Grave Glovewort [8]

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Strengthen ashes to +8

Grave Glovewort [8] is an Upgrade Material in Elden RingGrave Glovewort [8] is a material mainly used to further increase the level of ashes. Upgrade Materials can be acquired through exploration, looting it from specified areas of a Location, dropped by a specific Enemy or Boss, given by an NPC, or sold by a Merchant.


White flower that blooms in catacombs.
Each a soundless bell used to summon spirits.

Strengthens ashes to +8.

Spirit tuning is not merely the simple act of imbuing strength. It is an art that lies somewhere between tuning an instrument and conducting a conversation, leaving both parties enriched.


Grave Glovewort [8] Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Grave Glovewort [8]:

  • Leyndel Catacombs: A total of 4 can be found in this dungeon, which is accessed from below the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds.
    • The first is on top of the second coffin you'll see in a flooded room (there are three of these flooded coffin rooms in this dungeon), each on separate floors.
    • The second is in a "fake" boss room containing two Omen, on the second floor of the dungeon.
    • The third is on the path to the second floor's flame statue.
    • The fourth is on the third floor (accessible via a set of double stairs on the second floor), right before the room that resembles the ones containing flame statues on the first two floors (this one contains a Omen ambush, though).
  • Giant-Conquering Hero's Grave: A total of 3 can be found in the dungeon. [Map Link]
    1. One found in the large hall locked behind an Imp Statue barrier. This is directly above the flamethrower pillar and there is a hole in the ground where a section of the pillar can rise through.
    2. Upon reaching the lift, take it to the lower level and then step on the plate again to send it back up. When it's fully raised, you can find an opening in the lift column. Pull the lever in the nearby alcove and go inside the opening in the lift column to descend further down. At the bottom level, sprint past the Lesser Burial Watchdog and turn right to find the second glovewort behind a second Lesser Burial Watchdog.
    3. Directly after picking up the second glovewort, climb the long ladder in the alcove to the right to reach an otherwise inaccessible area far west of the Troll hall. You can find the third glovewort on the north wall up here.
  • Giants' Mountaintop Catacombs: A total of 3 can be found in the dungeon. [Map Link]
    1. Descend the first lift you find and then step on the plate again to send it back up. When fully raised, there is a second platform on the lift that will take you to the lowest levels of the catacombs. From here, continue east to a room with a set of stairs on the right and a Lesser Burial Watchdog. Check underneath the stairs for the first glovewort.
    2. Continue north from the first glovewort to a narrow corridor with a frost breath trap at the end. Turn left halfway through the corridor and pick up the second glovewort at the end of this path.
    3. Get back on the first lift and ascend back onto the main path. Head left from the Boss Doors and descend the dungeon's second lift. Turn right in the room with the statue and you will wind up in a hall with guillotine traps. Past the guillotines, turn left in the next corridor and go through the room with several Land Squirts. In the next hall, you will see a small room in the back with a Living Jar guarding it. Ignore that room and instead, look for an alcove on the left that you can drop down through. You will end up on a balcony overlooking a room with a statue that looks identical to the one you have previously passed but this is an entirely different floor. Head west from the statue and you will end up in another identical hall filled with guillotine traps, except this time, you can see another statue in a room in the distance. The final glovewort is found next to this statue.
  • Can be purchased from Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold after offering Glovewort Picker's Bell Bearing (3)
  • Shunning Grounds Video Location
  • Shunning Grounds Video Location


Grave Glovewort [8] Elden Ring Guide


Elden Ring Grave Glovewort [8] Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 999 Grave Glovewort [8].
  • You can store up to 999 Grave Glovewort [8].
  • Sell Value: item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px 400
  • Price: 6000


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    • Anonymous

      This isn't a definitive list of all grave glovewart [8] in the game, and it's potentially misleading to new players who might erroneously think the wiki is accurate and the No.8s can only be found in the dungeons listed above.

      I haven't been to any of the areas listed here but I found one to upgrade the lone wolves ashes to +9, and I have a single no.8 in my inventory now, the problem is I don't remember where I found them.

      • Anonymous

        The Jellys on Freezing Lake (Mountaintop of Giants) drop Grave Govewort 7 & 8. The Jellys near Fort Laiedd drop 5 & 6. You can farm as many as you like.

        • Anonymous

          "One is found within Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs, in the first room with a frost trap."

          This is not true.

          • Anonymous

            "Giant-Conquering Hero's Grave: One found in the large hall locked behind an Imp Statue barrier. This is directly above the room with the flamethrower pillar. [Map Link]"

            Sadly this is wrong. This item is not there, at least at of patch 1.03.

            • Anonymous

              Farmable Grave Glovewort 7 & 8:
              Location : Freezing Lake
              Target : Jellyfish
              I saw them drop a Grave Glovewort [7], so I tried farming them for 1 hour or so.
              They do drop both Grave Glovewort [7] and [8] but the rate is abyssmal.

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