Crystal Staff

crystal staff glintstonestaff weapon elden ring wiki guide 200px
attack power elden ring wiki guide 18Attack
Phy 31
Mag 0
Fire 0
Ligt 0
Holy 0
Crit 100
Sor 168
guarded damage negation elden ring wiki guide 18Guard
Phy 28
Mag 17
Fire 17
Ligt 17
Holy 17
Boost 17

attribute scaling elden ring wiki guide 18Scaling
Str D
Int B
attributes required elden ring wiki guide 18Requires
Str 8
Int 48
Glintstone Staff Strike
 No Skill FP -
Wgt. 4.5 passive effects elden ring wiki guide 18Passive Boosts Crystalian sorceries

Crystal Staff is a Glintstone Staff in Elden Ring. The Crystal Staff scales primarily with Strength and Intelligence and is a good Weapon for players that use Crystal Magic.  


Staff fashioned from pure crystal; a deed impossible for a human. Enhances Crystalian sorceris.

The Crystalian's faint cognition is know as the "wisdom of stone." This staff can only be weilded by those of intellect high enough to grasp such wisdom. 

Where to Find Crystal Staff in Elden Ring

The Crystal Staff weapon can be found at the following location:

  • Academy Crystal Cave. The Staff is behind an illusory wall in the room right before the boss gate. The wall is to the left of the stone archway that leads to a side-room nearby. Screenshot here. [Elden Ring Map here]


Elden Ring Crystal Staff Notes & Tips

Moveset & Videos in Elden Ring for Crystal Staff



Crystal Mage Written Guide


Crystal Staff PvP Poise Damage Values in Elden Ring

Patch 1.10 adjusted PVP Poise Damage of all Weapons including some Spells and Incantations. Please take note that these adjustments are exclusive to PVP.

One-Handed Attacks

  • 1H R1 (1/2/3/4/5/6 Attacks): 54/54/108/--/--/--
  • 1H R2 (1/2 Attacks): --
  • 1H Charged R2 (1/2 Attacks): --
  • 1H R1 Jumping: 81
  • 1h R2 Jumping: 216

Two-Handed Attacks

  • 2H R1 (1/2/3/4/5/6 Attacks): 70.2/70.2/140.4/--/--/--
  • 2H R2 (1/2 Attacks): --
  • 2H Charged R2 (1/2 Attacks): --
  • 2H R1 Jumping: 105.3
  • 2h R2 Jumping: 237.6


Crystal Staff Upgrades in Elden Ring

Please see the Upgrades page to understand the weapon bolstering process.

Requires regular reinforcement with Somber Smithing Stones.

Sorcery Scaling is based on Int stat. The Int of the the character with the staff equipped at the time of posting the Sor Scaling is located in the (Int) to the right of the scaling amount. This will help to give a general idea of what staves are better at various Int levels until MAX is achieved.

This upgrade can be enchanted with Magic or boosted with Consumables. The Sorcery Scaling displayed on this table shows Minimum Requirement and Intelligence 80 as xx-yy.

  Attack Power Stat Scaling Passive Effects Damage Reduction (%)
Crystal Staff Phy Sor Scaling* Mag Fir Lit Hol Sta Str Dex Int Fai Arc Any Phy Mag Fir Lit Hol Bst Rst
Standard 31 148 - 189 - - - - 23 D - B - - Boosts Crystalian Sorc. 28 17 17 17 17 17 11
Standard +1 35 157 - 207 - - - - 25 D - B - - Boosts Crystalian Sorc. 28 17 17 17 17 17 11
Standard +2 39 167 - 225 - - - - 27 D - B - - Boosts Crystalian Sorc. 28 17 17 17 17 17 11
Standard +3 44 177 - 242 - - - - 29 D - A - - Boosts Crystalian Sorc. 28 17 17 17 17 17 11
Standard +4 48 186 - 260 - - - - 32 D - A - - Boosts Crystalian Sorc. 28 17 17 17 17 17 11
Standard +5 53 196 - 278 - - - - 34 D - S - - Boosts Crystalian Sorc. 28 17 17 17 17 17 11
Standard +6 57 206 - 296 - - - - 36 D - S - - Boosts Crystalian Sorc. 28 17 17 17 17 17 11
Standard +7 62 215 - 314 - - - - 39 C - S - - Boosts Crystalian Sorc. 28 17 17 17 17 17 11
Standard +8 66 225 - 332 - - - - 41 C - S - - Boosts Crystalian Sorc. 28 17 17 17 17 17 11
Standard +9 71 234 - 352 - - - - 43 C - S - - Boosts Crystalian Sorc. 28 17 17 17 17 17 11
Standard +10 75 244 - 367 - - - - 46 C - S - - Boosts Crystalian Sorc. 28 17 17 17 17 17 11



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    • Anonymous

      I very strongly recommend light rolling for this fight, it makes a huge difference for managing his variable range and for sage flask use

      • Anonymous

        why isn't the COST OF UPGRADING this staff listed in this wiki? it says 12 stones per 3 level... THATS NOT TRUE for this staf... its actually 1 stone per level....

