Two Fingers Incantations are a group of Incantations  in Elden Ring that share a specific type of buff criteria. Two Fingers Incantations revolve around the influence the Two-Fingers inflict on the habitants of the Lands Between. There are a total of 14 Two Fingers Incantations available for players. Two Fingers Incantations are NOT boosted by the Finger Seal.




Two Fingers Incantations info

Obtaining Two Fingers Incantations

Two Fingers Incantations Requirements

  • As is the case with all Incantations, you must have a Sacred Seal equipped in order to be able to cast Two Fingers Incantations.
  • Two Fingers Incantations require Faith to use.

Boosting Two Fingers Incantations

  • There is no Sacred Seal that provides a boost in effectiveness for all Two Fingers Incantations.
  • Radagon Icon shortens spell casting time, allowing you to cast more quickly.


All Two Fingers Incantations




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    • Anonymous

      Does 2 fingers fortification spells work the same as their stronger counterpath in PvP? or does the effect get nerfed like their talismans counterpath, if it's the latter, i will invest points into faith until i reach 25 instead of 15 on my STR build, since i realize invesring to 80 str is waste anyway since i mostly two handing my weapon, and the dmg i get for that extra str from two handing is not that much, so i prefer to have something like fortification and buff spell, so i can get both extra defense and attack, 15 point into fai is good since i can get flame grant me strength and from info i got it stack with rallying, and 25 fai seems a bit excessive not to mention golden vow does not stack with rallying, hmmm what to do

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