Passive Effects

Type Equipment Stat
Effect Effects that are active by just equipping certain Equipment or meeting certain criteria

Passive Effects is an Equipment Stat in Elden Ring. Many equipment and items may feature Passive Effects that can be triggered that are active by just equipping certain Equipment or meeting certain criteria. Equipment Stats are determined by your Equipment.


Elden Ring Passive Effects Information

  • As an Equipment Stat it displays if the equipment features any Passive Effect.
  • Many Passive Effects require equipping a specific Weapon or Shield.
  • Items' Passive Effects may also require successfully hitting an enemy to be triggered.


Elden Ring Passive Effects Related Gear & Items


Elden Ring Passive Effects Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      Does Sorcery scaling on offhand staff increases the total sorcery scaling? or only passive effects?

      I asked this cause I wear dual prince of death staff +25 80 faith/80 Int. I don't want the death sorcery bonus, but it's the highest scaling staff in the game (430 Scaling) at my level. If it only gives me the bonus and not the scaling, I would ditch it and equip something else for it's passive effects (Azur's cast speed, Lusat's more dmg, etc.)

      • Anonymous

        Now here's a question that NEVER find in my searches in the internet

        Does upgrading weapons or staff with passives improve the passive?

        • Anonymous

          This page really needs to list all of the weapons/shields/armors that have passive effects, so people can find a list of said items all in one place instead of going piece by piece.

          Such as:
          Blasphemous Blade (Regen HP per kill),
          Icon Shield (Regen HP over time),
          White Mask (Increase attack when bleed happens),
          Deathbed Dress (Regen HP for allies, but not self),
          Alberich's Bracers (Increase Thorn Sorcery damage),
          Rotten Duelist Greaves (Increased aggro from enemies).

          Just an example per slot.

          • Anonymous

            Could this page maybe have a list of items with passive effects? Especially for what to offhand while two handing a weapon (great turtle shield for stamina regen, sacrificial axe for FP regen, shields that boost resistance, etc). I’m sure a list of armor with passive effects would be really helpful too. Don’t get me wrong, I know it helps people to know what all comes with poison/bleed buildup etc but actually being able to pick from a list of passive buffs would be really cool

            • Anonymous

              Does the weapon have to be in my hand currently to get the passive ability? For example, if I have a cinqueda in my left hand 1 slot and a shield in left hand 2 spot, do I still get the beast incantation buff when the shield is currently being used to block?

              • Anonymous

                Does equipping the meteorite staff in my off-hand passively increase it’s damage from my other staff? If I run a meteorite + Carian regal combo will having the meteorite staff equipped increase gravity damage from the Carian regal since it is “passive”?

                • Anonymous

                  question: the marred shields in elden ring have a passive effect ( causes blood loss build upp [50] ) for that to trigger do i need to block with the shield ? or simply have it 1 handed / or on the back? or can i just have it equipped while having 2 katanas one in each hand?

                  • Anonymous

                    Am I to understand that the higher the passive effect number, the more quickly the passive effect is applied? Or is it the reverse?

                    I had always figured the higher the better, but I just found a new weapon (Bloody Helices) that says it causes "severe blood loss" yet has only 33 in blood loss build up, which is relatively low

                    • Anonymous

                      I hope one day we can add a passive effect or two to our equipment.

                      Unless we already can, in which case, I'm dumb

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