killing just the gemstone miner and the two guys right above him.

                      • Anonymous

                        I'm 99% sure that this dungeon is a reference to the H.P. Lovecraft story "The Mountain of Madness", why do I say this?

                        1. The nearby ruined settlement is inflicted with Madness, which while not related to the boss is related to an Outer God, plus madness is associated with the Great Old Ones in Lovecraft stories.

                        2. The place is a mess with a broken elevator and a good number of corpses strewn across the ground, something went VERY WRONG here

                        3. The location in a snowy mountain area.

                        4. The boss and a few enemies are cosmic strait-up beings, in particular the Alabaster Lords who appear from singularity like things. This all culminates in a boss that looks like it was ripped strait from a Lovecraft novel that wouldn't look out of place next to Cathulu.

                        To those who complain about the re-use of a major boss, would this have worked better if they used a Stonedigger Troll or a Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast? Plus unlike some other reused bosses (Godefroy) this one feels deliberate, in all honestly it fits the area quite well due to the buildup to the boss, particularly if you missed the first Astel fight, which is very possible due to the hoops you have to jump through to reach it.

                        Given that the Fishing Hamlet in The Old Hunters DLC drew HEAVY inspiration from "The Shadow over Insmouth", is it really a stretch to say that this didn't take from another Lovecraft story?

                        • Anonymous

                          WAIT. There's a lift at the entrance to this tunnel. There are boxes to the left. You hit the boxes and jump down the ledges to get bonus stuff. But NO. The ledges are empty. OOOHHH tricky tricky.

                          • Anonymous

                            I'm going to play game designer here. "There should be three copypaste bosses and they should inflict Scarlet Rot..."
                            Thankfully this guy was vetoed.

                            • Anonymous

                              I counted and by my calculation there were actually nine (9) Smithing Stone (8) in this tunnel. The ninth Smithing Stone (8) was close to the shortcut door that opens from the side of the Boss Door Arena (its easily missable as its on the stairs on the side of the wall to this shortcut door). I specifically counted any drops from the miners on my first run separately (only 1 drop).

                              • Anonymous

                                Love this place, the alabaster lord is great for farming, tons of runes, lots of smithing stones and good farming, whatever boss, liked the first fight way more, a ancient dragon and a cool sword

                                • Anonymous

                                  This is the best farming spot for Smithing Stone 7 and 8 for sure. Due to me running an Occult build with high Arcane, I had 250+ Item Discovery and was able to get an average of 2 Smithing Stone 7 per run, sometimes. It seems the only Miners who drop Smithing Stone 8 are the gemstone bucket Miner, and the two pickaxe Miners at the top of the ladder after him. However one run I lucked out and got Smithing Stone 8, three times in a row from killing them. I was able to upgrade my two Nagakibas to fight Malenia before burning the Erdtree.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    This was my breaking point for this game. At first was exciting for a new adventure game from From Software. But I never want another open world from them. TOO MANY OF THE SAME ENEMIES EVERYWHERE....

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I’m really surprised to see all the hate for this Astel fight. I struggled way more on the first Astel fight and I beat this one in two tries and I’m not some pro player. Mainly because I learned the first Astel fight and the importance of staying super up in his grill unless you see a grab or AOE charge up, then roll away. Being close helps avoid getting hit by his tail and laser beam. Didn’t use any cheese, just hit it with ny sword til it was dead.

                                      The first Astel fight is one of my favorite fights in the game; I love the spectacle and epicness (same reason I love Mohg) of it. I beat this form on my 2nd try and loved this fight so much! This is one of the most creative and lovingly crafted bosses out of all the side mini-dungeon areas.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        When I was fighting the first onyx lord (one near the ancient dragon stone) I accidentally rolled into that back room where the rune arc is without realizing there was two miners there. Long story short, onyx swings sword hits miners and then they proceeded to spend the next 30 seconds viciously pummeling the hell out of each other lol

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Yet another completely nonsensical boss. From used to make great bossfights, in Elden Ring for a lot of them they just went with flashy lights and weird onehit grabs. I'm not sure what about this is supposed to be a challenge, it's mostly just a drag.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            the Alabai Lord down there dropped a Alabai lord's sword... i didn't go for the other one that is in the Lake of Rot (i've got only one now) so if you want the sword but don't feel like bathing in Myazaki juice - just fall down the Yellow Anix Tunnel

                                            • I don't think Astel is all that bad, though I understand why people hate him. His large, sweeping moves seem purpose-built to make you panic which is the worst thing you can do in the fight. I died to him quite a few times as Naturalborn of the Void, but eventually I figured him out.