        • Anonymous

          There needs to be more Crystal Sorceries for this to take advantage of. Perhaps like Crystal Fan, shooting a row of crystal shards in an arc, an attack that the mage type Crystallians already use.

          • Anonymous

            Rock Meteorite Staff for early game, keep it in your offhand for the Gravity boost, then swap to this when you get to the hefty goal of 48 Int and you can become the true Rock Mage with Gravity and Crystal together. Best combo of easy to get, easy to upgrade and it being one of the strongest casting tools.

            Crystal Torrent and Shattering Crystal aren't awful as long as you compensate for the high FP cost. These two magic schools can be a very flexible combination: Gravity Well into Shattering Crystal? It's crazy enough to work.

            I personally wouldn't bother with CRS: Higher requirements, need to kill a boss that's a proper pain for heavy Mage builds, and while the two Moon sorceries are strong you're usually only casting them once for the vulnerability effect. Seems like a waste for additional SpellBuff in the single digits.

            Late game you'll likely swap in Lusat's but we're talking NG+ and beyond, and by that time you'll likely have enough FP to nuke for days.

            • This staff is actually the best mid game staff in the game as long as you know what you are doing. Only Azur's staff comes close but it's still a bit weaker. It's one of the 4 staves you can get that are good at 60+ int values but because of the low int requirement and it requiring somber stones, you can max upgrade it as early as you get to raya lucaria with the volcano manor + fat noble skip/just kill him with meteorite staff and sleep pots.

              Getting to 60 int for early maxed out regal staff is a tall order with how many levels you really need to have a good time. Level vigor, mind, int, weapon requirement etc all add up. With 38 int you can use crystal staff with the intelligence tear for bosses or quick skirmishes in the open world. You still want a backup staff when you dont have the tear on but meteorite staff is good enough for that unless you upgrade demihuman/academy glintstone to around +13-14

              By brute forcing max upgrade you get a staff even stronger than academy glintstone staff at 40-68 int since you really need to go to endgame killing godskin duo for that to be feasibly upgraded above +18 (Or do a lot of detour and not upgrade another item at mountaintops) and of course at that point you will easily reach 60 int minimum for regal staff for another easy +10 somber. At 42 int using the intelligence tear on physick to boost to 52 crystal staff has 255 sorcery scaling at max upgrade which even with +20 academy glintstone, it will still be slightly lower damage. (I went with 52 for regular comet)

              Someone else also mentioned Crystal is very close in power level to Carian regal that you dont even need to upgrade regal if you dont want to at 60 int and save the stones for lusat's.

              • These wiki pages are so inconsistant in their infos.

                I appreciate that people are adding useful facts about items, but on this staff for example, the most important info, ie. how BIG the damage increase to crystallian sorceries is, is nowhere to be seen. Only some comparison with other staves, which, most users, will be able to conduct themselves using a build tool or likewise.

                • Anonymous

                  With 70 intelligence, a Crystal Staff +4 has 235 scaling and a Carian Regal Scepter +4 has 238 scaling. That's so close that there's effectively no difference (the scepter does just over 1% more damage). At +10 and 80 intelligence, it's 373 vs 367 which is less than 2% more.

                  So what are the differences? The CS is completely free and is very easy to get - you don't even need to kill any boss. The scepter requires killing Rennala and consuming her remembrance which is worth 20k runes. Also the CS only requires 48 intelligence instead of 60, and it's arguably more unique looking. The CS does weigh 1.5 units more though.

                  So use this if you like, it is one of the best staves in the game. Also, as someone else mentioned, it has no skill so you can offhand it and use a weapon skill.

                  • Anonymous

                    This seems slightly better carian than regal scepter to me, for regular use while at 80 int. Ever so sligtly less spell buff, 367 instead of 373, but it has no skill built-in. That allows you to use this in your left hand, while still allowing you to use your right-hand weapon's skill with a single r2, without having to 2-hand first. Especially useful for weapons with amazing skills you'll want to use on the fly, like moonveil or wing of astel

                    • Anonymous

                      Game ver. 1.0.3

                      80 int
                      20 str

                      Carian Regal Scepter +10 = 373 Sorcery Scaling
                      Crystal Staff +10 = 367 Sorcery Scaling

                      Pretty good if you intend to use Crystallian sorceries: Crystal Release, Crystal Torrent, and Shattering Crystal.

