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Improves Sacred Flask's potency
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Sacred Tear is an Upgrade Material in Elden Ring. Sacred Tears are very special items that allow the user to upgrade the Crimson and Cerulean Flask Potency to +12 (but not the potency of the Flask of Wondrous Physick).


Blessing of the Erdtree, worshiped in the churches of all lands; this is but a faint vestige.

Increases the potency of a Sacred Flask's restorative effects.
(Can be used after resting at a site of grace.)

During the age of the Erdtree, these tears were used to spread the faith, for theirs was once a certain blessing.


Where to find Sacred Tear in Elden Ring: All Locations Guide

A total of 12 Sacred Tears are found at churches, generally in front of the statue or altar.


Sacred Tear Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 99 Sacred Tears.
  • You can store up to 600 Sacred Tears.
  • Sacred Tears do not affect the Flask of Wondrous Physick.
  • Cannot be dropped for Player Trade.


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    • Anonymous

      Basically you need to get every one in the region before moving forward.
      In the starting zone (Limgrave) you can get 4.
      Liurnia has another 3 (5,6,7) so +7.
      Caelid has 1 so +8
      Altus Plateau has 2, so 9,10
      Finally the Mountaintops for 11, and 12.

      Do the zones in that order.

      • Anonymous

        I thought I was going crazy because I was missing a tear on a playthrough but it turns out the Third Church of Marika has Crystal Tears in the usual place across from the entrance AND a Sacred Tear to the north of the site of grace.

        • Anonymous

          Weird how there's 3 of these in the fairly small castle Morne island, maybe they were planning on putting in like 20 but reconsidered later on.

          • Anonymous

            Lol I straight up never found the second church of marika, nevermind the sacred tear there, and ended up with +11 until after the ending

            • Anonymous

              I ran through my first play through with my flasks only at +8. I am not a thorough explorer so this really helps.

              • Anonymous

                Found all the churches naturally but flask is only +11 came here to find what I missed and went back to all the churches I already found and bellum church had a tear now that it didn’t before not sure what caused it

                • Anonymous

                  I figured out a great way to Heal , altho this tip needs a High Level character about Level 150+ so Late Game or so. ( So HP Potions at +12 Max Upgraded with Tears heals exactly 810 HP.... Seems not bad , however there's an Incantation which heals more than that either Blessing of the Erdree or Erdtree's Heal. ( As tested the Blessing of the Erdtree heals for a Total of 1080HP with just 1 cast , being 12HP per second for 90sec only that's a very fast Heal compared to Bestial Vitality or Blessing's Boon ). The Great Heal is not worth it unless having 50+ Faith , currently with just 38 Faith the best Healing method is from Erdtree's Blessing as 1080 is much more than a Max HP potion... While the cast isn't that long also plus it only casts for 60fp per cast , you could also AoE with this for your Ashes and other players.... I paired Golden Vow with Blessing of Erdtree and i literally Heal almost every damage taken for just few seconds for the Duration. ( Even tho i'm at 80 INT mainly a Hybrid Dex/Mage build , having just 2 decent incantations are well worth the 2 Slots like Golden Vow and Blessing of Erdtree... What's good also you dont need Incantation Scaling with these 2 Spells Buffs as they are Fixed duration buff effects ). Definitely worth the extra Faith points spent at End-Game , as even as a Mage and a Katana wielder... I'm Tanky and have a great Overtime Heal which are the best Combos so far. ( Definitely drop the Bestial Vitality as it Heals really slow and only affects you aswell... I recommend grabbing Blessing's Boon , then later on definitely Blessing of the Erdtree which is a well worthy 1 Cast before any Fights or any Encounters ).

                  • Anonymous

                    My flask is at +11, spent the last 30 mins rechecking all the 12 sacred tear sites multiple times, no sacred tear found, is there any known glitches where certain churches don't have it spawn?

                    • Anonymous

                      I was just missing one and it turned out to be Callu baptismal church. I found all the other ones quite naturally by exploring but this one is a bit out of the way. It's where you get flame of frenzy incantation and fight of bunch of frenzy rats.

                      • Anonymous

                        By my own testing: (Total heal ||| Increase from previous rank)
                        Level 0 250
                        Level +1 345 95
                        Level +2 430 85
                        Level +3 50 5 75
                        Level +4 570 65
                        Level +5 625 55

                        • Anonymous

                          For the health flask, +6= 670, +7 = 700 and +8 = 730. Would appreciate any replies with values on the lower and higher end so I can better asses the diminishing rate of returns.

                          • Anonymous

                            Page is missing 11th in the 2nd church of Marika, south west of the Mirage Rise. The area is accessible by dropping down to the area from above, by following the trail south off the Bower of Bounty bonfire in Altus Plateau.

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