                                              The three attacks that are the real problems (or were for me at least,) are his grab, his meteors, and his tail-whips.

                                              In my fighting him the grab seems 100% consistent: he teleports BEHIND you, wraps around to the FRONT of you, then lunges to grab. My tip is to stand still every time he teleports and look around. Wait to see where he pops up: if he's away from you and below 1/2~2/3 health, prepare for the meteors; if he's behind you, WAIT until he wraps around in front of you, then dodge diagonally between his arms and pincers. I go diagonally forward-right (since I have right-hand bias), but I'm almost a thousand forward-left works too. If you do it right he'll miss and you'll be under him and you can attack him, but look out for his whole body Up-Down attack.

                                              As for the meteors these seem like kind of a crapshoot but what I've found to work is: as soon as his eye glows after a teleport (which seems to indicate meteors,) lock onto him and begin running perpendicular (circle-strafe) in whichever direction will get you BEHIND him. Once the meteors start launching, repeatedly panic roll in the direction you were running (toward his back.) It will look like you just narrowly dodge 2-3 meteors but you should dodge them. This has been a consistent strategy for me, but I might just be lucky.

                                              As for the tail-whips, they're complete garbage. It just comes down to memorizing the four separate timings and building them into intuition. If you try to look up at them you'll be unprepared for whatever he follows up with.

                                              I think this boss seems a lot harder than he is. I've beaten him both times with a sorcery build, the first time with Rock Sling and the second with Adula's Moonblade, so maybe my perspective is skewed toward not having to deal with slow ultra weapons while next to him, but I've fought him close and far.

                                              This boss really punishes panicking with his grab, and you're remiss for panicking because he seems explicitly designed to get you to do it. It'll probably take a few (long) tries but you can definitely beat him.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                The miners here are particularly weak to strike weapons in case youre wondering why your slash weapon was taking 8 slices to kill them like i was lmao

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Update regarding the smithing stone farming: After way too many runs i ended up with 5x T8, 19x T7 and some 20+ T6 as well as 11x pickaxes. The normal miners also seem capable of dropping T8 stones, but at a much lower rate. A full clear took me about 2 min., a short farming run about 1:10 min.. Short means skipping a total of two normal miners as well as 1-2 of the Lord enemies.
                                                  Farming T8 smithing stones in here reminds me a lot of farming the Silver Knights in Anor Londe for the Proofs in DS3.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    There are a total of 10 miners, the two lords and of course the boss for a total of 12(+1) enemies in this short mine. The miners exist in three differrent types: Pickaxe only (7x), with a stone filled back basket (2x) and with a colorful gemstone filled back basket (1x). From a couple dozen runs at 185-235 discovery it seems that all of the 10 miners can drop Gravel and smithing stones. The normal variant only dropped T6 and T7 smithing stones as well as the occasional pickaxe for me. The two basket variant miners seemed to drop T7 stones more frequently and the single gemstone basket miner occasionally dropped a T8 smithing stone. The best farming route for T7/8s seems to be: start on either side and do the full circle without dropping down into the 'pit' since the latter only contains two normal miners and the Alabaster Lord enemy.
                                                    There are also 8x T8 stones to be found initially on the walls. Due to the silver light no having the best contrast against the ice walls, they are not as easy to spot but therre should be plenty of player messages.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      my cousin told me you can smoke a cigarette in yellow anix tunnel! you have to get the haligtree medallion to unlock, but after that getting there is simple.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        My cousin told me you can smoke a cigarette in yelough anix tunnel and nobody will stop u, said old people do it like 24/7 so they dont call the cops

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Only boss in the entire game i've rotted breath cheesed. And yknow what? didn't feel the slightest bit bad doing it.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            not a great boss for certain builds, but as a 2h melee burst build i can safely say this boss is ass. put on magic resist and sword and board it, EZ one shot

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Man dungeons like these really show they had problems in the second half of the game. Recycled boss with recycled enemies, barely any exploration only to get nich unreliable spell you specifically need to build for.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                It's 8x 8 Smithing stones on the walls in addition to some other stones you can find, also got 1 from a mob drop

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Since there's no entry for the Ruins yet: The staircase for the Yelough Anix Ruins is in a small, enclosed stone building somewhere near the center of the ruins, towards the west. It's completely enclosed so use torrent to hop onto a nearby collapsed wall and then double jump into the opening. - Fateburn

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