                      • Anonymous

                        So I assume its pointless to upgrade and try and use this staff? It needs to be at least +6 level to beat the Meteorite staff, and since it uses somber stones, it would be better to save those materials for later/better staves.

                        • Anonymous

                          So I assume its not worth wasting somber smithing stones mid-game trying to upgrade this thing to do more damage than the meteorite staff?
                          Since you would need to be +7 or higher?

                          • Anonymous

                            I just want to point out how this is worded, "Requires regular reinforcement with Somber Smithing Stones"
                            Somber smithing stones is not regular

                            • Anonymous

                              Given 48 intelligence, Sorcery Scaling for Mid-Game:

                              Academy Glintstone Staff +14: 214

                              Meteorite Staff: 213

                              Academy Glintstone Staff +13: 210

                              Crystal Staff +6: 206

                              Carian Glintstone Staff +13: 202

                              Demi-human Queen's Staff +13: 199

                              Digger's Staff +13: 191

                              Staff of Loss +13: 187

                              So, for mid-game, Academy Glintstone Staff *barely* beats outs Meteorite Staff, provided you upgrade it to +14.

                              • Anonymous

                                Testing mage build stuff for my NG+1, intellect 60 no extra damage boosts.

                                Working with Crystal Staff +9 at 271 scaling and Carian Regal Scepter +9 at 274 scaling, so very similar. Not sure if it works linearly, but that would likely mean the CRS would do a base 1.011% more than the CS on any standard spell.

                                Using the Shattering Crystal sorcery on a fire giant:

                                Got a couple of sets of numbers but the most consistent seems to be:

                                RCS - 768, (759.59 corrected)
                                CS - 831

                                Minor scaling difference aside, seems to be 8.20% at hindsight or corrected would be 9.40%

                                Tried again with Graven-School, Graven-Mass, and Ritual Sword talismans and got:

                                RCS - 948, 937.62 corrected
                                CS - 1023

                                Which is still about an 8% difference (7.91% calculated) showing that RCS scaling a little more obviously but corrected would be 9.11%

                                That shows, at the least, that damage boost is multiplicative. The same likely goes for other boosts. Hope that helps anybody deciding.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Here are all of the sorceries described as 'Crystalian sorceries':
                                  Crystal Release
                                  Crystal Torrent
                                  Shattering Crystal

                                  However, there are several sorceries related to the Crystalians in some way, but they are not described specifically as 'Crystalian sorceries':
                                  Crystal Barrage
                                  Crystal Burst
                                  Magic Downpour

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Found it in a chest in the Academy Crystal Cave. Left side when entering the room right before the boss duo

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I have tested this staff with every crystal spell I have (crystal burst-crystal barrage-shattering crystal-crystal release) and I haven't had this staff buff/deal any more damage then with another even sorc scaling staff, so what spells work with this staff or is it bugged?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        After entering the room with the boss gate destroy a fake wall on the left side.
                                        The staff is in a chest you can access from there.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Checked the location and couldn’t find it. Description sounds like the rune arc chest room. Maybe it’s dropped by the guard?

                                          • Anonymous

                                            To get this staff you need to attack the cave wall before the Stronger Mage Mob. This is in the room immediately before the boss.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              here's info:

                                              Weight - 4.5
                                              Attack - 31/0/0/0/100/60
                                              Guard - 28/17/17/17/17/17
                                              Scale - Str(D) / Int(B)
                                              Requrements - Str(8) / Int(48)
                                              Passive - Boosts Crystal Sorcery

                                              • Anonymous

                                                "Staff fashioned from pure crystal; a deed impossible for a human. Enhances Crystalian sorceries." "The Crystalian's faint cognition is known as the "wisdom of stone." This staff can only be wielded by those of intellect high enough to grasp such wisdom." "No skill." "This armament has no skill. If the armament in the other hand has a skill, that skill will be used instead."

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Weight -- 4.5

                                                  --Attack Power--
                                                  Physical -- 31
                                                  Magic -- 0
                                                  Fire -- 0
                                                  Lightning -- 0
                                                  Holy -- 0
                                                  Critical -- 100
                                                  Sorcery Scaling 60

                                                  --Guarded Damage Negation--
                                                  Physical -- 28
                                                  Magic -- 17
                                                  Fire -- 17
                                                  Lightning -- 17
                                                  Holy -- 17
                                                  Guarded Boost -- 17

                                                  --Attribute Scaling--
                                                  Strength -- D
                                                  Intelligence -- B

                                                  --Attributes Required--
                                                  Strength -- 8
                                                  Intelligence -- 48

                                                  --Passive Effects--
                                                  Boosts Crystalian sorcery

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